Monday 7 July 2014

TEAROOM Dolls....a new knitting pattern

...there are new visitors sitting around my workroom...

A new knitting pattern
including 4 variations of an original 14" Tearoom Doll

Decorative dolls with flexible joints designed
to sit unaided with arms forward and legs splayed

 A free PDF is also attached to the main pattern download
for anyone who would like to have the instructions to also make 
a simple cotton pinafore with bias binding straps
(very quick and easy)

Created using 
beautiful 100% Pure Shetland Wool from
in Double Knitting Weight
each doll requiring just a 25g ball of each shade.
I'd definitely recommend using this yarn for the pattern
It creates lovely structured dolls which feel very unique
(and there's also an amazing choice of  220+ shades available
for anyone who would like to customise their own doll)

The dolls hair has been created using a wonderful speciality doll yarn from
Little Oke Dolls
(a fantastic site for doll makers as many will already know)
...a large loop mohair yarn which quickly creates a lovely textured head of hair
and comes in several beautiful shades too....

All the photographs have been taken in my workroom
(there are almost 50 in the PDF pattern
...dressed...undressed...being put together...
along with lots of written instructions and tips)
It's been so much fun photographing them
and putting this pattern together...

(there are 2 shoe styles included plus ankle boots)

I did plan a pattern to include just one doll
....but they quickly began to multiply.....
(...and will continue to do so I'm sure...
definitely forgot just how much fun playing with dolls can be  :-)  )
For anyone who would like to make a Tearoom Doll...
 the pattern to make
along with the FREE project attachment 
it's available from today in my
Etsy Shop

and hopefully later today on Ravelry 
I'll also be listing here in the TEAROOM Shop over the next couple of days 
(I just have to remind myself of the technicalities! )

I'm hoping to add more patterns and projects
for the dolls in the future both for purchase/free ...clothes...accessories...
ways to add hair and using different textures too ect.

Thank you to everyone who has messaged me 
wondering where I could be (?!!)
I did seem to completely forget the time while being a busy bee
(and can we really be in July already?)
So many friends had curiously already guessed what I was making
(and I'm still pondering about that one! :-) )

Any questions about the pattern...
please feel free to contact me by email
or on Facebook

Thank you as always for calling by
...and to anyone who purchases the pattern...
I hope you have lots of fun making your dolls ♥

Take care 
until next time

x x x ♥  ♥ x x x

P.S I should also mention that there's a 'Resource' page
at the end of the pattern with lots of useful links x

The new pattern has been added to the TEAROOM Shop listings
and is also now available on Ravelry
(patterns can also be saved to your Ravelry library 
from the TEAROOM Shop)

Thank you everyone who has already purchased
and for the wonderful feedback!


  1. Hoe cute are the dolls!! So sweet and charming....
    Kiss you and the dolls!:))

  2. So cute! I love their hair:)

  3. Oh wow Susan, they are amazing! No wonder we couldn't 'find' you for a while!!! What a tremendous amount of work has gone into the making of the dolls and patterns, they really are beautiful! I love their hair!!!
    Well done lovely lady, I'm going to have to treat myself! :)

    1. Thank you lovely Vivienne....I'm coming to visit you much catching up to do now!...xx

  4. Wat zijn ze prachtig met hun mooie kleedjes. En ze hebben zo een lieve gezichtjes.

  5. Love, love, love! Normally I'm not to fond of knitted doll designs but these girls are perfect!

    1. Definitely a compliment Anouk...coming from such a wonderfully talented doll maker ♥ x

  6. soooo cute - love the dolls hair.

  7. Love them!!! They are so sweet!! Once again you have created the cutest of patterns!!

  8. Hi dear Susan I wondered where you were..but guessed you were busy with your dear girls.These dolls are just wonderful and the hair is fab, wishing you lots of success with the latest patterns xx

  9. Hellooooooo Susan - I have really missed you !
    I should have guessed that you were working away in your studio creating such wonderful things. Your dolls are utterly adorable, you are so clever.
    Have a great week,
    Kate x

  10. Gorgeous - you are so talented!
    Maria x

  11. Ohhhh.... es una preciosidad. Me encanta.

  12. so beautiful!!!!! you are so talented...

  13. Too cute! I can't wait to get the pattern and some yarn for it next month! X

  14. Es una muñeca adorable, preciosa !!!!!! Me gusta mucho.... Felicidades tienes manos de artista. Saludos desde España.

  15. So Sweet! Beautiful little project for my Granddaughter!

  16. They are adorable! oh. you must be a very gifted and talented woman! Well done!

  17. Oh... they are lovely! I must have the pattern to make this wonderfull doll. Hartelijke groeten, Beerta

  18. They are so cute. I have to make one for my granddaughter.

  19. The dolls are adorable. I might have to send for a pattern.

  20. Absolutely adorable, lovable, huggable abd brings out the little girl in me! I definitely will be ordering a pattern. I am soooo in love.

  21. Those dolls are wonderful - two granddaughters = two dollies, off to have a look
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  22. So good to see you back! What simply lovely dolls - I am definitely going to buy your pattern! I just wish I could buy more time in a day to make all your patterns!
    Best wishes,

  23. Oh my goodness these are just adorable! I love their hair, and those tiny buttons are just too cute. x

  24. Hello lovely Susan! How completely adorable your dolls are.....I truly love them!! I will either have to knit one or get my wonderful knitting friend to make me one, they are soooo sweet!! Love the little faces and wonderful hair, as well as the sweet clothes and are so talented!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  25. Hi Susan, welcome back, I did wonder were you ok. I love these knitted dolls, their hair is brill and I love their clothes too. On my list to make, eventually!

  26. well done Susan, they are wonderful. I will have to try the pattern when I get a chance.

    1. Thank you Jenny...and just like Anouk you always make the most wonderful dolls ♥ x

  27. Hello dear Susan, I'm so glad you're back!!! I loooove your wonderful dolls and I'm going to buy your pattern! I hope to get to do one for me, I'm crazy for dolls! These are adorable, I love their hair and gorgeous shoes! My name is Anabela and most of the time my friends call me Belle like one of your sweet dolls :) You are really amazing!
    I have a giveaway on my blog to celebrate my 500 followers and I would like that you participate on it :) here:
    Have a fabulous day and week!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  28. These really are BEAUTIFUL DOLLS...makes me wish I was a knitter. Love their hair and expressions. Very sweet. God bless your pattern sales.


  29. Oh my goodness.. those dolls are magnificent! I wish I was a better knitter. If you ever sell one all done.. let me know!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  30. Hey,

    Oooh they are so lovely!!


  31. Dearest Susan, wow, these are for sure the cutest knitted dolls i've ever seen - congrats - such great work! Have a fabulous day ahead!

  32. Hi Susan, oh my they are adorable!! I'm off to buy the pattern now as I need to make one! I've been making dollies the last few weeks too, they are lots of fun :-) xxx

    1. ♥ Thank you Lori...hope you have fun making your

  33. Hello- they are gorgeous - question -is there anywher I can purchase completed dolls -thanks

    1. Thank you ♥ ....and the dolls are only available as a knitting

  34. Dear, lovely Susan,

    You have been working magic these past few weeks! Your dolls are absolutely enchanting and I have fallen for the charms of the colours you have used. The French say that the Devil is in the detail. I don't agree! The détails you have included in your designs: the texture of the hair, the shoes, the clothes, make your dolls so very precious.

    I am quite certain I will be purchasing this delightful pattern. I am totally into doll-making these days. Making up my own pattern is a slow, slow process but seeing the beauty you have created has inspired me greatly.


  35. These are just completely gorgeous! And it was lovely see a post from you popping up in my blog feed. I had missed your happy, colourful posts.
    Marianne x

  36. Oh Susan.....

    YOU ARE AMAZING! I am very late in visiting for I am always on the lookout for your newest posts! But a bad storm ripped through here and knocked out our electricity and internet services for 24 hours!

    Every doll here is an heirloom piece and with such personality. Your skills are just fascinating! Big hugs, and good to see you again! Anita

  37. The dolls are absolutely gorgeous <3 I am not the knitter capable of tackling one of them, but I am looking forward to seeing all the more talented knitters' creations.
    Smiles, DianeM :)

  38. Hi Susan
    As a long time fan and purchaser of your gorgeous patterns I have to say these beautiful little dolls have to be my favourite. I love dolls, especially knitted ones and Belle, Molly and Layla have the prettiest faces. I have my pattern and am off to order yarn as I can't wait to get started. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents.

  39. Darling SUSAN! Hello!!!!

    It's so nice to see a comment from you my friend! Yes, I am at the helm again this year for what I hope will be yet another fun opportunity for everyone to get super creative and to make new blogger friends! Think about it, then let me know this week IF you can participate. I need to put up another blog post tonight or tomorrow as a reminder before the party.

    Hoping you are having a lush and lovely summer!! Anita

  40. Well I was right Susan, and I knew if you designed a doll it would be just perfect. These dolls are very cute and cleverly done. The photography in the pattern is excellent - yes I bought the pattern even though they're bigger as you mentioned. I've been in Wales all week or I would have seen them on Monday - I'm just back and I'm going to sit down this evening and enjoy looking through the pattern. Well done, I think you've designed a doll that will give lots of knitters and little girls much pleasure.

    1. Thank you so much Ann and yes, your knitty' intuition proved to be correct :-) !...I've loved making the much fun x Hope you had a wonderful time in Wales and have a lovely weekend too ♥

  41. Oh my gosh Susan! They are so gorgeous!!!! I think I will have to do a lot more practising so that one day I can make these... Have a lovely week you talented lady :-)

  42. Do you sell the patterns already printed please?

    1. Hello....I do sell printed copies on Ebay....(just click the 'By Post' link here in the side bar) or I could send you a Paypal invoice if you email me as to the patterns you would like (the address is under the 'contact' tab....:-) x

  43. Wow... I have been moving and haven't had as much time to visit all my favorite blogs and I'm so impressed... These dools are absolutely gorgeous!!, so so very cute . You have impeccable taste. The colors, the hair, very single detail is absolutely perfect.
    I'm so glad I saw that you posted and stopped by.mi will check your etsy also. :)

  44. Oh are these dollies sweet!!! Another lovely pattern you have designed:-)

  45. I must get my needles out again, your dolls are so yummy!

  46. Oh wow, they are gorgeous! And must have taken so much work to perfect. Well done x

  47. What utterly gorgeous dolls! I wish I could knit better, seeing gorgeous patterns like this makes me all the more determined to improve my knitting skills :-) I hope you have a lovely weekend x

  48. gorgeous!!! You have a magical touch!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  49. Hello lovely Susan, sorry I have not been around much - life is toooo busy for al the wrong reasons! I have bought your gorgeous pattern and am in love with it. I have bought the yarn and once I clear a space I will be starting to make these beauties. You are such a talented designer Susan, always love visiting you and looking at your wonderful creations. I hope you are having a fabulous day, sending you lots of love and hugs

  50. Oh wow, this is so sweet that makes me want to knit, I do not know much, all I know is knit and purl and haven't done anything besides a straight scarf, do you think I can learn how to knit a lovely doll like this? Oh again, this is so so sweet!

    1. Thank you Kirsty....the knitting stitches are really very basic and I do think if you can knit and purl you would be able to do this... the skill is more in the putting together and stuffing but there are lots of instructions/tips in the pattern and I'm always available too if you need any advice :-) ....xx

  51. Oh Susan, your new dolls are just so Sweet!! How Precious! well made!
    I love everything about them right down to there little shoes!
    xx Shari

  52. Wow, so cute!! Can't say who's the sweetest, they are all real beauties :-). Great job, Susan!
    Nata xxx

  53. Wow these dolls are so gorgeous - I wish that I could knit. Everything about them is adorable, I especially like the hair.

  54. My sweet friend who I have missed so much.....HELLO! As I open your page, I have to smile as these soft colors and sweet objects of your creativity welcome me in. HOW ARE YOU? Thank you for coming over to visit, and yes, we had a fabulous link party that took us readers to various parts of Europe, England being one of them! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer (I do hope you are no where near the flooding?)

    School for me is starting early this year; August 25 is the first day of school and I am still not mentally ready!

    Enjoy all the summer fun my friend. Hugs, Anita

  55. These have to be the sweetest little knit dolls I've seen! Mind you, I still have to make some tea mice from the patterns I purchased from you! A nice fall project, I think.


  56. Hi there Susan excited I've just shared a link to your FB page and picture of your girls and also of Romeo on my FB. I don't know if you remember but I don't knit so I flung out a plea to my sisters as they do, saying I really wanted someone to knit Romeo for me! A few minutes yes just minutes I had a reply on FB from my sister in NSW Australia to say she'd love to try one of your patterns and to make it for me.
    I am now off to your shop to buy the pattern and to send it to her.
    Today is a great day!!!! yessssssss
    keep well

    Amanda x

    1. Lovely Amanda...I do remember indeed that you don't knit (but I always remember that you are a truly wonderful crocheter!) How lucky you are to have such a kind sister and you will finally have your Romeo :-) (one day there may be a crochet version!)... x
      Have a lovely weekend,
      Susan xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    2. Hi again Susan
      Pattern duly purchased and sent to my sister in OZ. I can't wait to receive at last my very own Romeo!
      oooooh! a crochet version...yes please!!!

      A x
      PS: Mediterranean giveaway now open to all!

  57. Ive just realised the red-headed one could be slightly altered to make a fantastic "Katie Morag"! x

  58. My Goodness, they are so adorable I wish I could knit and make them.. All the times I have come here my heart is just in the air.. your things are lovely.. which you put the dolls for sale.. with love Janice