Friday 28 February 2014


A welcome burst of 
...pretty tulips spreading happiness from my dear SIL...
(heralding the beginning of a wonderfully colourful week)
...we all enjoyed afternoon tea too...everyone together...
it was a lovely day :-)...
...mid-week treat...banana loaf....(lovely with butter)
made from Mary's all time favourite...
it's a really quick and easy recipe which freezes well too
and is wonderfully moist and tasty..x
I brightened up one of the walls in the craftroom too ...
...hoops with fabric scraps and embroidery...
every now and again I can swap them around
(birds and flowers are always favourites)
...and added a group of small mirrors...
I made some cords in different 
colours of twisted cotton 4 ply to hang them..
(the magic cupboard can just be seen standing on the opposite wall through the mirror there...)
Do you remember my drawers?...the Annie Sloan paint is standing the test of time
and Mr H painted the wall for me in 'Old White''s gorgeously chalky...
 tHaNk yOu! 
to everyone who sent me a link
to the ETSY shop where I finally found a 2.75mm Clover Amour hook 
which is sitting happily in the sunshine this morning in my blue spotty jug ..
and which arrived in just a short few days from across the water
(it's the little yellow one :-) )

One of my favourite magazines arrived today too
...also full of gorgeous colour!
(there's a lovely 'Spring Lunch' feature by Selina Lake....very pretty!!!)
If you remember my yarn on the shelves at the beginning of the year
I'm busy now working on a completely new project
....something quite different for me...
it's early days but seems to be going well
and I'll hopefully be able to show you a little of it soon...x
...and lastly... 
(on a completely different colour note!)
the yarn I've chosen for our aran jumper
(which definitely equals cake in my book!)
Virtual Yarns
Hebridean 3 ply in Selkie
(this shade was also used in the Cats and Mice blanket
and so I knew it to be extremely lovely  )
I say 'our' as I'm not sure who will end up being the owner here... :-)
(we may share it..all the ladies of the house have been consulted!
I bought the book a long time ago and this design on the front cover
got the overall vote)
It's going to be a project to enjoy picking up when I'm putting my feet up
and it's nice to have a few different kinds of projects to work on...x

Time to go...

Wishing you 
a weekend of happy 
Love always


  1. The tulips are wonderful. Think I will dig out my Mary Berry book to make Banana Bread too, nice with a cuppa. I love that aran jumper, and I love the colour you have chosen
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you Susan, THANK YOU! We need this kind of color now, for the frozen tundra here has started to wear on all of us. My goodness, to open your page and see those fabulous colors not just in your header, but those tulips, that BREAD!!!

    My dear friend, thank you for brightening my morning! Anita

  3. A very spring like post, it all looks so bright & cheerful & you can't go wrong with cake!

  4. what beautiful colourful photos....can't wait to see who the aran jumper shapes up.

  5. Your blog proves to me that Spring is at long last on its way, my favourite time of year....
    Thank you for brightening my day.

  6. Hello lovely Susan.....what a delicious spring post you have created for us today! I love all the pictures, your tulips are such gorgeous shades, and the banana cake looks yummy! Love how neat and pretty your shelves are. I'm so glad you were able to find your little yellow crochet hook :)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen xox

  7. What a beautiful post Susan, those gorgeous tulips and your wall with all it's pretty hoops and mirrors! I do love the colour of your drawers! :)
    Looking forward to seeing your new project and I just love your choice of pattern and yarn for your (or whoever's) Aran!!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    V xxx

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Susan - it absolutely did what it said on the tin and gave a truly wonderful colour burst. Just what was needed on a rather grey Friday afternoon.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Kate x

  9. Lovely post dear Susan. Wonderful tulips and spring colors! I'm looking forward for spring... for sunny days and here there is much light and joy. Love the blue yarn, can't wait for what you are going to do with it :)
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Big hug from Lisbon,
    Ana Love Craft

  10. Gorgeous spring colours - I love the picture of your yarn.

  11. What a lovely 'Springtime' loving your tulips....and your embroidery hoops look wonderful.

  12. Your splash of colour has cheered up a wet and dreary evening here Susan. I'm so glad you found your crochet hook and I look forward to seeing how your knitting project progresses.Have a lovely weekend xx

  13. Every time I see you've posted, I know I'm in for a treat to see all your pretty colors and projects and your home. You must be fun to be around as everything you show is pretty and fun. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Just absolutely gorgeous. Those photos have really cheered me up, such beautiful colours. I want to know how you take your pics and how you get such a great background effect and haze...think I need a photo lesson from you *wink wink* xxx

  15. Lovely Susan as always your posts are breath taking - I picked up my magazine today and am looking forward to reading it soon - Homes and Antiques is one fab read. I just adore the colours and hue of your images, they are so special. Have a wonderful weekend Susan and thank you for inspiring us all. Big hugs

  16. I LOVE Tulips.... so fresh & colourful. I got some for a recent birthday but I'll be buying them & some gorgeous daffodils to brighten up the kitchen soon.
    Bye for now... Jo. xx

  17. Oh sweet post, I love your updates and peeking around your house, checking what's new and what's coming up! Thanks for sharing beautiful spring colors too!

    re: my dog Papi (short for Papillon), the owner that sold us said he is a poodle, I saw both his mom and dad, they both looks like poodle, but I am thinking he is a mixed, with what? we don't know and don't care, we love him no matter what! : )

  18. Beautiful colors! I'm longing for Spring and a Winter Storm warning from the National Weather Service greets us instead. Thank you for giving me the hope of Spring (and ideas when it does come!) nance xx

  19. Dearest Susan,

    I was feeling pretty blithe today but after your beautiful post, I am feeling positively chirpy! Your sensitivity to colour just makes me so happy and I'm jolly glad you are in store for a lovely week.

    Enjoy, dear friend.

    Stephanie xx

  20. Such beautiful Spring colours to brighten up our days! Always so good to read of all you have been doing - an such an inspiration, too!
    Love and best wishes,

  21. Such a beautiful post Susan.....I love all your gorgeous colours, they make me feel haaaappppppy! Can't wait for Spring, it's just around the corner.
    Love Caroline x x x

  22. Just gorgeous Susan, I so enjoyed looking at all those beautiful photos today!
    Marianne x

  23. Everything is so pretty around your house! Thanks for sharing these refreshing photos.

  24. OOOOOH!!!!!Your posts are always sooo colourful,I adore the hoops,where is the bird fabric from please?I can't wait to get my copy of H&A,I just love their covers,The cake plate you have looks lovely,thankyou for sharing such a pretty post.I am learning to crotchet and at last after weeks of trying I finally made a little granny square,a bit wobbly but I shall improve!!Wishing you a lovely crafty weekend.Pam

    1. Hi Pam...The bird fabric is 'Garden Wall' by Laura Gunn and I'll take another pic of the cake stand some time because it's actually a 3 tier frame to add different sizes of plates (and it's a great space saver too!)...bought on Ebay...Have lots of fun with your crochet'll be amazed how quickly you make progress...x

  25. Well, I just learned something new. I didn't know "jumper" meant pullover sweater to you! (I'm from Iowa.) That looks cozy and intricate. :)

  26. Beautiful colourful post.
    Have a great sunday.

  27. So colorfully Spring, Susan. I love what you did with the fabric and embroidery hoops...great idea! Oh, those tulips are lovely, and bursting with Springtime 'hellos'.

    Blessings for a lovely day,

  28. Gosh, it is colourful in the tea room! And that Aran jumper is lovely ... I'd keep it to myself if I were you!

  29. wauw!!!!!!i love your blog iam glad to find it.
    The pastels i love it i love it i love it.
    thank you for share,

    greeting from Irma from the Netherlands

  30. Delightful colorful post! So happy and full of charm!

  31. So much beautiful colour, Susan! Those tulips are just divine and I am absolutely in love with that gorgeous little mirror you have hanging up there with your cute embroidery hoop art!
    Your posts never fail to make me smile xx

  32. LOVE tese yummy, happy colors here - so right to celebrate spring! It shows a little bit here already - can't wait! Have a sweet start to your week!

  33. I always love to come along and visit you, Susan...Your blog being such a lovely inspiration to me...
    Thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner...
    a visit from you always makes my day...
    with kindest thoughts....
    Maria x

  34. Such lovely colorful tulips!
    I like the yarn you've chosen, I'm drawn to yarns that are a mysterious mélange of color, so pretty.
    I credit you with introducing me to Alice Starmore designs. They take my breath away. Someday, I may have the courage to try one....

  35. I love reading your blog, the colours in the photos are always so amazing .. am aspiring to improve my photos to a better level this year!
    btw the Aran Jumper pattern looks fabulous:) Pat xx

  36. Beautiful spring tulips! Lovely photos. Xx

  37. How I just LOVE your posts, Susan! Every time I open this page, an instant smile appears on my face! That mouse of yours is a signature sign of a happy place....and thank you so much for coming by to visit me! I am thrilled to be in a magazine, IN PRINT! And now to be a contributing writer as well? A dream come true.

    Enjoy your Sunday and let's hope spring really is coming! We are finally way above zero now, so it's just a matter of time until all this snow melts! XOXOXO

  38. Those flowers certainly are a colourburst! We've been enjoying daffs in the garden which bring a touch of zing too. Banana loaf is a regular in our house, never lasts long. This week we've had cherry and almond though, I cant stay away from almond, its the ultimate in comfort food I think. Your new aran sounds lovely, look forward to seeing it, great yarn!

  39. Thank you for coming to my last post dear Susan! It's a plasure to see this lovely post again - all the spring colours! Sunny greetings from germany!