Monday 8 July 2013

Lazy summer days...

I've had the most lovely weekend...
both my girls home from university for the whole summer
and Ashley has now completed her study year in Spain and Portugal..
(where she had the most amazing time I must add!)
At the beginning of each week I like to decorate
my craft cupboard with things that inspire me for the week ahead...
yarn, fabric swatches, photos, things I've made and current favourite colours
Do you like the little heart pegs?
I found them on Ebay and have some butterflies too...very pretty
I used some of my yarn oddments to make this little rose...
It's from my Japanese crochet book and I'm becoming very accustomed to these books
more than any others as when it comes to crochet I love the symbol charts...
It's much quicker for me to take in a pattern this way
and these are very clear although the patterns do need a bit of deciphering
when it come to yarn amounts and hook sizes ect. but the numbers are there in English
amongst the just have to get used to where to find them!
I made some double twisted cords to mix with the crochet stems
and loved making the curly leaves and pompoms. Then I threaded a cord tie through the back
I think maybe a blue rose next...
I must have tried most crochet hooks by now (!)
and I'm going to finally stick with the Clover ones....
holding my hook like a knife as I do my knitting needles...
(I wish I held them like a looks so much nicer I think!)
I find these really suit me as they're shorter...I've been using the Clover Soft Touch 
but I'm also going to try the Clover Amour which I've recently found
They have a lovely soft and easy to grip handle (and come in lots of happy colours..a bonus!)
My small crochet projects and newly found addiction to making flowers
are a great way to use left over yarns from my stash which are just too lovely to throw away...
(can't bear to do that so they reside in baskets and drawers everywhere
...anyway, I love seeing all the colours when I open the drawers!)
Finally, a safe place for my tiny doll buttons which have been collected over the years the tallboy drawers of our dolls' house (hope they don't mind!)
Being so teeny tiny they're extremely easy to lose and so are now tucked away
 in the attic room at the top of the house
New yarns for a lovely summer project which I can show you in a later post...
I've promised not to touch them until I've finished my current project
and then they'll hopefully turn into a blanket
Do you remember my gorgeous bag charm from lovely blog friend Jane 
which I showed you in a post some time ago? Well, I think I've found just right place now...
(I hope you like it Jane...I think it looks really pretty on here!)
Although we still have work to do, our garden is suddenly becoming gorgeously colourful...
I remember showing you the Penstemon '(Hewells Pink')  last year
and it's now in a new sunnier place and seems very happy there too....
and the Salvia ('Nemorosa') which is just coming into flower
is a lovely shade of violet-blue and looks so pretty sitting next to it
I was planning to include some knitting today too
but I haven't taken any pics yet (as I got a little carried away making!)
so I decided to divide the knitting and crochet and share it in the next post
Anyway,  I think maybe I've kept you long enough for one day!
 This is a lovely time for us....a good place...
we have to slow down and enjoy these moments, don't we?
(and it would seem the sun's going to be shining for us all week!)
so I'm planning lots of time in the garden with my yarn, needles and hooks
and the lovely company of my girls and Mr.H...
enjoying the simple things
(and Ashley's cakes...but hopefully not too many!)
Cheerio and speak soon
Take care

P.S Would you keep your fingers crossed for my Leah?
...who has returned to university this morning 
for her final exam as a second year medical student....
Summer will really start just as soon as she returns home


  1. Lovely crochet. I hold my hook like a pencil when making a chain to keep the tension then I revert to holding like a knife.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I have everything crossed for Leah Susan! Your post is full of lovely words and pictures as usual, and has really set me up for what promises to be another beautiful day. Your craft cupboard display looks heavenly, and the yarn stash oh so tempting. Have a fantastic sunny, crafty week x

  3. I love the bright, summery colours in these photos!!! What cute crocheting - and pompoming!!! :-)

  4. Fingers crossed for Leah. I love reading your posts. Always so inspiring. Sue x

  5. What a joyous post as always Susan! You have taken to crochet like a duck to water, your flower is so pretty! I'm with you on the Clover hooks, I love them.
    Your new yarn stash, looks delicious, can't wait to see what it becomes.
    Enjoy your garden time with your Hb and lovely daughters and good luck to Leah although I'm quite sure she will do brilliantly. :)
    Happy new sunny week,
    V xxx

  6. Hi Susan
    I love your idea of decorating your cupboard each week with things that inspire you - it looks so lovely, just enough to give you a tingly tummy with the prospects of things to make and do!

  7. Summer is a GOOD PLACE...isn't it my friend! Enjoy your girls...and fingers are crossed here for Leah! xoxoxo

  8. Hi Susan, what a lovely post, it has been so nice to share a small part of your day. Love your crochet rose' the colours are beautiful. Fingers crossed this lovely weather is here to stay for a while, doesn't everything seem lovely when the sun shines! enjoy having your family around you and good luck for Leah with her exam.

  9. That crochet rose is perfection - I love the Japanese craft books too - and I do envy you that collection of tiny buttons :)

    Good luck to Leah x

  10. Lovely post Susan, and a great reminder for us to count our blessings and enjoy the moments that make us happy. Thank you, Natalie x

  11. You have so many lovely coloured yarns....and I love your little day I will learn to crochet!!

  12. Hi dear Susan, first of all good luck to Leah for her exams, I remember all these stages with my darling Milly. I am sure she will be fine and will look forward to her 3rd year....things really start to move on now in her training. Your crochet is looking wonderful. I am very interested in you trying all those different hooks, one day I will join you. I am delighted that my bag charm has found a happy home, is that a CK bag I spy ;0) Enjoy having your darling girlies home, take care. Jane xx

    1. Hi Jane...Yes. it's a CK bag..(Ooh, and I thought I'd mentioned it but I didn't...I'll blame the very hot weather here today!) happy to have found the perfect place for my lovely bag charm :D..x

  13. Good luck to Leah and her exam hun! I love the clover amour hooks the best, in fact I have just ordered a few more in different sizes :) I love your pretty flowers, I get such joy out of making them to from left over wool! You must tell me about this book you speak so dearly of.

    Enjoy the sunshine

    Much love Katy xxx

    1. Hi's the link to the shop on ETSY ...(they're great if you just like to work from a chart :D)..x

  14. Hi Susan! I'm so happy for you, that your girls are with you now! Enjoy your time with them! I hope everything goes well with Leah and her exam! I'm crossing my fingers!
    Your crochet flower is gorgeous! I love the way you have decorated your craft cupboard, this is such a great idea!
    Have a wonderful week! xxBarbina

  15. your rose is just beautiful, looking forward to seeing your summer and knitting projects,ali

  16. hi Susan,What a neat idea to have an inspirational board!!!Not only does it inspire but it's also decorative!!!I will defenately make on for myself!!!!Enjoy your girls and have a fun filled happy week!!!

  17. I have one Japanese crochet book and it is my favourite as well! I love working from charts as well, so much easier than a written pattern. I do wonder what book it is you have. I love the crochet rose. And those colours are just perfect.
    Hope Leah does well, cross my fingers for her. We'll have our first student in university from next schoolyear on. I can imagine how you as a mom must feel.

    1. Thank you Marion!...The book is from here... and it's called Pretty Crochet Goods 3 (although the writing is in Japanese)..x

  18. Oooooh, love the hanger with that GORGEOUS rose - knitted delights! Hope you enjoy July dear Susan, sunny greetings!

  19. Your blogs always make me feel warm inside Susan...your words are beautiful and I just love looking at all your pretty photographs :) Enjoy this beautiful sunshine!
    Lots of luck to Leah.
    Love Caroline xxx

  20. Hi Susan.. oh my goodness.. that crocheted cabbage rose is THE most magnificent one I've ever seen! Bravo! Good luck for your daughter.. how proud you must be! Love your tiny buttons in your tiny chest.. what a neat idea!! I have a similar bag charm, it's a favorite thing of mine. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  21. Just love the crochet Susan and the basket full of yarn...oh so drool worthy! I hope that Leah's exam goes well. Sarah xo

  22. Your crochet rose is beautiful, so perfect! Loved seeing your sweet flowers, gorgeous yarn and those teeny tiny buttons in the tiny chest of drawers. The lovely bag charm from Jane suits the colours of your bag so well! Good luck to Leah in her's very stressful for the mama too isn't it?!
    Wishing you a wonderful week with your girls home, the sun shining and some happy hooky time too.
    Helen x

  23. My darling Susan,

    I have been away for one whole week, staying with family in the state of California. It was SO lovely, but I'm glad to be back home in my own house and HERE in Blogland! I have missed all of you so much, and as could be expected, I come HERE to see such colorful and happy beauty. ENJOY EACH DAY as you create what is so dear to you and to US! LOVE Anita

  24. Hi, Love your up dates they are so inspiring and always leave me wanting more and looking forward to the next one. Hope the weather keeps fine so we can all relax and enjoy our gardens. Craft away until dusk. Good luck to your daughter Leah sure all will go well.
    Jackie x

  25. How do you make your roses look like you picked them right out of the garden. It's so pretty! I always knew you would be good at crocheting for your knitting skills are so my opinion....perfect!
    Always anticipating for your next post!
    Hugs, Shari ♥

  26. Hello Jane,
    What a beautiful post. You always delight me with your gorgeous photographs!! I'm so pleased that you've got both your daughters with you for the summer, I hope you have lots of lovely girlie times together :)
    I love your idea of decorating your craft cupboard at the beginning of each week, I really want to try that!!
    Hugs xx Vicky xxx

  27. Hello Susan, My blogging friend Donna from Made In Heaven sent me your way. I have just purchased a Brothers embroidery machine and was looking of inspiring blogs to follow. Donna said that I should come here that your blog was perfect, and yes it is :) I am your newest follower, #1016, WOW!!!
    I've joined the Where Bloggers Create Party this week, and I'm having a Give-A-Way on my blog for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Please come over and put our name in the hat. All you have to do is leave a comment and follow me back. I am excited to have found you, now I going to look at some of your past posts :)
    Have a great day, Connie :)

  28. Hello Susan
    First of all I do hope your daughter did super well in her finals.
    Great idea to gather together all that loveliness for inspiration. It inspires me just looking at it. In my case if I could just get down to tidying out my home office and craft room I'd feel inspired too.I often wonder why it is I feel so much better when I have everything in its must be some sort of psychological thingy I suppose. LOL!
    I use Clover hooks for the fine work but for 2mm upwards I find my old Aero hooks or the new cheap ones I bought off ebay are fine. I bought that bundle of hooks with coloured handles on ebay for 7 pounds odd and they are really comfy.
    Like yourself I find following a chart pretty easy as it reminds me of the cross-stich charts

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  29. My dear friend across the pond!

    How wonderful to peruse your fascinating world of color here and to come to greet you upon your visit to me. I too am having a FABULOUS summer, sitting here in my garden within the safe confines of a screened in porch! We have terrible mosquitos, but the incessant rains this summer have brought them in droves!

    The birds are singing, my fountain as well. My heart is glad and I send you warm wishes for yet another summer day of enchantment!! Anita

  30. A beautiful rose you've made Susan !!
    Such gorgeous flowers in your garden !
    I keep my fingers crossed for your Leah :)
    Have a nice week :)

  31. Witaj! Pięknie u Ciebie!!! Śliczne prace!!! Serdecznie pozdrawiam

  32. Hi Susan, first I hope your daugther spent a good time here in my country, she stayed at Porto wasn't she? Then I want tell you that I love your post! The hearts pegs, the lovely crocheted rose the buttons , all photos are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing all.
    Have a fun and creative Summer :D
    Hugs and love from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

    1. Thank you Ana! Yes, Ashley stayed in Porto and she had the most amazing time...she will definitely be returning in the future...x

  33. Hello Susan!
    Your crochet work is getting lovelier by the day!!!
    I have had to re follow your blog. In the process of switching providers and getting a new email I accidentally deleted my blog. When my Son in Law recovered it I was no longer following any blogs! EEK!!!

  34. Lovely post. I just love looking at your blog - it's so pretty and colourful and makes me happy! xx

  35. I'm not seeing my post soil try again. Love you quilt it turned. Out beautiful, but then everything you do turns out great!

  36. it's good and simple tips , thank you

  37. I love, love, love your crochet rose, the prettiest I have ever seen. The colors are just perfect. Lovely post as always!!

  38. I am absolutely swooning over your pink is perfect and wish I had one! Just the perfect pink and rosey things I love.

    Hugs, Lynnie
    PS: I did a Cath Kidston wallpaper makeover of a vintage train case you may want to see on my blog...

    I added you to my blog roll too! So happy I found you.