Tuesday 5 November 2013

In my crafty zone....

cappuccino and knitting....snowflakes...
xmas ribbon...my little silver reindeer...festive inspiration...
xmas elves...lovely yarn...festive crafting
...another new week...
and I'm working very hard at this moment but enjoying being in my crafty zone
I have my little box of thoughts...
I've been testing some gorgeous yarns which have created lovely neat colourwork
and seem to be ticking the boxes for me.....
I ♥ knitting and its amazing versatility...always have...always will do...
and playing with colour patterns is my most favourite thing
I'll tell you more about this in a later post when I've spent a little bit more time with it
....and I know it's beautiful autumn time...my favourite season...
but here in my space it's all about winter, snowflakes and hot coffee this week...
(and suddenly I'm starting to feel more than a little bit festive
...all those gorgeous magazines are encouraging me too!)

...and if I don't share a little of my winter projects .....
I may not be around for some time and may even go into hibernation completely!
(I have another colour scheme in mind for this project too which will be fun to try...
...so many ideas are whirling around my head at the moment :-) )

Sadly, I haven't managed to do any more of my crochet cushion as I've been so busy
(it's been temporarily put on hold for some quiet time)
but the little winter flower pincushions using my new yarns were great fun to do...
...they look gorgeously warm and woolly and have a special secret purpose...
(little man seems quite pleased with them too...)
...and I thought you might like to see my new kitchen blind fabric...
Made by the very talented Marina of Oak House Design
Emily Bond's gorgeous Horses Head
(and whose lovely fabric range you can find here)
We have large french doors in our kitchen but there's a small side window
which has always been ignored...it's nice to finally add some colour
Marina's blinds are hand stitched and beautifully made
and I was thrilled that she could make me one using some of Emily's fabric
as I've loved her designs for a long time now
You can find Marina here too (which is where I found her!) 
(I'm sure you will see more of it on brighter days....
as soon as I move back with the camera it looks like a dark hole at the moment!)

Thank you x
Simply Homemade Magazine
for the very kind invitation to have my designs featured in their current issue 
and it was a really lovely surprise this weekend to find a whole page of them
with links to my blog and ETSY shop! ♥
(my wonderful crafty adventure continues....)
and finally....
I've sent out LOTS...and ...LOTS of the little free 
'Handmade Shoes' Pdf knitting pattern 
(and hopefully I haven't missed anyone along the way...
...if I did please give me a nudge and remind me...I really won't mind)
I'm expecting things to become just a little quieter this week!
I've definitely been taken by surprise at the response
but it's been lovely to have moments to chat with everyone
...share special stories..and some wonderful pics...♥

and thank you everyone
for the lovely comments in my last post
and as ever for the friendships made through my blog
...i love being here...

....hope you're having a great week....
...take care...back soon...
happy crafting!


  1. How I love your crafty zone my friend. Those little pincushions, oh dear, how DARLING ARE THEY! And the little terrier figurine stands sentry to guard any wandering hands from squeezing them! teeeheee

    Your reds and reindeer, your PUBLICATION, all of this calls for a festive attitude, a celebration amongst friends. I'm the first this morning to tell you that you are wonderful and bring much joy with your creations.

    Enjoy my dear! Anita

  2. Thank you for letting me have a sneak peek of all your latest crafty endeavours Susan! Your blinds are gorgeous, stunning fabric. Congrats on the feature, you so deserve it x

  3. Hi Susan
    What a gorgeous, gorgeous post, so many lovely colours, textures and ideas. Your knitting is beautiful, I'm not sure I'd have the patience for that ! Isn't it a lovely feeling when your head is full of lots of creative plans - does it give you a tingly tummy, or is that just me ?!
    I absolutely LOVE your ribbon with the Christmas Pixies on it - I am a bit of a lover ofChristmas pixies - pics to follow soon..
    Can I also just say that I am so happy to be on your blog as one of the blogs that you follow - I feel more than a teeny bit happy about it.
    Have lots of fun crafting,
    Kate x

  4. Gorgeous work, I do love to see lots of red and white at this time of year.

  5. All your photo's are so nice.
    I love the red.
    And about the magazine......you have earned it.

  6. This is such a dreamy place to visit Susan...I love it! :)
    Congratulations on your magazine feature, so very well deserved!
    Your little pincushions are beautiful and I'm really curious to find out what you're up too with those delicious yarns.
    Happy Tuesday,
    V xxx

  7. My morning is complete with your lovely post. I could frame your collages, hang them on my wall and be quite happy! The Horses Head fabric is fabulous.

  8. Såååååååååååå nice :O)

  9. Hello Susan ~
    As always, what a beautiful post. I love all of your gorgeous red color work. So festive! Your blog is such a soothing place to be :)))
    Happy Creating to you today,

  10. Many congratulations Susan on a whole page spread of your wonderful designs in the Homemake Mag, how great it must be to see yourself in print. I love the red patterns you are using and spotted the sweetest ribbon in your photos too. Keep snug it is finally turning a bit chillier xx

  11. Afternoon Susan...brr its definitely getting colder now and just perfect for sitting covered in a crochet blanket with the knitting needles in hand. I am loving the look of that new yarn....there is just something about red and white I love it my favourite combo teamed up with some fawn too...yummy. Must buy the mag to see your feature...looks great. I'm always in a festive mood. i drive evereyone nuts banging on about Christmas lol.....looking forward to seeing more projects soon

    Have a great week

    Ali x

  12. What a great full page spread of your lovely designs Susan. I love the red wool you're using, can you tell me which company it's from - anything red always appeals to me. The pattern you're working with it looks so pretty.

    1. Thank you Ann....and I will definitely do an update on the yarn if I'm completely happy with it...:-)

  13. Oh I love all that red and white festive goodness.....however much I use other colours.....it is always red and white which really says christmas to me.

  14. Hi Susan.. oh how I love looking at your beautiful crafty endeavors! You're amazing and very talented and I'm glad I feel I can call you my friend. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on being published in that magazine and I bet the orders are flooding in! Talk soon.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Oh what a lovely post Susan, it's all so gorgeous!! I love those little pin cushions and your beautiful new blinds. Congratulations on your feature in the magaine, the photos of your creations look amazing!! It's always a delight to take a peek into your creative world!! Love and hugs Vicky ♥ ♥

  16. Your blog is so dreamy Susan, I love being here :)

    Congratulations on the feature, extremely well deserved!

    Have a lovely week,
    lots of love, Caroline xxx

  17. What lovely fabric for your blind and Stanley looks like he approves of your crochet. Beautiful pics of your knitting.
    kind regards,

  18. I adore the red and white colour scheme - it is just sooooo Christmassy! I have been combining it with pale grey for my makes this year :-) Congrats on your magazine feature too xx

  19. Red and white brings back many childhood memories, windmills and frozen canals, olliebollen and klompen!
    All the best,

  20. Hi Susan
    Its lovely to see your little friends in Simply homemade congratulations to you, your blind is beautiful and I am still drooling over your pictures as usual... Are you an artist Susan?

    1. Thank you Mell...and yes, I do all my own artwork :-)...x

  21. Oooh are you knitting up fairisle? It looks very neat, I love your inspirational collages :)

  22. red and white knitting is so pretty and Christmassy!

  23. What a lovely, happy post. Can't wait to hear more about the yarn and your ideas.

  24. Sweet friend! Thank you for coming by to visit! Yes, YES come to castles with me, to places of beauty such as Jade's Bavaria. What a lovely dream, no?

    Thank you for always taking me away to YOUR gentle world. Enjoy your day! Anita

  25. Ooooh! I'm loving the Christmassy colours! :-)

    1. Dear Susan,

      It often strikes me how autumn can pass unnoticed as October and November are filled with pre-Christmas creative work. I love winter (not so much for its cold viruses) but for it's soft, muted colours. Snow and ice make me feel quite giddy with excitement.

      Reading this post of yours, Susan, I just feel grateful for your talent to create beauty and to share it with us. Thank you for being you. It sounds corny but it's very true :-)

      And I'm LOVING that elf ribbon trim enormously!

      Warmest thoughts,


  26. Hello Susan Thank you for this beautiful, colourful and cosy post! I love all the Christmassy notions you have gathered and the sweet knitting and adorable pincushions! The little dog is one I have as well....love them! Well done on being featured in the magazine, it certainly is well deserved and your work looks wonderful in print. I love visiting here, you create a beautiful world for us to enjoy :)
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen x

  27. Wow - busy lady..!! I love the colours - so seasonal. It's just oozing Christmas cheer.
    Jo. xxx

  28. Thank you for visiting Margie's Crafts and leaving your supportive message Susan, I really appreciate your thoughtful words. The new blind is so pretty and it's lovely to read your as creative as ever. Visiting your blog and Facebook pages always cheer me up and inspire me, big hugs, Margie ❤️

  29. Wow beautiful items, congratulations on your publication too. x

  30. Susan I have always adored your blog it is just plain gorgeous, love the ribbon and all the beautiful festive colours - like you this is my favourite time of the year - I could stay in this season forever! Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for a wonderful feast for the eyes.
    Big hug

  31. Oh the little shoes....adorable...how i wish i could knit at this time of year...bestest daisy j x
    Ps found you via the wonderful Millefeuilles

  32. How wonderfully festive everything in the tea shop looks to be. And how wonderful to see you featured in Simply Homemade m'dear :D

  33. ~ Love and love some more all the festive gorgeousness in this post;;~ Found you through lovely Miss Daisy...I wanted to pop on the kettle and stay a while....Those shoes are just soo sweet! Hugs Maria x

  34. Dear Susan, all this sounds lovely and in spirit, i join you in your crafty zone, working on some new designs, while you knit ... it's great to work on somethingm that spells HAPPINESS for yourself and others. have a lovely new week!

  35. Oh my goodness...your crafty zone is amazing! I love the red and white...stunning for this time of year.Love the sweet blue and red shoes in the last image. Hugs always my friend. xoxo

  36. Ciao,grazie di esserti segnata anche tu al mio blog!Mi fa piacere!Ieri ho scoperto il tuo blog e mi piace molto!Ciao,Rosetta

  37. Precious Susan! GOOD MORNING!

    When I see you pop in for a visit, I just want to hug you! Thank you so much for your greetings! We are getting ready for our Thanksgiving Day meal, and I have the rest of the week off from school. I am enjoying tidying up the house for a guest and will cook. Many hugs to you and wishes for a lovely day, even if it's a gray day.....Anita

  38. Oh my, what a beautiful page. Of course I found you through Anita's. :)
    Pleasure to meet you, Susan. Your blog is lovely. I must stop by again soon to look around with a cup of coffee and plenty of time.

    1. Thank you Marcia and welcome to my blog!...I'm coming to visit you shortly...x

  39. Oh pretty pretty, I can already imaging all the pretty things you are working on!!!