Friday 19 April 2013

Yarny adventures.......

Many friends already know that learning to crochet 
has been on my wish list for a very long time now...
I think I've been hoping for someone to magically appear...
who would patiently sit with me and show me how it's all done...
but I finally came to the conclusion that it was possible or even very likely
that this was never going to happen.
If only my lovely blog friends with their hooky wizardry lived close by
(but then you're probably relieved that this isn't the case...
 I'm sure you have far better things to do with your time!)
Over Easter I decided to sit down and finally try and work it all out
(along with the help of a book (The Happy Hooker) and YouTube)
and I can definitely say I'm having so much fun now that it's all beginning to 'click' that I've survived that difficult bit when everything looks...
well, lets just say not quite the way it should...(Yes, I did almost give up)
It probably still only adds up to a few hours with my hook and yarn
(so there's definitely room for improvement!) but it's making me feel very 
happy to be learning a new craft and especially one that I've wanted to attempt
for so long....I love to learn new things and if it's a bit of a struggle at first then
I always feel it will be all the more worth having when I finally get there!
I've been practicing with yarn oddments from my stash along with
some free crochet hooks from one of my knitting magazines and have
now invested in a few different ones to try including the 'KnitPro Symfonie' 
as I already have the straights, circulars and dpns for my knitting and love them...
 (so I feel a little more in my comfort zone)...I've been getting very attached to my
Clover hook over the last few days though...Any favourites out there?
I have to add I'm still quite relieved when the talk is all about the things
that I'm well acquainted with...yarn weights, needle sizes, tension squares....hurrah! ...
but I can follow patterns fairly easily (now that I've cracked the code!) and I love the diagrams.
I just need to practice whenever I can find the time...often just before I go to bed
(or when I'm actually in bed...which has normally been the case!)
It would be lovely to combine it with my knitting projects eventually.....(...already dreaming!)
Other yarny matters of the knitting kind...
You may remember Mimi from my Easter post...
who I created from a mix of the TEAROOM and CORNISH Mice knitting patterns
along with a few minor changes. For anyone who already has these patterns
(as they will be needed alongside the project)
if you would like a free copy of the 'MIMI Project' pdf to add to your library
which includes the yarn details and any changes made then just
send me a quick email and I will send her straight to you.
It will also be useful if you're substituting the cotton 4 ply in the original patterns with a softer yarn.
and she will also be sent out free with any future purchases of the MICE Collection.
For those who like to download from Ravelry or here on the blog just let me know
 and I'll email her to you after your purchase (or now if you have bought previously)
It's a fun project using lovely yarns and I hope to do more free projects in the future.
I also wanted to share this lovely book with you today....
If you'd like to learn more about the gorgeous yarns on your needles
(and I can never learn enough in all honesty)
then this is a fabulous reference source packed with all kinds of facts
It's definitely my kind of read and lovely to dip into when you have a quiet moment
(Apparently, there are an estimated 1,400 sheep breeds around the world!)
(How lovely are they?....and there are lots more beautiful pics in this fabulous book)
As soon as I read in one of the reviews that it takes the reader on a
'magic carpet ride' I knew I would love it and wasn't disappointed...
and it's clearly painstakingly researched.
Finally, a pic of my present from Ashley
shortly before she returned to study in Portugal
(and pictured here just so that she knows for sure that I'm taking good care of it!)
Both my gorgeous girls are now back at uni....Easter flew by...
and it's soooooo very quiet here without them...
(...sometimes peaceful...but I'm whispering now...)

Time to go 
~ Speak soon ~ 
(and as always thank you so much for calling by
I love to read your comments!)

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  1. Good morning special and lovely Susan! Your world makes me so happy, every time I come here. THANK YOU and you should see the fabulous little needle-felted mouse a blogger sister/friend sent me for my birthday; she is priceless with her little gray tutu! Oh how I wish I could have my own SHOP to display all the colors and dreams of childhood.

    Enjoy a lovely day! Anita

  2. I love the squares you've made, very clever use of colour as always. I must get back to teaching myself some crochet - I did two classes two years ago and have probably forgotten everything but you've inspired me again. It's granny squares that always draw me to crochet. I like the look of this book, I need to check it out. PS I'd love an update for Mimi to add to my existing mice patterns please.

  3. Like you, learning to crochet has been on my 'list' for ages. I've just taught myself to make a passable granny square - thanks to youtube - but I can't hold the hook the right way for the life of me. I've started a grammy blanket, but the rate I'm going it will take years!
    Your blog is soooo pretty ... I love the mice!
    Kathy xxx

  4. Oh my goodness!!! That crocheting is so neat! I can't believe you're a beginner (nobody would EVER be able to guess from that work)!!!
    Well done to you!

  5. ♥ Lovely! Happy weekend! xxx Riitta

  6. Well done Susan, that is still on my list of things to do...what did we do before You Tube, I know several people who have learnt from there. Your squares are looking fab, looking forward to seeing your projects. How pretty your orchid is and it is a mixed blessing when our children leave isn't it!! Have a lovely weekend, I hope my package arrives really soon as Helen received hers yesterday; fingers crossed.
    Jane x

  7. It looks to me as though you've mastered crochet! Your granny squares are scrumptious!!

  8. Congratulations! Your crochet looks perfect & I'm glad you're having fun with it now :) There must've been something in the air over Easter as I finally broke out the knitting needles for a first try in 30 or so years! I think I will need a little more practice before buying some mice patterns from you but I am at least one step closer now (I do adore your mice & bunnies so). Happy reading & crocheting this weekend! Helen x

  9. I love how bright and happy your crochet looks....I do wish I could crochet....but I have just never got the hang of it. I have,however, been busy knitting with the lovely needles you sent me......making flowers....which I think will become brooches.

  10. I tried and tried to teach myself crochet with no luck. Then a lovely lady at our local craft group sat me down and taught me to knit one handed so much easier than all that twisting the wool around your left hand. I have now mastered the granny square and lots of other stitches. The colours you used are so pretty. Sarah x

  11. You have become quite the crochet expert in a short space of time Susan, your squares are beautiful! :)
    It will become a lovely addition to your toy making. As you know I love the Clover soft touch hooks, I think it all depends on what way you hold your hook and feels comfortable for you.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    V xxx

  12. Good afternoon Susan x I love reading your blogs they never fail to inspire me, I have my yarn at the ready xx
    Your pics always bring a smile to my face, I must say how I smiled to know its not only me who takes my needles and yarn (soon to be crochet) to bed with me xx have a wonderful weekend keep going xx you can do this xx wish we were closer I'd sit with you xx love to all xx xx Elaine xx xx

  13. Good evening Susan! There's SO much of interest in this delightful post. First things first, as I wrote on Facebook, I am quite enchanted by your crochet squares: there isn't a whiff of beginner's awkwardness and frustration revealed in those beautiful squares!

    Second, that book has already attracted my yarn-loving attention and you have done an excellent job of seducing me into buying it... soon. Thank you so very much and I sympathise with the quiet house. My two eldest children have gone off to England for ten days. I miss their lovely personalities but things are quite peaceful too :-)


  14. Your granny squares are looking wonderful Susan! Well done! The yarn colours are just beautiful! I´m just sitting down learning something new too! I´m knitting a little Caja for my niece and I´m having so much fun doing that. Following your pattern is such a joy!
    Have a happy weekend! xxBarbina

  15. You don't know how much I love that post! The picture are very fantastic and your set is wonderkul!
    I wish you a nice weekend!
    I kiss you!

  16. Your crochet granny squares look very lovely... Good for your in taking on the challenge... Your wee Bunnies, Bears and mice are all so very very cute... Wish you could transfer them to crocheted patterns... Hugs Judy

  17. I'm so jealous of your beautiful crochet Susan....I wish I had the time to sit and learn how to do it....hopefully one day I will!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)
    Caroline xx

  18. Your crochet looks fab - you'd never believe you've only just started.... xx

  19. beautiful crocheted squares, cant believe youre a beginner, ali

  20. Crochet is fun, right?! Your squares look lovely! After a while crocheting goes faster, more natural and the stitches get nice and even.... Just hang in there! I did sign up on g+, but I never use it.



  21. Lovely crochet, such jolly colors!!! My Mum crochets and I always mean to learn to do a granny square, but I am just one of those more comfie with two needles. Seems I am all thumbs with a crochet hook!

  22. Hi Susan.. BRAVO on learning to crochet so nicely! Say, did you ever receive the crystal stitch marker that you won in my giveaway? I haven't seen you say anything about it. I hope you got it! Gorgeous post today, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Lovely Teresa...It hasn't arrived yet...the international postage seems very unpredictable so I'm keeping both my fingers crossed here!...xx

  23. Thank you Susan for my lovely gift of yarn which I won in the Spring Giveaway competition. I will be using the yarn to make Candy. I adore your patterns and eagerly await your next creation. Good luck with your crochet. Best wishes Cheryl (Cheryl966 Ravelry).

    1. Thank you so much Cheryl...I was so happy to hear your yarn arrived safely...Happy Knitting!..xx

  24. Precious Susan, thank you for your kind words about my post. I love to capture special, sad, unusual and ordinary moments in time, and to remind myself and my readers of the significance. I hope to become a better poet. HAVE A LOVELY DAY! Anita

  25. Your crochet looks beautiful - such lovely colours x

  26. Your crochet is lovely, you'll be a natural I'm sure :-) The Happy Hooker is a great book I have that one, I taught myself from a book when I was 8 as no one I knew could crochet!

    Oh I'll have to email you for the mouse pattern, I love your meeces to pieces :-)

    Have a lovely sunny weekend,
    Lori xx

  27. Your crochet is gorgeous, Susan!! I love the colours you are using and your sweet granny squares are sooo neat and perfect! I really like the look of that book and must look out for the sheep pictures you've shown here!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, with lots of happy hooky time!
    Helen x

  28. Your crochet is so neat...clever you, but I'm not surprised you're a natural.

    I love crochet for it's simplicity and speed, somehow not so scary as knitting...but then that's probably me!

    I love sh eel and miss farming husband always liked the cows which I did too, but sheep are such flighty, stupid animals you can't help liking them!

  29. Replies
    1. Ooh, glad you explained that one Faith..I thought I'd missed something! :D..x

  30. Oh my goodness,I am SOOOOOOO excited for you. I have collected crochet books and even vintage crochet manuals and magazines for thirty years, and never knew how to do it. My grandma taught me to do basic knit stitches, but passed before I ever learned crochet. Thirty years ago I taught myself to do the basic single and double crochet, and even learned a triple by accident. Then I made a multitude of blankets for my kids. I learned a granny square and made tons of blankets from that. I never could figure out how to read a pattern and one day a couple years ago I did the same thing you did - just sat down with books and you tube and practiced, practiced, practiced. Woohoo!!!! I still am a beginner level, but I can now try to make some of those beautiful old potholders and am attempting a simple little cardigan for my newest granddaughter. There is a lady on Etsy whose name is Hectanooga, and she makes very simple and easy to understand crochet patterns. I have had success with those. I think she is also putting out YouTube tutorials. I love making flowers and little purses, simple things, and I am so happy for you to be able to do the same. Truly I am. Congratulations my friend. Now go visit some wonderful blogs out there on crochet and be inspired. Have fun!!! If you ever find a great blog or source of information on how to read the crochet symbol patterns, please let me know. I think I would do better than than with the written word patterns. I know there is a book out called blueprint crochet, but haven't seen it yet. I need a really basic tutorial!!

  31. Thank you so much Susan. I just wanted to add that I spent yesterday morning googling how to read crochet charts and I did find lots of stuff out there. Not as basic and remedial as I could have used, but eventually I did learn enough to maybe try my hand at a rather easy but beautiful vintage potholder! I have so many wonderful old books and patterns I would love to try. I'll have to let you know how it goes. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures, I absolute LOVE visiting and seeing them! Very cheerful and uplifting!!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment about my pics Julie!...I love the vintage pot holders too (they'll be on my to-do list!)Yes, I'd love to hear how it goes...Hope you have a good week too..x

  32. Hi Susan! What a thrill! To learn a new handiwork skill! I know how to crochet, but I have never learned to read those chicken-scratch diagrams. I love the internet for learning new things -- a couple of years ago when I bought a bag of vintage notions at a yard sale, there was a tatting shuttle, so I learned to tat! Now I have a few lengths of lace edging.
    You must be a very fast study, your granny squares look so nicely done. And I love your photographs, so pretty.

  33. Susan, you're so neat!!! You've picked it up so quickly; you're a natural to be sure.

    I loved my Clover soft touch hooks (not their pooey colour though!) but then discovered Tulip Etimo hooks which, not only make crocheting a dream, are a very aesthetically pleasing pink!!!

    Happy hooking my friend.

    Heather x

  34. Ooh, thank you lovely Heather!...Now I'm off to search out those pretty pink hooks (these things matter, don't they?)...Happy Thursday...x

  35. Wow, if those are your starter squares I'm VERY impressed. My niece was struggling with her crochet until she got a clover hook -- she loves it so for what it's worth, they do seem to help beginners. Personally I'm AFRAID to start crocheting -- I've got WAY too many knitting projects on the go as it is. LOL.

  36. I just love the colours in your really do inspire me! Hope your daughter made it back fine...I am sure you miss her so much. Hugs to you my sweet friend.