Thursday 5 September 2013


new shelves...yarn winder...lovely yarns and hooks....
happy pot of flowers....magazine on my desk
As the end of summer approaches, have you had a good one? 
With my favourite season just around the corner I've spent some time over the last week
reorganising my craftroom and lovely Mr.H has built me 2 very tall shelves 
which now stand either side of the magic cupboard.
Favoutite magazines which I just can't seem to bring myself to get rid of finally have their place
...stored away in some lovely colourful boxes courtesy of  Cath Kidston
....and very pretty they are too, don't you think?
My fab yarn winder bought on Ebay (around £12)
 and perfect for rewinding the remnants of latest crochet/knitting projects means there are now
lots of neatly wound balls tucked away in baskets and drawers. Next on the list is one
 of the wooden umbrella swift yarn winders for skeins and then I'll have my own mini 
yarn winding factory set up! Something I definitely would have appreciated when I made my 
Cats and Mice blanket and I'm sure everyone else around here who had to sit and help wind yarn 
would have appreciated it too.....(but I'll be forever grateful...I promise!) could become a new crafty addiction...
(and I love. my Clover Amour hooks...definitely the ones for me)
I'm not a lover of artificial flowers but couldn't resist
this little pot of happiness on a visit to Ikea a few days ago...they do look so pretty on my shelves...
and only cost a few pennies
~  ~
Absolutely...I really must mention my gorgeous Giveaway prize
courtesy of the very talented Jane of Jane's Journal ....
.... lapis lazuli and gorgeous sparkly rock crystal with Swarovski spacers
holding a beautiful handmade artisan glass lampwork bead.... just ...gorgeous!
(I must add again that Blogland is the only place where I win have ever won anything...honestly!)

...x.....x...thank you Jane...x.....x...
~ ❀ ~
Happy flowers sitting on my desk...a gift from my best girls for our wedding anniversary
(we did marry young but it seems to be going pretty well so far  : ) 
 Seriously though, it didn't take too long for me to find my soul mate ♥ )
~ ❀ ~
Another pic of my magazine storage ....(really just because I like it!)
the one on the left of the pic is from Pip Studio...another favourite place to shop....
Still lots of fabrics and ribbons to sort through sometime over the next few days which are kept 
inside my cupboard to avoid the colours fading as it's often so bright and sunny in here.

~ ❀ ~
I'll leave you with my pretty card from Jane 
and a link to her lovely ETSY shop here where you
can find beautiful handmade cards as well as very special one of a kind jewellery
~ ❀ ~
Oh....and I've almost finished my (very colourful) summer crochet project
and will take some pics for the next post......65 hexagons now joined together...
 Only the last bit of the triple picot border to finish today
(which I it's so frothy and pretty).....and then I'll take some pics...
So just a peek here until it's finished completely!
I seem to be finding a much better balance these days...
less time on the internet over the summer has made my days seem so much longer
which also means more time for making things... which in turn makes me happy.....
(although I'll always love spending time here and visiting lovely blog friends)
I'll be back soon along with crochet throw and new shoes....x
~ ❀    ❀  ~ 
...happy crafting...take care... kind to always...


  1. Dear Susan, HELLO!

    If any of your readers are reluctant to kiss good-bye to summer your gorgeous pictures will surely fill them with cheer and hope. They certainly have made me feel even chirpier this morning than before!

    Your wool winder is quite dashing. I have been toying with the idea of purchasing one but I do quite like winding my balls of yarn by hand although it can be pretty time-consuming.

    Are you looking forward to spending your autumn evenings cosy on the sofa with your crochet hooks close to hand?

    Happy, happy week to you, dear Susan and yes, I do agree that spending less time on the computer is a very good thing indeed.


  2. Love your new magazine boxes Susan, it is hard to let the magazines go, isn't it! I'm busy sorting too, it's only when you take it all out, that you realise how much 'stuff' you've got!! ;)
    Beautiful win from Jane, she is a clever girl and you're a very lucky one!
    Your crochet project looks absolutely gorgeous, can't wait to see some more!
    Happy Thursday,
    V xxx
    P.S. those hooks are great, aren't they!

  3. My Grandma had one of these wool winders and we loved winding her wool for her. Every chance we got we were in her sewing room (also our room when we slept over) winding up balls of wool. She used to keep the winder on a high shelf and get it down for her.
    Thinking on it now I am sure that it so it lasted and wasn't "overused" or used "enthusiastically" by her grandkids.
    Thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories, I hope that yours provides you with many wonderful creations and memories.

  4. Such beautiful images and a great spot to get the creative juices flowing!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. I fell in love:))))
    I've just started living in UK and I've just started knitting - I dreamed about both for a long time. I'm staying at your place as it's lovely:)

  6. All organized and colorful ~ what a lovely place for creating!
    Enjoy your day!

  7. Oh what a lovely post Susan, it's positively full to the brim of feel-good colour and prettiness. I bet you enjoyed every minute of your reorganisation!

    Dying to see the pics of your beautiful blanket.

    Heather x

  8. Oh Susan what a wonderful post, I just loved all your things. I have sent off for a yarn winder after reading the lovely Lazy Daisy's blog and can't wait for it to arrive, it will transform my life! You have made your room so special and ready for the coming months, it is just gorgeous Susan. Love the flower from IKEA - it looks so real and perfect.
    Thanks so much as always
    Lots of love

  9. Oh I how I envy your craft space! So beautiful and well organised.
    My MIL has one of those wool winders - they are fabulous aren't they? I am almost tempted to wind new balls of yarn just because I love the way the rewound balls look all stacked up together...
    Can' t wait to see your finished blaket - it looks so pretty! Perfect for Autumn snuggling :-)

  10. Hi Susan, well today has seen a wonderful end to summer I think...30c but perhaps 10c cooler tomorrow...phew! I do love the change of the seasons and your post captures the mood just perfectly. Happy belated anniversary to you both ;0) That wool winder looks really makes proper reels of yarn doesn't it, how useful you must find that. I am delighted that you were pleased with your necklace and should buy a lottery ticket as you seen to be the lucky name out of my hat for my last 2 giveaways....I wonder if your might make it a record 3 in the nest one! Take care, enjoy the darker evenings and getting snug with the crochet hook, I'm sure the girls are nearly due to return to uni....quietness will descend and then another change. Jane x

  11. Beautiful happy pictures, and I can't wait to see your finished throw!
    Maria x

  12. I just love the changes! ..and because of you, I just ordered a yarn winder from ebay too! Thanks for sharing it.

    Hugs, Lynnie

  13. I'd be lost without my wool winder. Yarn just looks so much nicer in those little yarn cakes.

    Your storage area looks lovely. Such eye candy! Can't wait to see what delights you'll share next :)

  14. A lovely post Susan, full of beautiful things. It must be a joy to work in such a pretty craft room. The blanket is super....was it a very hard pattern to follow? Sarah xo

    1. Hi Sarah...I didn't find the pattern hard to follow although there were lots of colours and so lots of yarn ends to think about but I've really enjoyed making it...I'll add some details for you in my next post...x

    2. Hi Sarah and Mary Jane
      I am so pleased Sarah asked the question I had in mind. I am a crochet newbie and would love a project like this. Look forward to the further posts ;0)
      I have also ordered the wool winder after seeing it on Lazy Daisy's Blog.
      Love the folders for Magazines.
      Thank you for a lovely blog.

  15. Hello Susan, I just love your shelves, what a lovely colours...I can imagine you can't stop looking at them. what a glorious summer it has been here in Amsterdam, and it still is.Today we had 31 degrees and tomorrow will even be hotter...I'm so looking forward to the autumn, the leaves turning a little red...It's my season too...
    Erna x

  16. I am sooooo envious of your yarn winder .....I am off now to browse ebay!, ali

  17. Oh Susan, thank you once again for taking me somewhere completely wonderful through your words and pictures! You are just fab x

  18. Good afternoon Susan! HELLO!

    I just got home from teaching and how lovely it always is to see you have posted, and VISITED! This is such a great time of year, don't you think? Getting back to school, organizing whatever or wherever our workspaces are! And of course your bright colors are so soothing and happy! I am so impressed with many of you out there who take their own photos and get such vibrancy. It is a joy to behold, along with your darling creations on your sidebar that are smiling at me, like Anika and BO! tehehehe

    Have a magnificent evening, Anita

  19. Susan, you're so organized, I'm impressed! I have a big craft room organization project staring me in the face.. I hope to make progress on it this fall. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. Wonderful photos and items. I've recently bought myself a yarn winder just like yours from ebay. Great minds think alike! I just love how the little wound up balls lookso cute. Love your magazine storage too.

  21. Hi Susan,Your craft room looks great!!!Neat and organised!!!I can't wait to set my room up again!!!I am really missing it!!!Your summer project looks beautiful and can't wait to see more of it!!!Have a great day!!!

  22. Oooh! I love those CK boxes. I haven't seen them before. Pretty AND practical (a great combination)!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend....

  23. What a gorgeous post! Your craft room looks lovely, so organised and pretty.
    M x

  24. I too am so happy my favorite season is just around the corner. Your sewing room looks scrumptious! And you've really taken off with your crochet. Lovely!! Thrilled to see your post!!

  25. Such a beautiful post today! I love your magazine holders and I really think that I too need a yarn winder like yours! Your necklace and card from Jane are gorgeous, and your lovely photos show them off so well.....a lovely win! The little peek of your new crochet is exciting......this looks like such a wonderful design and yummy colours, I look forward to seeing more of it.....
    Wishing you a happy weekend, Susan.
    Helen x

  26. Oh I love to "live" in your blog home for a little while as I am reading and looking at all your lovely creations!!! I think I can not knit as fast as you! I just love your color combinations and artistry! Such a wonderful happy place to call home and to be creative in! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  27. Dear Susan, your photos are so pretty again - love the harmony in your little world! I do take more time of the Iternet again as well at the moment, and it does me good! Have a super weekend!

  28. Again - your blog is just soooo gorgeous & makes me happy every time.... xx

  29. Your handmade is so pretty!
    Kisses! Happy Weekend!:*

  30. Hi Susan,
    What a beautiful post....I love your CK magazine boxes, such pretty colours. And your plant from IKEA looks so pretty and realistic (in fact I thought it was real!). I cannot wait to see your gorgeous hexie blanket :)
    Love Caroline x x x

  31. Everything looks sooo pretty! I love that yarn winder. What a great idea! Xx

  32. The marrying young thing, me too, I was still at university. You can't control when the right guy for you will come along!

    Love the look of your shelves, and yes, swifts and yarn winders are essential bits of kit!

  33. I love your magazine storage. Who doesn't love rose print paper and fabric. The colors are so beautiful in your room, and in your yarn and project. I'm looking forward to seeing your hexagon blanket finished, the photos are gorgeous. Your blog is so fresh and charming, I love visiting. You inspire me.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  34. I love your little yarn cakes ^_^ I've got one of these wool winders too, be careful my handle came off but we managed to fix it! I found I can get two yarn cakes into the space of one 100g ball, it's saving me so much space :)

  35. Hi Susan. I've just seen your lovely comment over on Heather's (Pink Milk) blog. Thank you for your kindness. I'm having a big break from blogging and may not return but I've missed your lovely posts. I'll pop back and have a nosey and a chat regularly. Come and join instagram!

    Lots of love,

    Lynda x

    1. Hi Lynda...It's so lovely to hear from you and to find your gorgeous new website too...I hope it all goes well for you and please do call back when you have a quiet moment...I hope you do return to blogging one day soon are missed !(and I still remember those little crochet Japanese slippers!)...xx

  36. Your new space is so gorgeous and inspiring! I love checking in to see what you are up to and I can't wait to see your new blanket.

  37. I also have these beautiful magazine files from cath Kidston, I have to many crochet magazines lol. You know you have inspired me to find a beautiful plant for my craft room, I have allergies to flowers and anything scented so this would work really well, I always thought they were tacky but yours is beautiful so I must hunt one out online. Oh and also nothing lives in this house if it needs watering apart from the animals and husband ;)

    Much Love

    Katy xx

    P.S I have the wool winder to, that is addictive, I find myself winding up all the wool that enters my house! xx

  38. Your shelves are those magazine keepers! Oh and your lovely yarn winder is so darling...I would be winding up everything. Hugs to you and thank you for always visiting me...happy weekend.

  39. OH! I just saw on your sidebar, "BEAR MAGIC!" I had never noticed this process before your bears are "REAL!" That bear is decapitated! teheheee

    Susan dearest, how kind of you to come over to visit me. I am still blogging, but I have to make a hard decision to cut back on my posting. I'm still visiting because frankly, I LOVE YOU ALL.

    Have a lovely day out there in the beautiful UK! Anita

  40. °º✿♫
    °º✿ Olá!
    º° ✿✿
    Passei para uma visita.
    Seu trabalho é encantador!!!
    Boa semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.
    ♫° ·.¸.•°♡♡♫° ·.

  41. I love the colors you use in your decor and your crafting. You work pastels and brights together in such a beautiful way. I love both arrays of color and often limit myself to using one group or the other. You remind me to be a bit bolder in my choices.

  42. What amazing photography and creative talents you have, and yet more patterns I'd like to make. Please send more hours in the day, but in the meantime I've added you to my blogroll so I don't miss future updates having found you! Fiona

  43. Such a happy place to visit!
    Hugs, Patti

  44. Cant wait to see your finished crochet project. I LOVE those crochet hooks so easy to hold. Loving your new look too. Happy Anniversary also. Happy Creating

    Ali x

  45. Lovely things.. change is always good I did some changes in the Garden and inside to.. added a small amount of Fall.. I haven't been home much been busy caring for Mom.. Haven't even crocheted this past week.. can you imagine.. Happy Autumn with love Janice

  46. Such pretty colors in your change, I love the change of season and colors too, mainly just on my entrance table and fire place.
    Happy Fall!

  47. love the colours in your crochet blanket and your yarn winder took me right back 40 years ago to when my mother used to let me use her yarn winder!