Monday 21 October 2013

The shoemaker and other stories....

I do love this time of year when just lighting a couple of tea lights
can bring a pretty and magical glow to my space....
(those little drawers in the background were a £2 find a few years ago
and every so often they receive a fresh coat of paint....they're perfect for crafty bits) finally time to do some catch up today....
sipping coffee and looking out on a wet and very dark
monday morning here in our corner...
...handmade shoes...
mary jane's...ballerinas...buttons and flowers....
For the last couple of weeks 
I've been tucked away making little handmade shoes
which are now part of a free 10 page pdf pattern supplement attached to
downloads of some of the Tearoom knitting patterns....
For anyone who has previously purchased a 15" Rabbit /Bear knitting pattern and would like a copy
to use alongside your existing patterns I can email it to you ...just send me a quick message...
'Mary Jane's TEAROOM Handmade Shoes'
....specially designed to fit those unique and 'not so dainty' feet...
(now added to the free pattern/project page here on the blog too and will always be available)
and I think I may have to make a real life version of those ballerina slippers sometime...
I've added other useful things...
a photo tutorial and lots of pics of all the 15" leg designs have been included for new 
ideas to use with the original patterns....
(Must add...I've been very busy over the last few days since posting on my Facebook page
but it's been lovely indeed to hear from everyone while sending out the pattern
...I feel so lucky x)
Next, my lacy, frothy and (very) colourful crochet summer throw...
Finally, I've used the Stylecraft yarn from my stash and extremely good it was too.
It was very sunny and way too windy on this day but at least you can see I finished it!
(and it does make several appearances in the little shoe pattern)
I tried to keep as much as possible to the original colours as in the small pic there 
from the book.....although it's minus the orangey shades as my yarn was just a bit too orange : )

I finished off all those yarn ends as I went along...
 (and soooo very glad I did or I fear it may never have been completed!)
and tried my best to think ahead where they may be useful 
for seaming and the picot border as each hexagon has it's own colour edging
I do like it and most importantly did enjoy making it...
...especially those frilly picots...
It's a big splash of colour which is welcome in my quite white space 
.....and I'd like to revisit it at some point using different yarns/shades
(I've something quite definite in mind)

I had a simple and extremely lovely birthday...
Ashley appeared from university along with my favourite carrot cake
It was a special afternoon...the ladies drank champagne served by Mr.H ...
(must add...I don't make a habit of spending my afternoons in this way!)
 watched Downton and the Bake Off and laughed a lot as the rain poured down outside
I got some lovely pressies too including a new Moleskin sketchbook....they know me so well!
...definitely one to remember... 
For Leah....
(who has been recovering from recent knee surgery...
just quietly getting on with it but now well on the way to recovery.... a real trooper)

...and she loves swallows.....x
I embroidered this on my machine using a small piece of organic linen
It was made on an impulse and I used whatever shades of thread were in my tin
....most importantly Leah likes it very much and loves the colours : )

I'm still enjoying decorating my hoops with left over bits of fabric
and I added a hanger made with some vintage lace and stripy ribbon....
I think the aubergine fabric is vintage Laura Ashley
(although I can't remember where I bought it....probably Ebay long ago)
and the rest are left over pieces from one of my quilts...
Rouenneries Deux by French General which is a real favourite 

Ooh yes...
using some lovely rooster yarn for my cushion now
...will show you next time...
...along with some more knitting...
♥ ♥ 
...time to do some work....

...wishing you a wonderful new week...
....happy always...


  1. A belated very happy birthday to you Susan, so glad you had a lovely day, I think everyone should drink champagne of an afternoon, don't you! :)
    Your makes are as always gorgeous, I adore those little shoes and your blanket is stunning!!
    I'm sure Leah was delighted with her little frame, I wish her a very speedy recovery.
    Wishing you a happy new week,
    V xxx

  2. SUSAN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I have missed your colorful and inspiring posts so much. These little shoes are precious as can be....they strike up a memory of my mum who used to love to make the most skillfully made dolls' clothes. You are a master and I enjoy every moment I scroll here to see your items. Big hugs and a big welcome back! Anita

  3. Hi Susan
    Glad to see you back blogging again - I've missed your beautiful posts. Gorgeous , gorgeous shoes, all so neat and perfect.
    Your Birthday sounds lovely - and nothing wrong with a few bubbles in the afternoon !
    Happy Monday,
    Kate x

  4. Those shoes are sooooo cute. Belated birthday wishes, sounds as if it was the perfect way to spend the day, Ali

  5. Oh my, all those little knitted feet, what a treat!!!

    Happy Birthday Susan, from a fellow Libran :)

  6. Happy happy belated birthday, Susan! I'm so glad you had a lovely time. What a gorgeous post this is :) I LOVE those adorable little shoes and all your pictures are such a joy to see! Your crochet blanket is beautiful......and I think I have some of that particular shade of orange you decided to avoid in my stash too....there's bright and then there's florescent! Love the sweet embroidery you made for Leah, and sending her very best wishes for her recovery.
    Enjoy your new makes and have a happy week.
    Helen x

    1. ♥ Thank you lovely Helen!...Oh yes, it sounds like you do have that particular orange :D...I'm not sure what I could do with it..even a bit too bright for carrots!)...x

  7. I absolutely love your bright and colourful......and the swallow hoop has such an autumnal feel to it.......just lovely.
    Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday.......belated Happy Birthday to you.

  8. Oh my goodness Susan. I thought I'd been kept very busy but your achievements are amazing. I love the shoes of course and the throw is simply gorgeous. I've used Stylecraft for years and find it can't be beaten for my toy making. Excellent choice of blended colours (could just do with a slightly paler lime to blend with the green). Glad your birthday spent with your family was so lovely. I bet you are already planning your next project! Eli x

  9. I'm happy, happy, happy that you've posted. I've missed you and your posts so much!!!! Your little shoes are adorable!!
    The swallow! Your afghan is scrumptious! Happy Birthday!!

  10. Hi Susan, sitting with a cuppa on a wet day here too reading your updates (which I LOVE) catching up on your recent creations make a rainy day a happier one. the throw has turned out beautiful and I have to say you have inspired me to try this. Got my shoes pattern eek cute or what thank you. Belated Happy Birthday wishes so glad you spent it with family and enjoyed and made precious memories.
    I've just finished a baby crochet blaket and I'm altering the box to put it in I'll share when its finish.

    Take care lovely lady, happy creating

    Ali x

  11. I very much echo everyone else's sentiments Susan, happy belated birthday to you xx As I scrolled through your post savouring every word and your gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS pictures (did I say they were gorgeous?), I really didn't want it to end. I'm filled with admiration for your efforts to capture everything so beautifully, and every one of your crafty projects finished to perfection. You've brought 'happy' to every reader x

  12. Oh my, how I have missed your pretty posts. I am thrilled that you had a lovely birthday, you deserve it!! Sarah xo

  13. Sorry we missed your birthday but it sounds wonderful. We wish you the very best for the coming year. Thank you for sending the show=e pattern. I especially love the ruffled socks and can't wait to make them up for one of the bunnies.

  14. These small shoes are adorable Susan! Cheers to a lovely evening - with more happy knitting!

  15. The tiny shoes are sweet. I really love the crochet throw, one day I really will learn to crochet!

  16. Oh those shoes are adorable Susan :) I love your photos and the throw is stunning!! I'm glad to hear you had a lovely Birthday, the cake looks yummy :) Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  17. First, my dear friend Susan, *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* And I must say, your blanket is absolutely a treasure to behold, I love it when someone like you with a brilliant eye for color makes something like this as it's gorgeous. Say, do you ever sell a complete little animal for sale? I'd love to buy one! I'm crocheting some booties of my own design - I will post them on my blog tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thank you lovely Teresa!...I'll definitely let you know whenever I'm going to list some...I used to sell finished items quite often but my days have become so busy with the patterns and all the other things that have come along with it :)...x

  18. Hi Susan a very happy birthday to you, sounds like you had a really wonderful time - and well deserved too. Loved this post Susan you are so so talented, the shoes are just adorable and the blanket is just superb. I would love to make one but don't think I have the staying power but always wish I could when I see such gorgeous ones as yours Susan. You are one inspirational lady Susan. Thank you for sharing everything with us, big hugs

  19. Hello dear Susan, I hope you had a very Happy Birthday. How lovely that your girls helped you celebrate with champagne and carrot cake...yum! I hope Leah recovers fully very soon from her surgery. Your throw looks gorgeous and I can just imagine how many ends you had to sew in. Have a lovely week and keep dry ;0) Jane x

  20. Happy belated birthday Susan, sounds like a lovely day. Thank you so much for the shoe pattern. I can't wait to get started.
    Your hexagon throw is beautiful too. What a talented lady you are!

  21. Good morning beautiful Susan! How lovely of you to come through the falling gold to visit my post! And to see you again has been a joy, to see your creativity and colorful expression. How I love this time of year, and like spring, it is short-lived but so special. Now to brace ourselves for the sleep of winter to dream the best of well sweet friend! Anita

  22. Happy Birthday to you! So glad you had a lovely one!!! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful work and lovely decor with us! I so look forward to each beautiful post!

  23. Dear Susan,

    A belated and very happy birthday to you. I wish you a wonderful year ahead! I too look forward to your posts enormously and I could gaze at your beautiful colour schèmes for a fair while!

    Rooster yarns are scrumptious to knit with, don't you think? And I'm rather fond of their colour range too.

    Warmest wishes from France,


  24. Dear Susan, a very happy belated birthday.It looks like you had a wonderful day.....Lovely post ,as always...
    Big hugs

  25. I have FINALLY downloaded Primrose and her million shoe possibilities. Could you please tell me from where you source your tiny wooden buttons? Thanks.

    1. Hi Candice...You can buy tiny wooden doll buttons from Gregory Knopp Hope that's helpful...x

  26. Awww... so many sweet things here I don't even know where to start, your post is filled with loveliness and splash of happy colors from those wonderful handmade items, always put a smile on my face when I am here.
    And... belated happy birthday!

  27. Dear Susan,

    I felt compelled to pop in again to say thank you so much for your uplifting words on my blog post today re: Héloïse's leaving the nest in a few months. It's amazing how a few postive thoughtful words makes everything seem SO much better!

    Happy sunday to you, Susan, and, yes, I can imagine how much of an adjustment it must have been for you to see both your daughters leave within a twelve-month span.


  28. Happy belated birthday wishes sounds as if you were thoroughly it should be :-)
    The throw looks absolutely gorgeous....I do love the mix of colours from stylecraft so much so that I ordered a pack of colours from Deramores which should be arriving soon...not soon enough for me though :-) How can little shoes and ruffled socks look so wonderful but they do!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  29. Happy so sorry I missed it! Just look at those little darling shoes....all lined up and adorable! You made me smile today my friend. xoxox.

  30. What a gorgeous post! Love all the little shoes. Happy belated birthday!
    Marianne x

  31. Dear Susan,

    I love this blog!
    What a lovely work and those colors...amazing!
    I will follow your blog...please take a look into my world..

    Love from Marijke

  32. Oh you darling friend, YOU! Susan! Good evening my dear! Thank you for wandering over to my blog! I fear that in this lush world of blog where photos are what capture and sustain peoples' interest, my words will be boring! But thank you for reading. I am trying to load up photos now for another post, but my computer is running very slowly. I hope you are enjoying your time of art and relaxation. I am! Big hugs, Anita

  33. Gorgeous post Susan!
    The little shoes are so sweet lined your crochet blanket too...x
    Happy Belated Birthday!
    Kay :-)

  34. I love your blog so much ^_^ It makes me all glowy happy ^_^ Your makes are so beautiful . I love the blanket lots. Late happy birthday wishes from me to you.