Tuesday 18 March 2014

♥ Loveliness....

...I've been more than just a little lucky recently...
having won no less than 3 very lovely giveaways! 
My beautiful silver 'Daisy' necklace 
...sparkling in the afternoon sun...
was made by the lovely and very talented Jane of 
Jane's Journal
...which arrived with one of Jane's pretty handmade cards...
and by coincidence matches the fabrics sitting on my desk 
(some old and some new for a spring/summer quilt)
Jane's cards are beautifully detailed
...always special...
...I also received a gorgeously pretty handmade tag...
which will soon be hanging on the magic cupboard door
...if you'd like to see more of Jane's work
you can find it here in her lovely ETSY shop
Thank you Jane...x
(there are so many admirers here I'll definitely have to find a secret hiding place :-) 
....I've been extremely lucky in Jane's Giveaways and I'd definitely like her 
by my side when I buy a lottery ticket! )
my lucky run continued when I won Caroline's 
utterly lovely Giveaway from
...gorgeous trimmings and pretty twine...
...buttons in all shapes, sizes and colours...
(tiny man definitely likes them too...
in fact he came out of the dolls' house to have a good look  :-) )
Ooh...and beautiful fabrics in favourite pastel shades
...if you love all things haberdashery 
you will definitely enjoy a visit to 
(and Caroline's gorgeously pretty handmade
bunting can be found here too)
Thank you lovely Caroline..x
(I 'm already dreaming of those lovely future projects :-)  )
 ...Oh my goodness...and also...
lots of pretty ribbons and Ric Rac too 
from lovely Deborah at 
(and Deborah also has a wonderful online shop
full of all things pretty and vintage here )
Thank you Deborah...x
...and then... 
...just a few days ago....
...I received a surprise package...
a beautiful handmade scrapbook from a dear customer
every page perfectly decorated with extra cards too
 ...ready to fill with special moments...  
Thank you Elaine..x
All such lovely gifts to receive......feeling lucky indeed...x
(apologies for using 'pretty' 'lovely' 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous' so often today
....it just had to be...there was no way out with so much 'loveliness' !  :-)  )
and so much kindness needs to be repaid of course
...oh yes...definitely...
...back soon with all the details of my Giveaway... 
Can you believe we're already in 
the middle of March?

Take care
Hope you have a wonderful week
everyone x

p.s...the little crochet circles in the top pic
are intended for a cushion using yarn left overs
I love the colours...x


  1. I think i'd like to be with you when I buy my lottery ticket. Well done you, all those fabulous goodies. Can't believe how quick thus year is flying by. Happy new Hook too ;)

    Happy creating

    Ali xx

  2. Well you have been a very lucky lady, haven't you! Sometimes you just have to use pretty, lovely, gorgeous and beautiful a lot and I definitely think this is one of those times. Really amazing giveaway gifts and all very you Susan. I have to admit I was in for Jane's and Caroline's giveaways too and am a tad jealous of your winnings but just a tad as I know they have gone to a good home! :)
    Happy Tuesday lovely lady!
    V xx

  3. I agree with Ali, I'd like to be beside you when you buy a lottery ticket too. I just love the little Blue Tit tag ... it's adorable .

  4. I think this bounty of handmade treasures and sewing supplies could not have been gifted to a better person. Well-deserved good fortune, I would say! Isn't that tag with the blue tits the most beautiful palette of colours? Simply perfect for spring.

    What a wonderful coincidence that your pretty post just arrived. I was thinking of you a lot this morning wondering how you were.

    And you are making a spring/summer quilt? How exciting! I drive/walk past this little garden near the vineyards every day and in the grass at the moment are wild primroses, cowslips, periwinkles, violets which all make me feel inspired to make a quilt too!


  5. you definitely are having a lucky run...I particularly like the daisy necklace.

  6. Oh so pretty and springy, lucky you!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  7. ~ How very kind and how very lovely...Nothing less than the sweetness that is found her in blog land...And of course so much loveliness is perfect for a some one like your self...Enjoy!!
    With kindest thoughts...
    Maria x

  8. Oh my!! These are lovely, gorgeous, and beautiful winnings!! All the loveliness of spring :)

  9. Wow....so,so many gorgeous things....you are indeed lucky.

  10. You must feel so special. They're all such wonderful gifts. I know you'll make great use of them. Lovely indeed.

  11. You're so right Susan , all of these are beautifully, gorgeously pretty !
    And I love the tiny circles in the first picture, looking forward to seeing the finished cushion cover.
    have a good week,
    Kate x

  12. Hi dear Susan...I was delighted to see you came out of my hat and yes we really do need to buy that lotto ticket don't we ;0) How incredible that my card matches your fabric! Your other winnings are beautiful too. Yes you have had some luck but also it's great to see giveaways going to a happy home. Enjoy everything and thanks for being a great blogging friend xx

  13. What beautiful giveaways - you are indeed very lucky! Wonderful colours that warm the heart. Always a pleasure to read your blog.
    Take care.
    Love from Lynda.

  14. Oh, dear Susan you are really a lucky one! Wonderful giveaways and the cards are adorable.... I love the one with blue birds so much! Your crochet circles are absolutely gorgeous so colorful.
    Have a fabulous day and week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  15. Such a gorgeous post full of delicious pictures, Susan! You have won some really lovely things, you are a lucky lady and all your gifts are so well deserved! I love your crochet circles, the colours are beautiful and I look forward to seeing your new spring quilt!
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen xox

  16. what a lucky week, I really would buy that lottery ticket! As always your photos are gorgeous

  17. Beautiful Susan, your world is always so gentle and light, bright and colorful! And these giveaway wins are sooooooo lovely! That necklace and then all the other goodies are indications of the sweet souls out in Blogland. I love how people show such support and love. You deserve it all! Anita

  18. с вашего блога не хочется уходить!!!! так уютно!!!

  19. Wow what incredible luck you have been having, all those lovely goodies - the buttons are my favourite, gorgeous colours. Well done you.

  20. Oh you lucky girl!! I was so wanting that magnificent pendant of silver! I'm glad it went to you, you're a sweetheart. Jane is so talented and generous! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  21. Such beautiful things. You are very lucky, indeed.

  22. Wow!!! You have been a lucky lady. Those prizes are gorgeous and should be treasured. I love them all.

  23. So many pretty things! The card and tag are beautiful. Well done Susan.

  24. Oh wow - what wonderful surprises. It is lovely to hear about someone you 'know' who has actually won things, it makes you feel you can share the joy. You bring so much delight to other people with your patterns/blogs/pictures so it is great that these lovelies have gone to somewhere they will be treasured and loved.

  25. Ahhhh... you are one lucky girl!!!! Happy happy!

  26. Wow - you're on a winning streak - better get yourself a lottery ticket..!!
    Beautiful blog - as usual.
    Jo. xx

  27. Susan, how wonderful to receive such lovely and heart-felt items. I'm so happy for you! And by the way, one can never use lovely, beautiful, and gorgeous too much...if only those words were used more often in the real world instead of just on blogs (where so many things are lovely), the world would feel better.


  28. Loveliness indeed! All the gifts you received are just so lovely and I am sure that you will put them to very good use.
    Marianne x

  29. Beautiful Susan! Thank you for coming on by my post! It is lovely to see you dear friend, and I hope your days are filled with astonishment and more creativity! You already dazzle my mind and heart with your darling creations! LOVE! Anita

  30. You are one lucky girl! You must be a little Irish? Ha Ha....
    Seriously, these pictures are just so pretty. I feel lucky that you shared them with us.
    Happy 1st day of Spring

  31. Hi Susan,
    I'm thrilled that you won my giveaway and so happy you love all your pretty goodies, your photographs are so beautiful!! Well done for winning so many lovely giveaways, what a lucky girl :)))
    Hope you are having a good week.
    Caroline xxx

  32. What a lucky lady! Thanks for the gorgeous pics, all very delish!!! xxx

  33. Oooh, a page full of prettiness. I love the necklace, it's so delicate. Have a great weekend. X

  34. Lucky doesn't cover it, sooooo man beautiful things here... I definitely think you should buy lots of lottery tickets while you're on a roll!

  35. They are my favourite words....beautiful post with so many lovely things xx

  36. Lovely Susan I cannot think of a nicer person to win all these lovelies. They are all beautiful and fit in so well with your work and designs. I love your blog and always find the pictures and colours so inspiring. So sorry I have been missing for a while but I am so glad to be with back with you. Sending you big hugs and loves

  37. So nice gifts, I'm happy with you!!


  39. Sear Susan, si nuch loveliness here again! Love all the cute little details and ribonsm that as just the special finishing touch to a project!
    Thank you for your sweet comment about Anitas portrait - made me really happy! And so sorry o didn't come earlier, but had these internet problems again - everything was so slow! Hope you enjoy the first week of April with all your gorgeous mice
    ;) Hugs from germany

  40. Well done really very good creations really pretty and very nice photos compliments ☺ http://coccinellecreative.blogspot.it/

  41. Oh My! What lovely treasures you have won!!! :-)))
    And your sweet little crocheted circles are just too lovely. Can't wait to see them all done up!
    Hugs to you!

  42. Good morning beautiful Susan! Every time I come here, I let out a joyful sigh; your colors, trinkets and soft décor just do that to me!

    It is always an honor and joy to see your comments my friend. I hope you are enjoying a lovely spring; we are still waiting for ours, and we are due to get more snow today....several inches!

    BE WELL! Anita

  43. Lucky you, gorgeous items and that Daisy necklace is just exquisite! I love reading your blog, and browsing all the lovely photos.x