Thursday 2 May 2013

Snapshots of a crafty week...

I've been enjoying a lovely crafty week here and even the sun is shining at long last!
Is he visiting your corner today?
I loved making this little crochet flower motif and I'm planning to add it to
 the front of a plain knitted cushion once it's been blocked
(and as soon as I've knitted the cushion!) then I'll add a pretty border around the edge.
It's also reminding me of the lovely Cath Kidston fabric in the pic there which I'm now
planning to use to make a's been sitting in my cupboard for far too long now....
Making friends with my quilt again!
A few days ago, I finished the quilt top that I started at the end of last year
and it's ready for the borders now...I did fall out of love with it for a short time
but having a break has renewed the enthusiasm I once started with and I
do love the strawberry red and aqua combination (two of my most favourite colours)
A lovely afternoon was spent working on it again. It's much smaller than the last one 
and so I think I'd like to hand quilt it eventually...well, that's the plan at the moment!
Oh, yes....l also have to mention my beautiful Giveaway gift which I received in the post!
Handmade by lovely blog friend Jane along with one of her very pretty cards..
.(I do love the stamp on the back too, Jane!)
My gorgeous necklace is made with blue lava beads, jade hearts and sea shells....
(Ooh...and it's making me constantly dream of sand and sea!)
If you haven't visited Jane's lovely blog before here's the link 
(I know you'd be made to feel very's definitely one of my favourite places to visit!)
You can find all Jane's beautiful makes in her lovely ETSY shop here too
(all the ladies in this house have the most gorgeous bag charms!)
 Thank you Jane x
Some more late night crochet...
I didn't expect to be able to follow the instructions for this
so I'm very happy that it even resembles a pretty leafed flower in a square
and I'll be doing it again now that I've worked through the instructions
as with most things...nothing made sense until I had a go....
I've also chosen some yarn for a project...will take a pic for next time as it's just arrived...
It's lovely and summery!
It will be so nice to finally not be using oddments from my stash
although it's been great to use some of them up practicing.

Thank you to everyone here and on Facebook 
for giving me so much encouragement about my crochet
...and to Vivienne and Heather for the hook tips....
(I definitely find both the Clover Soft Grip and the Tulip Etimo lovely to use
and I feel these are the ones I'll be staying with now...(after trying several!)
the pretty pink one may just finally have the edge for me... not only is it pretty...
but I'm finding that it's soooo comfortable to hold and easy to work with too
...only time will tell!)
Another lovely magazine to browse through in quiet moments....
I love having a read through a new magazine and although I have my definite favourites
I will always seem to find something interesting and  inspiring amongst any pages!
Among the plans for the next few days....
....adding the border to my quilt
(I have some pretty red fabric...not completely sure if it's the right choice
 but I do love strong coloured borders so it should all be fine!)
Starting to put a new knitting pattern together
(I also have plans for a larger project when I've completed this one.
Putting a pattern together is hard work but I really enjoy the whole process too)
More practicing my 'night time' crochet
(I have to restrain myself from not spending all my time doing it at the moment
Lovely (and very wise!) Fee warned me a couple of weeks ago of its addictive qualities
so I've only myself to blame for ignoring the's too late now!)
Spending time in our garden
(potting up lots of flowers to put on the decking outside my craftroom
which I'll share with you over the coming Summer months)
The sun has got his hat on this morning...
and how happy does that little yellow flower look?
~ ♥ ~
Finally, for anyone who loves to shop on ETSY ...
sellers can now offer digital instant downloads
which is brilliant news for anyone who lives in different corners of the world
(no longer any waiting for purchases to be received by email!)
I've converted all my listings and as with all things ETSY they are going
extremely smoothly...I can never recommend the site highly enough..

Take care
Hoping the sun's shining in your corner
Back soon

(I'm looking forward to a lovely evening of blog visiting and catching up)




    As always, the colors of your world shine brightly whether it is sunny or not! Do you believe that we got snow yesterday and more is expected tonight? But next week is promise of real spring in our part of the USA.

    Good to see you dear one. Enjoy another creative and colorful day! Anita

  2. Your crochet is looking wonderful....such vibrant colours...and how you've managed to master it so quickly....I'll never know!!
    I'm so happy that our gardens are finally showing signs of Spring...I'm loving spending time in mine now.

  3. Wow Susan, you've really mastered the crochet very quickly. The work you're doing is so pretty - I look forward to seeing what you're planning on the knitting front.

  4. I'm addicted to YOUR crochet, too! Your choice of colors has inspired me! Enjoy your lovely weather.

  5. The sun has still got his hat on here in Surrey Susan.What a glorious day it has been for my day usually rains! I am enjoying the sunshine in the garden even now at nearly 5pm. Your crochet is fantastic, I cannot believe that you have only just are still inspiring me to have a go...I just need another few hours in the day I think!This flower is beautiful and it looks like you are using yummy thin cotton. There is so much colour in this post, perfect for this spring day. Thank you for all the links you have put in for my little shop and blog.I am so delighted that you like you necklace and card, they were made with lots of love x Have a great bank holiday weekend my friend, Jane x

  6. Hi Susan! What a newsy, lovely post! You are so lucky to have won Jane's gorgeous necklace! Good job on your crochet.. isn't it wonderful? Enjoy your crafty endeavors. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Hi, sweetheart Susan!
    I love your passion for crocheting. Reminds me of the old days (3-4 years ago) the mother and her job with this. Now, as we are 6 children, barely has time to catch his breath.
    Wonderful photos!
    I kiss you!
    I wish you Happy Easter!
    Good evening!

  8. So nice. More than nice!
    Love the Bright colours :)

  9. Dearest Susan,

    I am SO glad to read that the sun has kindly graced you with his presence! What a beautifully inspiring post: it just makes me want to get up and dance a jig of joy. I cannot believe how clever you are with your new-found crochet hooks. Is there an end to your talents? Everything you make is so polished and, well, BEAUTIFUL! Please know, dear Susan, that as I sign off I have a cheery smile on my face thanks to you.

    Warmest wishes from springy France!


  10. Hello Susan Your crochet is looking so beautiful! I love the decorative patterns you have already created and your colours are gorgeous! I look forward to seeing your next crochet makes:) Your quilt is really pretty! Jane's necklace and card look lovely too!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  11. You have really got the hang of crochet haven't you. Looks just lovely. Are you addicted yet? I know I am. I have to have a break every now and again as my poor wrists really start to suffer because I just don't stop. Glad to hear the quilt is back in favour. I am the same with quilts. I go off all guns blazing and usually complete the top before getting a bit jaded with it and leaving it. You are so right though, a break is always refreshing with quilts and probably better for it. Hope you are well. Hugs as always, Joy xx

  12. Ah Susan it's always lovely to pop in here for a visit, always so pretty. Your crochet is beautiful, I definitely think you've got the crochet bug now. Glad you are enjoying your soft touch hook, I find them so comfortable .
    A gorgeous giveaway win from Jane, lucky you! :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing all your flowers grow.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    V xxx

  13. What beautiful crochet! I am trying to learn myself but I have trouble finding the time!

  14. I have enjoyed so much reading your post! Your crochet is getting better and better, the squares are really beautiful! I can´t wait to see your finished cushion!
    Have a wonderful weekend Susan!

  15. SUSAN! I am so happy to see you this morning! I know, isn't that little Parisian shop in the prior post just luscious? OH, but I want to get over to ENgland sometime in my life to walk about the countryside, London, and the Lake Districts! THE COTSWOLDS, the sea-side? LOVELY!

    OK, you let me know and confirm to me if you will be able to post. I need to know prior to the day of the party, OK?

    Have a super day! Anita

  16. I love that flower in the square pattern! I will have to see if I can find a pattern like that! I love seeing everything you colorful!~Hugs, Patti

  17. What a wonderful colourful week you have had, I love the crochet flower motif stunning colour combination. Have a happy BH weekend.... Sarah x

  18. very impressed with your crocheting, ali

  19. I am so impressed with your crochet! That flower motif in the first picture is gorgeous and definately doesn't look like the work of a beginner.
    Your quilt is also lovely, I look forward to seeing it with the borders.
    I hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

  20. Your flower motif is beautiful it will make an adorable cushion x

  21. Sweet addiction though Susan.....and I am sorry to tell you this there is NO cure for crochet addiction once a crocheter always a crocheter!!!

    What lovely makes Susan and your colours are beautiful. Goodness me you are coming along with your crochet in leaps and bounds such lovely work.

    Its always a delight to pop in here.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  22. I always find such joy over here...doesn't gardening and flowers make you so happy...your flower photo is so lovely.Sending you oodles of love ...your world is filled with my colours..pinks..blues...reds...pure joy. xoxo