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'Peachy Mouse'
Made using the 
WINTER Mice at the TEAROOM Knitting Pattern
Yarn A: Adraifil Carezza Cream x 1 25g ball (off white/ivory)
Yarn B: Rowan Merino Silk DK  Shell Pink x 1 50g ball ( a very pretty peachy pink)
(Plus small amount of DK oddments for scarf and berries)
Yarns were purchased here
Peachy pink embroidery thread used for nose Anchor Stranded Cotton No.8 purchased here
Following original pattern use shades above as follows...
Yarn A: 
Head, Outer Ears, Body, Arms, Borders (on pinafore) Snowballs, Legs (omitting all colour changes)
Yarn B :
Pinafore, Boots, Mittens, Inner Ears, Tail
Other notes
As the pinafore bodice is a different colour to the snowy border directly below change to B on decrease row of pinafore.
Seamless Legs
Legs have been worked in the round on dpns here. If you like to use this technique just minus the edge stitch at each end following the pattern and the remaining stitches will divide evenly between 3 needles. Work the same number of 'rounds' as rows in pattern (every row a K row and RS facing) Stuff to size as detailed in pattern on completion (If you prefer knitting legs flat and seaming later then just work as original pattern details in yarn A)

Rosy Cheeks
To make cheeks slightly rosy sharpen a red colouring pencil and lightly brush the side of the pencil (NB. not the tip) against cheek area moving upwards and outwards in one direction and using a slightly curving motion building up slowly.



  1. Have started Peaches today! Lovely colours, relaxing to knit, and I have just the little girl in mind to give this to when finished - if I can bear to give her away!
    Our little Grandaughter loves the little mice!
    Love and best wishes,

  2. hi after completing Primrose, I have been asked to make two more for new babies. I can't wait to start George for my grandson and I'm waiting for any new designs to make something for my granddaughter, keep up the good work Julie McCartney x

  3. I just bought the tearoom doll pattern, and I don't even know how to knit!!
    I hope I learn and finished the beautiful dolls! God help me!!

  4. Having trouble buying 2 pattern books ( rabbits and mice) from ravelry- only able to purchase 1 at a time which doesn’t allow me to get discount.

    1. Hello...You need to use the 'add to cart' option when purchasing more than one pattern to receive the discount.

  5. I love your patterns. They are so well written and easy to follow. I just bought the Little Tearoom Bears; it is a pleasure to make these little guys. I now have all your patterns and cannot wait to see your next creation, so talented.