Monday 24 June 2013

♥ Strawberry Hearts....

Last week I continued to finish off a few projects
and so among other things I returned to my newly named Strawberry Hearts quilt...
Red and of my most favourite combinations...
The little polka dot hearts make me think of summer days and strawberries.
It didn't start off this way but I did lose my enthusiasm for it at one point
and so I decided to rescue it by just having some fun 
adding appliqué hearts and some big stitching before securing the layers
...only the 'stitch in the ditch' can be seen on the reverse now it's complete...
It has a red spot on white backing and I made a mini strawberry binding
which I wasn't sure about but now it's complete I think it was the right choice.
I always enjoy sitting hand sewing and stitching down the binding is my most favourite part
....all pins removed and everything being neatly enclosed is such a good feeling
A very brief visit from Mr Sunshine!
The weather here has been wet and humid over the last week...
I had wanted to take a nice pic on the garden bench in the sunshine
but that's going to have to be another day...
I had to make do with taking a chair out from my workroom onto the decking
in between's rained even more since taking this pic!
Leah has laid claim to it and Ashley's having the crochet
cushion in the last post....(and both are home from uni in less that 2 weeks!
Can you believe Ashley's year in Spain and Portugal is almost at an end?)
Oh...and have you seen these yarn/thread cutters?
I've only just found them and have one in my bag now
whenever I go out which is so much better than taking scissors
....much safer if you have little ones around too...
(mine is from Clover)
.... the plants are happy despite our lack of sunshine!....
...and the shady part of the garden is happy and growing too...
a favourite place for the birds who visit the bird bath and table...
My workroom is just on the other side of the decking there
so I have a good view of everything they get up to!
(the fern came from the garden where I grew up
 and it's clearly thriving in these damp and humid days...
 ...and thinking of strawberries.....
Will you be watching Wimbledon?
I think I may just sneak off and watch a couple of hours this afternoon
....strawberries in tow of course!
(and it slots into your cotton neat is that?)
Next post is one of the yarny kind
as I've been doing some knitting and crochet too...
Thank you as always for calling by!

Wishing you a wonderful new week

Take care until next time


  1. I am loving your looks and aqua are two of my favourite combinations as well.
    While I would like to see much drier,warmer garden also seems to be thriving on the cooler mix of sun and rain....I have never seen the lupins so large!!

  2. Your blog is nothing short of exquisite Susan! Every time I visit here I feel lifted, your creativity is infectious. Thank you x

    P.S. Wimbledon is a must watch, I'm with you on that. Looking forward to a fantastic week of tennis :)

  3. Your quilt is gorgeous Sarah. I thought I was the only person who loved the part where you sew on the binding - now I know I am not alone! I think, like you say, it makes everything so neat, tidy and crisp - that's such a good feeling :) I must get one of those wee thread cutters too x

  4. What a beautiful post - and SUCH a gorgeous quilt! I've just finished the top for a quilt for my best friend's baby. I've never 'properly' quilted and added a binding before. But I really want to give it a try this time. You've inspired me to have a go!

  5. Gorgeous quilt Susan, it's no surprise that those girls of yours snap up everything you make! :) How lovely to have them home soon!
    What a beautiful view from your workroom, your ferns look lush, definitely their kind of weather!
    Yes I'll be keeping an eye on Wimbledon, come on Andy Murray!
    V xxx

  6. Beautiful quilt! Am loving the thread cutter too. Having always used scissors or my teeth in the past! Sue x

  7. As usual some beautiful work & some beautiful photographs. You have such an artistic eye. Still waiting for the sunshine here in Cambridgeshire !!

  8. Oh Susan....your quilt is soo pretty! It always puts a smile upon my face when I come to visit, so much inspiration__I can just look for hours!
    Have a lovely week...
    Hugs, Shari

  9. Hallo Susan, das ist ein wunderschöner Quilt geworden. Die Stoffe und die Farben, einfach toll.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

    1. Thank you Annerose...You've just helped to refresh some of my very rusty German too! :D..Happy new week..x

  10. Your quilt is beautiful and it really makes me think of lazy summer days, strawberries and cream teas! xx

  11. Very beautiful quilt! Wonderful photos!
    A nice week to you and greetings from germany, Conni

  12. The quilt is just delicious! I really like the look of the thread cutter, may just be treating myself to a late birthday gift :) x

  13. Absolutely beautiful! I do not know how to quilt but I treasure the beautiful quilts my Grand Aunt made and have several of them. Your strawberry quilt is stunning..thanks for helping me start my day beautifully...and oh yes, I wouldn't miss Wimbledon! nance from Broken Arrow, Ok ..home of one tornado this season

  14. Oooh Susan your quilt is amazing!! I love the colours and the little strawberries are so cute!I wish I could make something like that too!
    I have never seen a threat cutter before,so much better than scissors, I have to get one too!
    All the best for you!! xxBarbina

  15. Very pretty quilt. Love all your adorable knitted animals. Very talented


  16. What a lovely quilt!
    Greetings from France

  17. I LOVE the new quilt Susan and the hearts are the perfect finishing touch. Totally agree with you, sewing the bindings is my favourite part too! Have a great week, Sarah xo

  18. Love those reds. I enjoy handstitching binding also.

  19. Hi Susan ,

    I love this qtrawberry-quilt !!!!!
    Also very nice pictures!

    Greetings, Jaimie

  20. Oh Susan, your quilt is simply gorgeous, I adore the red and aqua colour combination! I love stitching bindings too, it's very relaxing. Have a lovely week :)
    Love Caroline xx

  21. Oh I love your new quilt!!! It´s very beautiful.

  22. Oh dear, I do apologise Susan - I have just noticed that I referred to you as Sarah in my comment above. My 'senior moments' are seriously starting to get embarrassing these days! I hope you weren't offended, Natalie x

    1. Hi Natalie...Oh, I wasn't offended at all...I do suspect I've done many a similar thing myself along the way when I leave comments (and it makes a change from me being called Mary Jane which I happily answer to without thinking it happens so often...but who was actually my grandma! :D)..x

  23. Hello Susan,
    I am totally in love with your beautiful quilt!! I love the colours and the hearts, and I think the binding works beautifully. As always it's a pleasure to look through your beautiful photographs!! Hugs xx Vicky xx

  24. Hi dear Susan loving your colour choices today. Your new quilt is stunning. .I am not surprised your daughter has snapped it up. You must be so excited to have them home for the summer soon. The years rush by so quickly. Your garden looks so pretty but as you say a little more sunshine would be great. We are off to Wimbledon next Monday. excited xx

  25. Oh, Susan, your crockets are so lovely!
    Kisses! Happy week!

  26. Gorgeous quilt.. it's owner will be wrapped in happy colors! Your photo of th bird bath and plants are worthy of a glossy magazine cover! My ferns are huge due to the rain we've been having. Can't wait to see your new projects! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  27. Beautiful Susan xx as normal xx please may I live in your house full of wonderfully created things xx you are such a talented lady xx well done you xx may I live in your work room?? Xx best wishes xx

  28. Oooh, that quilt is gorgeous - I wish it was mine!!!
    Maria x

  29. beautiful quilt, so bright and cheery. I must buy one of those thread cutters, Ali

  30. Hi Susan, your quilt is gorgeous !!
    Beautiful photos ! Love the red :)
    First time I've seen a yarn/thread cutters..
    Untill next time .. :)

  31. Stunning quilt Susan! I love those colours together too :-) xx

  32. The quilt is gorgeous Susan, and I do like the edging, very much.

    I'd be lost without my thread cutter, although mine is not as pretty as yours.

  33. Despite the weather a bright and shiny post Susan, your colours cheered me up..I love the quilt,one day I hope to make one myself..
    Erna x

  34. Love the strawberry red and aqua...especially love the finished quilt! Beautiful. We've had so much rain and thunder storms here too...

  35. What a wonderful quilt
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  36. This is STUNNING Susan you are so clever! I made my first quilt last year but need to learn more sewing skills :) x


    First of all, thank you for visiting my post! I hope to get back to posting soon; my poetry class is going VERY WELL and our teacher has assigned many writing exercises but it is not like taking a college course; no grades, no pressures, but rather these classes that are held at a local literary center are for serious adults and young people who really want to enjoy learning about writing.

    We were away from the computer for three days because we were out of state for a wedding. Our weather has been dangerous and our six hour trip up and six hour trip back was very challenging with lightening, thunder and very heavy rains. Needless to say, I am so glad to be home!

    Susan, your photography is fabulous; I am learning from you and other seasoned photographers how to focus and combine colors. Your art work is crafted well and together with the tools of the trade (the lovely threads and scissors and sweet chair and garden) just make for a lovely collage.

    Thank you for brightening up Blogland! Anita

  38. Gorgeous quilt, and I love the pretty binding! Your pictures are all so beautiful, Susan. I received a Clover cutter from a friend last year for my birthday ........such a clever little how you photographed it :) hope you are having a sunny week, it's been lovely here the last couple of days.
    Helen x

  39. Dear Susan,

    I've returned from a long weekend in England and, oh my, just LOOK at that strawberry quilt! Everything you touch is exquisite, Susan: I am quite simply in awe... although I believe I may already have admitted to that in the past ;-)

    Every picture is so pretty. I can only imagine the time and effort involved in each one. Thank you for giving us a little beauty. The weather in south east England was pretty terrible over the weekend. I must admit I am overjoyed to see the sun shining now I've returned ;-)


  40. Susan your Blog is beautiful & I love the colours in your quilt x

  41. Happy July 1st my sweet friend...we Celebrate Canada Day today! Lots of red and white around today...just like your lovely red. Hope your summer is going very well ...ours is now amazingly hot. Love that little thread cutter of yours...xoxox

  42. Good morning sweet Susan! And I see my precious Koralee is here right above me! Thank you for coming to visit and you too, you also saw that precious little Red Riding Hood of Stephanie's? I so love how you all are magical and see beyond what is in front of you, but rather how you create the enchantment! And that aqua kitchen photo on my post, wouldn't you just love to cook or make tea in such a kitchen?

    Have fun in your garden, thinking about your next creation! Anita

  43. Your blog makes me so happy....... :-D

  44. This is so beautiful, I love the colours it really is a wonderful creation.

  45. Beautiful .... very beautiful ..... I love it here looked :-)

  46. Your quilt turned out lovely. . . But then every thing you make is beautiful. Love the colors!

  47. I love the freshness of your blog as it inspires me.