Thursday 13 February 2014

Peaches, Citrus & Ginger....

...a peachy little mouse sitting on my desk...
brightening up these dark winter days
(and soon to go on a special mission)
 photo NarcissusBlog_zps94d9622e.jpg
and how are you...are the winter days being kind to you?...I do hope so...x
Our narcissus(tête-à-tête)pictured here are 
just beginning to open and for only a few pence 
they are certainly brightening these gloomy days... :-)
 photo 4a6ced65-b531-4bae-bb68-3857f64d773a_zpsabf4f50b.jpg
Keeping warm and busy creating seems the best option at the moment...
on Saturday afternoon I enjoyed making a little
pot holder from this pretty Japanese crochet book
 photo Blog5_zps34b00f35.jpg
... it's also included in a collection of patterns in an English text book here...
(still using only symbol charts though)
made with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino from my yarn stash
in pretty pastel shades
 photo Blog2_zps8c47a2a4.jpg
and it's a good feeling indeed to make something 
pretty and useful from leftover yarn that maybe
seemed destined to have no purpose
...just too good to waste...
 photo Blog4_zps2329cf58.jpg
I'm searching for a Clover Amour 2.75mm hook as they are perfect for me
but can't seem to find this size anywhere...would you let me know if you see one?
I think I may hang my little pot holder on the wall
(will take a pic on a brighter day if I do) 
I'm planning to try another design in different shades now
... very happy baking ...
Delia's 'Damp Gingerbread' was a joy to make (and eat :-))
(even better in our view after a couple of days stored in an airtight tin)
and you can find the recipe in     
'Delia's Cakes' 
(in both the old and new versions of the book...and I've just noticed when adding the link here
 that the new version is currently available for only £5 on Amazon/free delivery... RRP £25!)
Ooh...definitely a's a beautiful book x
 photo cb7a2da2-eff6-4c43-8aa8-53011b773183_zpsf7d53b12.jpg
...little peachy mouse at the top
   was made using the
'Winter Mice at the TEAROOM' Knitting Pattern
(I'll add the yarn details...just 2 balls plus DK oddments...and other notes including creating the 
legs using dpns (no seams) on the pattern ideas page here over the next few days 
for anyone who would like to make her this way)
 photo Blogpinklemoncollage_zps368c8e86.jpg
...and ..
 photo Desk_zpsfd227bb1.jpg for my Ball Mason jar brightening up the craftroom...

Lastly, sorry for my later than intended post which would have been ready a week ago...
...all down to very dark days followed by a few problems with Blogger of late for me
......unable to comment on blogs with pop up boxes (now resolved)...
and now problems uploading pics so I've have had to add them by html from Photobucket fingers crossed this post is ok ..I'll be holding my breath when I press publish! 

 photo Blog3_zps29e0c6f0.jpg
♥  Love  ♥
Hope you're having a happy, creative week everyone
and thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my last post  x
the kitchen is calling this morning.....Banana Loaf ...
followed by an afternoon of knitting and blog visiting...sounds good?
Take care
 photo Crochet_zpsf90c83e2.jpg
P.S Have chosen my pattern and yarn for 
an Aran jumper after consulting with all the ladies of this house
...will show you our choice in the next post x
(awaiting yarn to arrive)

update....thank you so much everyone for the hook links!
...i've now purchased a 2.75mm Clover Amour from here 
...on lovely ETSY ....
(and postage was discounted following purchase making
delivery to the UK very reasonable too ♥)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these colors my friend, for we are still knee-deep in snow and will be, for the next two months! Oh Susan, your creations - I WANT THEM!

    Thank you for this lovely pick-me-up this morning! Anita

  2. Hallo Mary Jane,

    Deine Mäuse sind so sweet. Habe mir vor längerer Zeit Deine Anleitung gekauft und habe auch schon eine Maus fertig.
    Schau mal auf meinen Blog.....ich hoffe, sie gefällt Dir.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Thank you Anja!...I'm coming to visit you shortly :-)..xx

  3. What a beautiful dreamy springlike post on what is a very chilly day!
    I love the little peachy mouse and your potholder is so beautiful! :)
    I made banana bread yesterday...great minds! ;)
    Looking forward to seeing your Aran pattern and yarn.
    Happy Thursday Susan,
    V xxx

  4. Oh what joy to see another lovely update from you Susan. Just what I needed this Thursday lunchtime! Your pot holder is so delicate and pretty, and I could just devour a piece of your delicious gingerbread. As usual I am salivating over everything in your gorgeous pictures. Happy days x

  5. Oh such a gorgeous little mouse - I love her !
    So many pretty Spring colours and I agree that with weather like we have the best thing to do is to stay in and craft !
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

  6. You really have a magical touch as everything you make is beautiful. The little mouse, the hot pads, the baking....its just wonderful. Love the colors you chose for the hot pads. Makes me think of Spring. ((Hugs))

  7. I so love your pretty Spring colours....just looking at your photos cheered me up on yet another dismal day. The pot holder looks lovely.....and I am very tempted to buy that Delia book.

  8. So cute the little mouse, I like the pot holder, beautiful colors,

  9. Dear Susan, this is the sweetest post! The combination of soft pink and yellow is one of my absolute faves and - it does bring light and sparkle to the season! The mouse is ..... soooooooo cute! Hugs, Martina

  10. Your photos are beautiful, and the Debbie Bliss wool looks so touchy feely. Your baking made me hungry!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. ваши мышки прекрасны!! =)

  12. Oh I love your little mouse, she is so gorgeous! So many pretty soft Spring colours Susan, and this weather is a perfect excuse to stay indoors and craft :)
    Have a lovely week,
    Caroline xx

  13. As always ~ such a BEAUTIFUL post!!!
    Love, love, love it all!
    It is very, very cold here all the time {Central Illinois} and we stay covered in at least a foot of snow and ever few days get a little more....
    Come on Spring!

  14. Love the sunny colors. Beautiful crochet! I haven't gotten my hooks out in years except for the occassional shawl bind off. Saw my first Robin of the year yesterday--Spring is around the corner and Miss Mouse can soon take her scarf off and play in the sun : )

    nance ♥

  15. Your little mouse is just adorable - ginger cake is my favourite. Your pictures are beautiful.

  16. Dear, lovely Susan,

    Your post has only just popped up on my newsfeed and after a wonderful day full of creative work reading your words and gazing at your DELICIOUS pictures is the perfect evening treat. The colours you have included are my absolute favourites! Spring, gentle, singing colours. And don't they contrast well with the dark gingerbread? Yum! Double yum! Dark brown gingerbread and flowery colours shout Easter to me, Susan! How wonderful Easter is late this year; more time to prepare for it.

    Happy, happy evening to you dear friend.


  17. Everything so beautiful, as usual! Fabulous pics and colours! I love your work you are awesome!
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  18. Hello lovely Susan
    Such a treat to find your post today! The colours here are so delicious, as sweet as adorable your little mouse is, she has a really mouse-like appearance, a little bit timid and very gentle! Love the crochet too, and gingerbread is one of my favourite things :)
    I look forward to seeing the arran pattern and yarn you have chosen!
    Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day and a wonderful weekend.
    Helen xox

  19. It's like a breath of spring here, Susan, will the lovely pink, yellow and white touches. The mouse is absolutely adorable.


  20. Gorgeous, gorgeous post Susan which has really brightened my evening! I adore the pot holder you have made, so pretty! And such perfect spring like colours.
    Marianne x

  21. You have such a pretty blog. I love all your sweet creations. I found you through My Little Home and Garden and will now follow along. Deb (Ontario, Canada)

    1. Thank you so much Deb and welcome to my blog :-) ....xx

  22. Oh my goodness.. I love all your photos! What I wouldn't give to have one of your knitted little creatures! And the pot holder.. simply magnificent! You have the best eye for colors.. pastels are so pretty. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  23. Susan, I love your crocheted potholder - it's dreamily cheerful and such a delight to look at. The colors excite my spirit. Oh, little miss mouse is a darling!! I am so happy I followed your blog. It inspires me to needle work.

    Blessings for a happy Valentine's day,

  24. Adorable photos, lovely crochet doily and your mouse is soooooo cute and sweet!


  25. What a beautiful post, the spring colours are amazing.

  26. Dear Susan, this beautiful post reminds me of the pretty colours of ice cream..I have those pretty little pots of tiny Narcissus all around my kitchen, just now..and miss Mouse is soo very lovely....I LOVE her sweet booties with the pompoms !
    Thank you for always taking the time to pop in on me.....and leave the kindest words..They mean a lot!
    Have a twinkly kind of day ****** today, my friend..
    Hugs Maria x

  27. What a lovely, lovely post! A bit of pretty springtime promise is much-needed! :-)

  28. Oh your post warmed me up with your beautiful Spring colours, the soft cosy yarns and the delicious looking gingerbread, especially as the rain is lashing at the windows and the wind howling down the chimney but fortunately we do not have the flooding problems that some of the UK is experiencing! x P.S Peachy looks adorable!

  29. Hi Susan I am glad you have resolved your blogger problems. I love all the citrus colours of this post, so pretty. The newest mouse is such a sweetie, I showed her to Milly who agreed ;0) Keep dry, enjoy your crochet and Happy Valentine's Day ;0) xx

  30. Your pot holder is such beautiful soft shades....amazing photos as always.

  31. Hello
    I've really enjoyed my first visit to your blog your photos are stunning beautiful crochet the colours are spot on x

  32. I have only recently found your blog, and can't tell you how much I enjoy it! I bought some of your patterns, and am also greatly enjoying the creation of all the delightful little characters you have designed.
    I find reading your blog so relaxing and calming, and co-incidenly, your workroom even looks rather like mine, with all the wonderful colours!
    And now a new little mouse to create for my Grandaughter - the weather might be awful this weekend, but I am looking forward to making your lovely mouse!
    Have a lovely week!
    Kind regards, and best wishes,

  33. Susan as always you come up with the most stunning photographs and images, I just love them all. I adore your blog and always look forward to reading your news. Have a fabulous weekend and hope the weather is kind to you. Lots of loves and hugs

  34. What absolutely delightful colors!! Or should I say what delicious colors!!! Your peachy mouse is adorable!

  35. I adore those yarns together and that little mouse ...eek so cute! I too have had trouble with blogger lately, with the colours showing strangely, especially with any digital colours. My banner should have a white background but it shows up all grey! Wander if you have also had colour issues? Your photos look perfect so I'm guessing you havn't... Stay warm and dry, catherine x

    1. Hi Catherine...Yes. I've had the same problem too...I added 2 pics in draft which were fine then when I returned to add the rest later there was a strange grey border around them all...I'm going to send you an email about it shortly :-)..xx

  36. I really must learn to crochet!! Every time I see such loveliness I have that thought, and it has been on my to do list for a few years now.

  37. Gorgeous colours here in the mouse and the crochet ... perfect reminders that spring is not so far away!

  38. I found your super nice blog by "Franciens Muizen".
    Your photos are lovely.

  39. Hi Susan, great blog update, love the little mouse and pictures. My next challenge learn how to crochet to be able to read a pattern, learnt last year bead knitting going to put this into practice this year. Cannot wait to see your Aran wool and jumper look forward to next update. Great crafting and knitting.

  40. Morning Susan its very wet and dreary here again in Scotland. Definitely a day for creating. I hope you are safe from the floods.
    I've no grandson today so I'm going to cast on a wee something on my new bamboo needles (excited muchly) to keep me busy
    I agree about clover armour the best in my humble opinion.

    Loving that cutie hope she is looking after you and not eating all the cake
    Also loving your latest creation very pretty indeed.

    I always look forward tonyur blog posts beautiful pictures and always a delight to read

    Until next time.......

    Much love
    Ali x

  41. Very nice! Very sweet and I am loving loving the soft pink and yellow together! Bring on Spring!!!!

  42. Such gorgeous marshmellow colours! Your post, as always, a lovely read!
    Pat x

  43. Beautiful blog post as always with lovely colours and cuteness. Glad you got the hook you wanted. I have a Clover hook and they are comfortable to hold.

  44. Good morning most precious friend! I am always so cheered when I open your page, full of delightful and inspiring colors. Thank you so much for coming to visit me and leaving such kindness behind! Yes, we still have quite a LOT of snow, with temperatures that keep falling, then rising to thaw level - this has been problematic in that it has caused ice daming on our roof, hence a LEAK in our roof over the dining room! But I'll take that any day over something worse. My hope is to just get to work safely on our icy roads!

    I wish you great promise for spring for I know that you all have had such cold and wet weather! Big hugs dear Susan, and angels are watching over you! Anita

  45. Adorable....I love the soft yellow and pink together. I am going to make your gingerbread recipe! I love love love gingerbread...thanks for sharing my friend. Thank you and happy happy weekend to you.