Monday 25 August 2014

Dolls, hats and flowers.....

...using more lovely Jamieson's DK to make...

 'Tearoom Doll Hats'
(Molly actually has a red version with a blue flower 
...but she seems to have claimed this stripy one too :-)  )
~ ♥ ~
 Thank you everyone 
who has purchased the new  'Dolls from the TEAROOM' knitting pattern
and for leaving such lovely comments on the last post too
It's been such a very busy time around here...
...and now we're all trying out new hats...
(Belle likes hers turned up at one side  :-) )
~ ♥ ~
This little hat pattern will include two variations to be made in the round and seamless...
(Ooh..I love this yarn..)
and a second one which is worked flat and seamed
...both are quick and easy...
(the pink hat below is for Layla and I'll show you a pic of her 
wearing her hat next time as she's on the pattern cover too )
~ ♥ ~
 A crochet flower and a knitted flower will also be included to decorate
along with an option to 'felt' the flowers in a very simple way
(it seems to have become my latest crafty addiction:-) )
~ ♥ ~
There are lots of plans for the months ahead
 and I'll update here with news along the way...
~ ♥ ~

...and post here when the hat pattern is published

(there will also be a code to receive a substantial discount too
so for anyone who plans to purchase please don't miss it
...I'll add it here in the next blog post and on the Facebook page)

(...and it just so happens that the hat will fit the 15" MJT Rabbits too

and so everyone is happy around here :-)  ....)

Thank you as always you for calling by

Hope you have a wonderful week
(the weather's definitely feeling a little cooler around here today)

Take care
until next time

X   X  ♥  X   X


  1. Oh! the hats are so adorable on the oh so sweet dolls!! I can't wait to purchase the patterns but, we have had a few set backs so it will be a few weeks :) Hubby had his appendix rupture so was out of work for a week with no pay but, we are just happy that he is OK. I am so looking forward to knitting one of these cuties and the hats are just too adorable!!!

    1. Thank you Barbara and sending best wishes that your dear Hb has a speedy recovery ♥..x

  2. Que encanto!

    É apaixonante ver o seu trabalho. Parabéns.


  3. Ooh..such cute little hats, can't wait for the pattern to arrive. Another beautiful design Susan - thank you xx

  4. You are so clever to create these beautiful dolls and accessories for them!


  5. Hey,

    Oh, the dolls and the hats are so cute!
    You made ovely pictures!

    Greetings, Jaimie

  6. Oh Susan! Oh How I just love the picture of Molly finding her new hat! The sweetest ever!!!
    I have always admired your work for a few years now that I have taught myself how to knit!!! I might have to buy some of your patterns now and give them a go!
    xx Shari


    I love how this doll is reaching into the case - that is utterly darling! The little hats, OH MY, everything here is super. Today is my first day back to school and my first class begins in less than an hour. HAPPY DAY! Anita

    1. I'm coming to see you in the morning lovely Anita (hope 'back to school' goes well too ♥) ...xx

  8. Molly guapísima con su nuevo sombrero y guapísima sin él. Molly es preciosa.

  9. So pretty - you are so very clever - I wish that I could knit.

  10. Oh these are just sooo adorable! Have a happy week,

  11. Sweetness abounds on your blog! I adore those little hats with little flowers. Precious. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Such sweet photos Susan, the little hats are so cute!! ❤️❤️xx

  13. The dolls are gorgeous....and the hats just make them even cuter.

  14. Sweet dolls, pretty photos, charming stacked teacups! Have a great week :)

  15. Good morning dear Susan. Oh what sweet little hats, they look perfect on your new dolls. The photo of Molly looking in the hat box really made me cute. Enjoy the end of the summer xx

  16. beautiful dolls and the hats are just perfect.

  17. I love your page. To look on it is like heart - balm. The affectionately arranged scenes the colors and last but not least your enchanting dolls and animals, these all are so lovely.

    Nice day

  18. Oh your blog is so magical dearest Susan!

    Thank you for coming to visit me! Off I go now to prepare for my young charges at school! HUGS, Anita

  19. I have missed your posts! So much prettiness, gorgeous dolls.
    Marianne x

  20. :-) What a gorgeous post! It made me smile!!! I love how you've set the photos of the little dollies up!

    I don’t know whether you’ve stopped by my blog lately (I’ve been very quiet recently, I know), but our baby boy was born just over two months ago. It’s all been VERY exciting around here – and VERY busy too!!! I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t abandoned the blogging world altogether – it’s just that some things have been ‘on hold’ for a while.

    I’m looking forward to finding some time (soon, hopefully) to catch up on all of your posts that I’ve missed.....




  21. The hats are so wonderful Susan!! I love that stripey blue one and the addition of the flower is perfect!! As always your photos are pure delight!! hugs Vicky ♥ ♥

  22. Wow, Susan, these hats are just perfect! Love your sweet dolls so much - they make me feel like a little girl again ;) And a happy one! xx

  23. Dear Susan,

    We are slowly emerging from our holiday fuzz, having returned homelate on Sunday evening. Although I am always glad to return home my heart is aching a teeny bit at having left my parents, siblings, nièces and nephews who are lingering a couple more days on the island of Belle Ile en Mer where we spent ten fabulous days. Suffice to say this post of yours with your GORGEOUS dolls is just the sight I need to make me sparkle Inside! I love your dolls so, so much and that picture of Molly finding a hat in the suitcases is perfect.

    Good luck with the busy side of life dear friend.

    A bientôt,


  24. Hallo Susan,
    the hats are so cute. Wish you a nice week and greetings favorite.

  25. So lovely to see your latest post - and am looking forward to the little hats pattern!
    I made dolls as planned for my grand-daughter and all her little friends as planned for her birthday party - and they were all loved very much!!
    Take care,

  26. These are just gorgeous, so, so, so pretty x x x

  27. Beautiful photos and the hats are so cute........adding the wee flower is such a lovely idea!

  28. A lovely addition to a great pattern, I look forward to it being released.

  29. Ιt's like a fairy tale, so beautiful all the shades you chose. Very pretty indeed!

  30. Your blog and your art are like heavenly visions, Susan.
    I am so happy that technology allows us to visit this way.
    So inspired by all this beauty.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Much love.

  31. Rather belatedly, can I just say that these hats are too cute! I so admire your work Susan.

  32. I love the doll, I love the hat, I love everything!!!!

  33. I absolutely love the new dolls and her hat. I haven't been here for a while ( not sure why but sometimes I don't get your updates), but every time I come back you have even more beautiful things to show. Lovely, lovely.