Thursday 6 June 2013

Things old and new...

My crochet cushion is finished....I love how it has turned out...
both the mix of colours and the gorgeous Rooster yarn which give it a beautiful dense quality
(the reverse side just has a single flower in the centre)
Time is such a funny thing, isn't it? 
I'm often complaining that it flies by far too quickly these days 
and yet I only started to crochet at Easter and that momentous occasion now seems a lifetime ago...
It's definitely a firm addition in my crafty life now...especially those 3D flowers!
(I must add that it's lovely to hear that I've encouraged others to pick up their hooks too
which was completely unexpected)
I've used a smaller size cushion pad than the one used in the pattern
which I prefer so that the cover just sits comfortably over the pad and isn't stretched.
I do love beautiful natural yarns...and this yarn has a wonderful feeling of weight to it....
...I've used it in the past but had maybe forgotten how much I loved it...
I'm also thinking that it's going to work out quite expensive to crochet a large blanket (!)
(Just looking at this walking foot makes me want to run to my sewing machine!)
I've also been working on my quilt and am currently securing the layers together
by using the 'stitch in the ditch' technique.
(now that I feel I've really mastered it I have to confess it's become a bit of an addiction...
this walking foot by Bernina is my preferred one to use
...the original open walking foot which has a really good view of the seam
... although there is a new addition and if you purchase 
the walking foot it now comes with 3 different designs)
Once the radio is on I can happily stitch away for hours!
My gorgeous Giveaway gift made by lovely Teresa!
...whose wonderful and entertaining blog you can find here...
Teresa is a lucky lady who lives on a farm in stunning Oregon
I was thrilled to win my beautiful sterling silver and Swarovski crystal stitch marker
(the sparkling emerald green reminded me instantly of Scarlett ...
as did the gorgeous earrings which were won by another lucky lady)
It brought back lots of memories for me....
I first remember coming across an article in my art class at school when I was 16
'The Search for Scarlett'
all about the many actresses who auditioned for the part with lots of photographs from
those auditions and at this same time the film also had one of its many re releases...
(so we all went off to see it after school at the lovely little cinema which was close by....
although we didn't expect it to be around 4 hours long with an interval in the middle!)
There was clearly a resurgence of Scarlett fever that year and it made me ever curious.
Sitting in the garden, I read the book 'Gone With The Wind' through a long hot summer of that same year.
  I brought it home from the book shop I was working in during the summer holidays
and still have a very clear memory of the story
(and the many emerald green references brought back to me by Teresa's little stitch marker)
It won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1937 and is still ranked No.21 in the BBC Big Read
(and I still have the book as you see maybe it's time to revisit it!)
(Wasn't Vivien stunning?...It doesn't quite tally with the first line of the book....
but I think it can be forgiven because she was perfect in the role and went on to win an Oscar!)
Incidentally, around same time, on one of my regular visits to an
art gallery in town with my dad, there was an exhibition of Hollywood costumes
in one of the downstairs rooms...and the outfit in this photograph was amongst them,
The dress was standing beautifully arranged in a glass cabinet .....
(you can see more pics on the website)
Those costume designers were so talented, weren't they?
In the story, the outfit is made from old velvet curtains and the designers made sure
that the dress reflected this with large areas of faded velvet...I loved it!
She isn't wearing her emerald green earrings in the pic here but I do remember those too.
And now I have my 'Scarlett' stitch marker which is stored safely in the magic cupboard.
I will treasure it and only hope the yarny projects that
it will surely soon adorn can do it the justice it deserves!
Thank you Teresa for my lovely gift
(and for bringing back more than a few happy memories too! )
..and the link to Teresa's lovely Etsy shop is here!
One last word today of another lovely find...
My new bag from Cath Kidston in the sale
a perfect size for carrying my knitting and crochet projects
It was definitely a bargain at less than half price
(just between us......I've since bought another one in a different fabric..shhhh!)
Oh...I did say less than half price!
Time to go
...I've kept you long enough today...
but thank you for coming to visit's always lovely to see you...

Take care until next time
P.S Guess who I've just heard somewhere on the roof tops as I type?
Lady Peahen, who has been staying at home of late....
far better because she's much safer there but there's no mistaking that sound
...I'm off to find her...

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  1. We will definitely need a photo of Lady Peahen!

    1. Yes, there are some pics here on the blog Cheryl in past posts but will take some new ones if she decides to stay around again for long enough...she did take to often spending the day in our garden but has been staying home more recently!...xx

  2. What a delightful read, and tour of your latest creations my dear Susan! Everything from the cushions, the color choices, your PHOTOS and then Scarlet? It is a treat for the senses today. We have had so much rain that has made our gardens so green and lush, but I think everyone, including the plants, need some sunshine! You have brought it to me today.

    LOVE EMERALD green and your win is super. I also enjoy watching Gone with the Wind over and over again; you know something is classic when you never tire of it!


  3. Your crochet cushion is so beautiful Susan, it looks like you have crocheting for years rather than a couple of months!!
    Lovely to hear of your memories of Gone with the Wind! Your little stitch marker is so pretty.
    Well done on the CK bargain, I do love a bargain. :)
    V xxx

  4. Lovely post Susan, your crochet work is so pretty. The colour of green is so eye catching - I have read the book Gone With the Wind so many times and I've also read the follow up Scarlett (written by a different author). It was very enjoyable too.

  5. Dear Susan, I love so much your photos! They are so wonderful, like a story!:)
    Kisses! I wish you a funny evening!

  6. Such a delightful post, Susan! Your new cushion is so gorgeous, I just love the colours and I love the crochet flowers!! The emerald green stitch marker is so pretty, Teresa is a sweetie and very talented too. I loved reading about your memories of 'Gone with the Wind'....I bought a big old copy of it at a jumble sale when I was an art student, and I remember reading half the night I got so engrossed in the wonderful story! Like you, I must re visit it too! Might also try some Rooster yarn like yours, it does look very pretty! Thank you for an inspiring post. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  7. Thanks a lot for your post - very intresting...
    Pillow - lovely ...
    Best wishes, Tatjana...

  8. Your cushion has turned out so well Susan, you have taken to crochet like a duck to water. The colours are stunning and the 3d flowers add so much to it. Teresa's stitch counter is very pretty and I loved reading about your Gone with the wind memories, it is great how thoughts get triggered off. I hope you are able to get out in the garden and enjoy this wonderful weather. Take care, Jane x

  9. love your blog and 'Gone With the Wind' is my all time favourite movie . . . I have to say, when I was in the UK in March, I visited at Cath Kidston shop in Leeds - my husband had a difficult time dragging me out of there. I love the colours and all of the interesting items in the shop. I couldn't buy much as I had to be able to fit things into my suitcase - but I did buy a case for my reading glasses and some hand lotion. I've looked at the website and they ship to Canada, so might have to place an order soon - or go back to England for another visit.

  10. Your Blog is such a delight to visit! It is Beautiful to look at and a joy to read. I am so glad to follow your blog.


  11. Your cushion is just gorgeous....such wonderful colours....and the flowers are the perfect finishing touch.

  12. I love Gone with the Wind as well...I love your new bag..It's what I'm in need of.. I don't have one big enough.. my things are always falling out and I just lost my needle again..I love your bag it's very pretty.. and I really love your pillow. I just learned how to make a raised flower square and I had fun doing them.. Lovely post thank you for sharing with love Janice

  13. What a lovely post, I'm sure I remember watching Gone with the wind years ago, but I must read the book, you've whet my appetite. The stitch marker is really pretty, how nice that it's reminded you of such happy memories.

    The cushion is gorgeous, you did a brilliant job. It's weird how time goes isn't it, something seems to rush past, and yet a week ago feels like a month ago.

    We have peahens and peacocks living in a house just down the road from our house...they have a totally White peacock, it's really quite odd looking!

  14. your crocheted cushion is have become an expert in such a sort space of time, Alison

  15. Your crochet cushion is beautiful Susan...almost to good to sit on!

    I love your new bag....mmmm, can I possibly get away with buying another Cath Kidston bag?!?!

    Have a lovely sunny weekend.

    Love Caroline x x x

  16. I can't believe you've only been crocheting since Easter that cushion is a treat. Loved hearing about Scarlett am off to check out the links. Sarah x

  17. Oh Susan, your cushion is so lovely and I can't not believe you just learned how to's G O U R G E O U S!
    xx Shari

  18. Hi Susan, your cushion and Cath Kidston bag are both lovely. The colour yarns on your cushion all look great together and love the back also with just the one flower perfect. It's great you insert links within your comments I always check them out it's nice to see others work pieces. Jackie xx

  19. The cushion looks beautiful, must have a go at the 3D flowers, Love your new Bag, enjoy your weekend

  20. Gorgeous cushion, the flowers make it extra pretty, and the quilt is lovely.
    Love the new CK bag!
    Gill xx

  21. Hi Susan,

    What a very lovely handmade cushion. Oh and that quilt, is also very pretty.
    I have a new sewingmachine (Brother Innov-is 35) with a free quiltbox,now i have a 1/4 inch foot,..
    I own the book of Cath Kidston with a pattern to make a handbag,

    Greetings, Jaimie

  22. umm where can i find the pattern to tht cushion ciover its just adorably amazing and matches my bed cover :D

    1. Thank you!...The pattern is from Simply Crochet...(issue 5)..I've used the same yarn but a few less colours...x

  23. Hello Dear Susan! I'm so happy that your gift finally arrived and that you like the stitch marker that i made for you. I might have forgotten to tell you, but the little pale yellow bead on top of the green crystal shamrock is an Oregon Sunstone! Your pillow is magnificent! I do adore pastels, pinks, greens and blues.. you have a wonderful eye for color. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Wow Teresa, I didn't know Oregon Sunstone?..You've made my day...that makes it EVEN more special!...Thank you's a treasure!...x

  24. your pillow is gorgeous -- almost makes me want to take up crochet!

  25. Love your cushion - so pretty. Just realised from your comments that I have this pattern as I have Simply Crochet no.5. Makes me want to add it to my (very long) to do list.
    kind regards,

  26. Your cushion is just stunning...and I soooo remember reading Gone with the love that story. Your new CK bag is so Canada we just do not find any CK! Enjoy my friend. xo

  27. Good morning my dear Susan! How nice to see that you have visited my post, and I thank you for your kind comments! I love to visit you too, for you are sweet, you make GORGEOUS THINGS, the colors of your palate are a feast for the eyes and of course, are an inspiration. Enjoy a super week of creative fun! Anita

  28. Your cushion is so beautiful. Also love the green clover charm and the book Gone with the wind. Maybe it is time to read it againe :)

    You are so talented and I now will scroll around your beautiful blog again.

    ♥ Stefanie

  29. What a lovely read Susan. I'm so envious of your cushion! As part of my grand plan to put a little more balance into work/home I hope finally to be able to find some time to learn to both crochet, knit and possibly to sew something just for that would be nice. I hope you are having a lovely week. Sarah xo

  30. Hi Susan, Your crochet cushion is beautiful as is everything on your blog! I also very much like the look of your quilt - beautiful fabrics. I agree that Vivien Leigh is stunning. I remember reading a book about Laurence Olivier and his relationship with Vivien. It was very absorbing. Such a wonderful couple and so sad..Take care til next time. Maggie xx

  31. Hi.........Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway hosted by Koralee of "Bluebird Notes" Blog for a gift certificate to my new Etsy Shop named: Daisy Pink Wish .....if you have time please check it out....would love to see you enter :)

  32. Sooooo pretty this cushion Susan! After every post i feel like i just had tea with you - so refreshing and lovely. Have a delightful creative day!

  33. The cushion is very very pretty and as for that Cath Kidston bag, delicious or what!! Suzy x

  34. I I love that crochet pattern, I have made just one square so far! Pretty colours you have picked!

    P.S I have the same bag, such a bargain and so pretty! X