Friday 17 May 2013

Flower Power.....

Hello everyone...
are you ready for the weekend?
Sadly, the weather has been pretty dismal in our corner
so no opportunities to spend time in our garden...
Not to worry, I've been growing flowers inside instead...
my little flower bed will eventually become a cushion
and I'm still enjoying having more ways to play with lovely yarns....
especially as crochet is so suited to one of my most favourite
Lots of tea drinking going on while flower making..
(This is one of my favourite cups and saucers which I purchased
from Pip Studio a while ago.. the colours are really pretty.
We have all types of odd cups and saucers in our house
both new and vintage...I think maybe I should show you one in each post!)
Gorgeous yarn....
Rooster Almerino DK which comes in an array of beautiful colours.
I've used it several times in my knitting in the past and 
it's just as lovely to use for crochet.
This bunting is going to be decorating my craftroom....
which I really haven't had the time to pretty up as much as I would like to and
I want to make it look lovely and summery...
It was a bargain in a sale at Laura Ashley a while ago and speaking of....'s lovely to read in Mollie Makes this month
that there's going to be an exclusive exhibition celebrating 
60 years of Laura Ashley's iconic designs...
A free event which is being held at
The Vinyl Factory in Soho 5-6th June 2013
I would definitely be putting the dates in my diary if I lived a little closer.
I'm a real fan of these vintage catalogues of the 1980's
and over recent years have collected almost all of them. 
The layouts are wonderfully creative and beautifully photographed with page after page 
of  fabrics, wallpapers, borders, tiles and trimmings....but I still need 1982!
Would you give me a shout if you ever come across it on your travels?
I've been looking for it for a long time now although I did find 
a 1982 book just a couple of days ago on Ebay and am waiting 
for my lovely postman to deliver it to our door!
(I wish they still sold those mixes of hexagonal patchwork pieces in the pic there)
Each catalogue has a wonderfully organised print index at the back
which is colour coded with swatches of all the individual designs and colourways.
The good news is that they will be launching a new collection 
of their most popular archive wallpapers and fabrics for autumn/winter 2013
and I'm really looking forward to seeing the choices.
I've gained quite a collection myself of their vintage fabrics over recent years 
in different colourways (predominantly rose and favourites)
and have plans to make a quilt at some point using them all...
until then they are carefully stored away in the magic cupboard
(fabrics mainly found on good old Ebay)
My quilt top, which I showed you in the last post, now has a border
(and yes, I definitely like the strawberry red)
and the backing fabric arrived today so I can share that with you next time 
I've also been working on my knitting
......busy, busy bee.....
I had a sudden urge to pop into the garden to take this pic
just before I posted....the last of the blossom on our cherry tree
as it will soon be gone for another year
It doesn't last long enough, does it?
(Ooh, and it's not too warm out there today!)
Fingers crossed for some sunshine over the weekend
...Hope you have a good one...
 Thank you as always for calling by are the best...

P.S I've been doing some blog visiting this morning
and have loved looking at those beautiful pics of bluebell woods on friends blogs
...thank you for sharing them Faith , Jane and's been a lovely treat!


  1. Your post is looking lovely, love the colors. Very springlike. I used to be a fan of Laura Ashley back in the 70ths, I still own some dresses. You showed one of my favorite cups and cake plate, nice. Enjoy your weekend, groetjes, Gerda

  2. Hi Susan lovely post as usual very pretty. I see you have been very busy growing flowers, they are beautiful x Have a great weekend x

  3. Hello lovely Susan How pretty your crochet flowers are looking.....the new cushion will be stunning! Making crochet flowers is very addictive, isn't it?? is most crochet! Yours looks so perfect.... as if you have crocheted for years.
    I was a big Laura Ashley fan and still have quite a few of my old dresses :) I also used lots of (now vintage) Laura Ashley patchwork fabric in my first ever quilt, made long ago when I was a student, as well as Liberty prints of the time's like a fabric archive!
    How gorgeous your cherry blossom picture is, a really lovely shade of pink!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and the sun shines for you!
    Helen x

  4. They are very pretty. Pretty colours.
    My friend gave me large bag of Laura Ashley off cuts for my birthday. I decided I needed to make something special with it all so hexagon patchwork is being made. You use a very pretty colour pallete.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Beautiful Susan!

    Though you and I BOTH are experiencing gloomy weather today, your post is SUNSHINE INDEED! Oh the colors here always speak springtime to me, no matter when! Those crabapple blossoms my dear, OH SO WONDERFUL! Sending you warm wishes for some sunshine to break through this weekend! Anita

  6. Oh Susan I wonder what became of my Laura Ashley catalogues. I was a big fan in the '80's and I may even have owned the one you're looking for. They may be gone forever or maybe buried in my attic, I wish I knew. I still have some of the hexagon pieces though, still waiting to become something .
    As for your crochet, my goodness you have become an expert in no time at all. It looks absolutely amazing !!!! The cushion is going to be stunning. :)
    So glad you enjoyed the bluebell walk.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    V xxx

  7. Oh my your crochet is absolutely beautiful, gorgeous colours & pattern.
    It,ll be stunning when finished
    Have a sweet weekend
    Karen x

  8. Hi Susan, what a great colourfull post.
    I love your fabrics and your crochet.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Oh my goodness gracious me, Susan! This is such a diivine post! I am swooning at your beautiful indoor flowers (such talent) which marry perfectly with that pretty cup which, incidentally, is the same pattern as my Pip Studio duvet cover and pillowcases. I sleep very well indeed with all those flowers.

    I almost shrieked with joy when I saw your reference to Rooster yarn. I love Rooster with an almost unhealthy passion although I have only used to date their worsted weight. Isn't it divinely soft? I am quite fond of their colourways too: their strawberries and cream (pale pink) is my favourite.

    Right, I'm off to taken another look at those crochet flowers

    The weather has been pretty stunning these past two days but it's set to rain this weekend which is a shame as my mother is visiting. Oh well, there will be plenty of sunshine indoors I think!

    Warmest wishes to you, Susan.


  10. Gorgeous colours Susan, pink and blue just go so well together. I shall keep my eye out for the 1982 catalogue it would be great if your could complete your collection. You are so clever with your is looking stunning. I am glad you enjoyed my bluebell walk, the smell was incredible. Enjoy the weekend my friend despite the weather ;0)
    Jane x

  11. Such gorgeous colours in your crochet....which is looking just lovely.
    I remember buying some of those Laura Ashley hexagons....they used to sell a lot of mixed bags of fabric for patchwork.
    Maybe spring/summer will actually arrive one of these days.

  12. I am enchanted by your garden of crochet flowers! Such lovelies! In my next life I hope to have better access to Laura Ashley, Cath Kidston and Liberty fabrics!!

  13. I so wished I lived nearer to London. In the 1980s I lived in Laura Ashley clothes, all of my pennies went on them. I do wish they would bring out their hexagons again, as well as release some of their old fabric designs. Pretty crochet, by the way.

  14. Wow Susan xx you crochet squares are fantastic xx would you please be able to send a link to the pattern xx your pics always bring a smile to my face xx

    1. Good evening Elaine and thank you!...My crochet squares are from a pattern in Simply Crochet magazine (Issue No.5)...x

  15. I love your flower squares, what a pretty pattern, and well chosen colours....the colours are unusual especially that moss green and the deep teal....gorgeous, will you put a fabric back on your cushion, or crocheted?

    I do like Laura Ashley, I've bought loads on eBay, even some big rolls of seconds (mind, you observe my checks which are a sure thing for me so I can sew along the recent blind was patterned with a flower motif and I wasn't sure where to start!) which have been dirt cheap and have made multiple sets of curtains in our previous farmhouse....I'm starting again now, and our new house has mainly 3m drops, which leads to plenty of flustered moments!

    The weather here today has been dreadful with a hailstorm this afternoon which was so epic it was almost biblical!

    Hav a wonderful weekend.x

    1. Hi Faith...I'm going to crochet the back and just add a single flower in the centre...well, that's the plan!...Happy Weekend..x

  16. Your pictures and words make me wish I could pop in for a visit and some tea! Everything looks so pretty and Cozy! A rainy spring day will make your garden burst with Color soon. In the mean time there's always crocheting and knitting :)

  17. Hi Susan,
    What a beautiful post...I love your little crochet squares, they will look gorgeous as a cushion, can't wait to see it.
    I adore Laura Ashley...quite a few rooms in our house are decorated with various LA wallpapers, fabrics etc, just not the vintage collection :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, and some sunshine!
    Love Caroline xxx

  18. hi,ı loved this blog,amazing

  19. Oh your colors just welcome me in so lovingly as your page opens up! THANK YOU SUSAN for visiting me just minutes ago! Yes, the party has been a wonderful success in its first day! And Stephanie, oh isn't her blog and creation of La Rose just fabulous? Many fun posts out there, and I hope you can at least visit these two:


    Both of those are so darling and will make you laugh out loud. HAVE A SUPER DAY ! Anita

  20. Such beautiful crochet- I love the colours! I could do with a nice woolly blanket at the moment as the weather here is abysmal! xx

  21. Well done with the crochet Susan, you've really taken to it and the results are lovely. The flowering cherry is so pretty.

  22. Love your pretty crocheting here Susan! Crocheting is the only kind of needlework i can do too ;) But haven't for a while. So much rain here too - everything is very green but wet. Have a super weekend still - your colors make me happy!

  23. Thank you for visiting the garden and sharing the flowering Cherry Tree. What a gasp I gave at its beauty!
    I have been thinking again of gathering some yarn and crocheting something lovely and simple. I'll take a peak at some of your patterns here and see what i can find that inspires me.
    Blessings, Marsha

  24. Yummy, those colours look good enough to eat Susan. I'm really envious of your crochet skills as I've never got further than the basics. I also have the LA catalogues but can't help with 82 as I don't have that one I'm afraid. For Christmas I was given the new Laura Ashley book of her life and work by Martin Wood. 192 pages of excellent reading and pictures for Ashley fans.

  25. Gosh, what a blast from the past the Laura Ashley catalogues are! I know my sister-in-law has a bunch of them from when she was first setting up home in the early 80s, I'll have to ask her if she has '82.

    Loving your crochet flowers ... I am more determined than ever to learn how to wield a crochet hook and projects like that just get me so excited, thinking that one day I might be able to make similar things :)

  26. I love your new flower squares Susan! Their colours are amazing! I can´t wait to see the finished cushion !
    I hope you have got some sunshine over the weekend!
    Have a wonderful Sunday! xxBarbina

  27. Hi Susan.. ooh .. what a gorgeous blog !!
    Everything is so beautiful, so sweet, so romantic :)

    I'm your new follower(from Belgium)
    Have a nice day .. until next time ..

  28. Hi Susan! Oh my goodness.. your crochet project is total eye candy and it makes me want to make one too! I did get your email about finally receiving the stitch marker you won in my giveaway -- but have been so darn busy I didn't write back.. I'm so sorry! I'm glad you like it!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  29. Wonderful crochet flowers, and I love your fabric collection! Hope to see the quilt made from them someday :)


  30. Hi susan,

    I love your blog, i follow your blog :-)

    Greetings Jaimie

  31. I did not know Laura had a magazine! Love the colors and your (pip) cup Susan!
    Have a lovely Tuesday x

  32. Lovely pictures,crochet design and colours beautiful always follow your blog love your up dates.

  33. How I love to open your page, sweet Susan! The colors of happiness greet us in your header, and the joy just scrolls down. Thank you precious one, for coming to visit! I will be enjoying my writing class that will be demanding a lot of my writing time, but I will still be in Blogland, visiting you all! I'm really looking forward to learning how to really write poetry.


    Enjoy your day dear one. Anita

  34. Such beautiful crochet flowers, love the colours. I'm doing very cool Scandinavian colours for cushion covers atm, which I love, but seeing your colours has brought some sunshine into this wet, foggy, dismal day! Suzy x

  35. I just love visiting you, I love your flower squares they are beautiful.. the colors are gorgeous together...... and I love all your vintage materials.. Would love to see that Quilt whenever you do make it... Have a love day with love Janice

  36. Oh me oh my...these colours are beyond stunning ...the squares make my heart so happy. I love visiting you my always are up to something beautiful and have such joy to share with us all....hugs to you..hope May has treated you very well xoxox

  37. Thank you for your sweet visit Susan! Hope you'll have a splendid weekend ahead - with more creative needlework and soft, yummy coored wool!

  38. Hi it's been a while since I popped in to read your blog, and as usual lots of lovely pictures to look at. I love your flower pillow, Romeo he's cute. I must pop back more often. take care De.

  39. Oh Susan, when I open your page, I literally TASTE sweetness; the pinks taste like strawberry ice cream, the blues taste like my favorite blueberries, and all the happiness found here is a gift. Thank you for visiting my home and garden; they are still in the process, but I love the process sometimes even more than the result, for we never stop imagining the possibilities!

    Enjoy a special day, Anita

  40. Beautiful .... beautifully colored .... you have an amazing blog .... Take a peek happy again :-)