Friday 29 March 2013


to you...
We must be very quiet here today....
a new little visitor arrived just this very morning
in the form of a little plaster pink mouse called 'Mimi'
We found her sitting dreamily amongst the Easter eggs
under the magical knitted blossom tree....
If we startle her she may just scurry away and disappear!
Mimi is knitted from the TEAROOM and CORNISH Mice knitting patterns
with a few decorative changes (frilly socks, larger bows ect.) using lovely 
Sublime yarns in some of my favourite shades. It's softer than the cotton yarn used for
the clothes in the original TEAROOM design but knits up really well to the instructions with 
the only exception being the knickerbockers which I've made fuller due to the 
softness of the yarn. If you already have the TEAROOM/CORNISH patterns
and would like a free mini PDF containing these extra ideas and yarn details 
to add to your library I'll have this ready after Easter...
It will also be sent out with new orders for the TEAROOM Mice pattern too
... some extra ideas to have some fun with....
Mimi makes me think of those little pink and white chocolate mice which I often
received at you remember them?
(knitted tree blossom is from the Primrose Rabbit knitting pattern)
I've been feeling very lucky too this week!
These beautiful flowers decorating my workroom table and making me feel very happy
were sent to me as a surprise by my lovely girls while away at university 
(Leah will return at the weekend and Ashley returned home from Portugal just last night!
I have to say, it was a lovely sound when her bedroom door opened this morning...
There was also the most lovely box of chocolates tucked amongst the flowers
Of course, there were a few less after taking the pics...
(just too much to resist studying them closely through a lens my friends!)
but I've just about managed to save most of them to share when everyone's home
...I's only right that I should do!
The little Easter Twiggy Tree above will be decorating our table
along with some 'life size' bunting around the place too..
There'll be lots of chatter and creating going in the next few days...
cooking, baking and I even have a daughter who has started knitting ..hurrah!!
(I have to keep the momentum going now though!)
I'm looking forward to sharing Koralee's fabulous new book with my 'baking' daughter too
 Koralee has a gorgeously pretty blog
'Bluebird Notes'
which you can find here
(I know lots of you already visit!)
It's such a treat...beautiful images and lots of inspiration
Do you remember the quilt I made in the Autumn...up in the sidebar there?
Ashley managed to take it all the way to Portugal with her!
She didn't have lots of room in her case but wanted to take the quilt
...and as you know Leah has my 'Cats and Mice' blanket.
I love to give my girls things that I makes me very happy indeed!
One final word today,
winner of the Spring Giveaway is
  Angela (Hayes)
...and as there were so many entries in such a short space of time...
I decided this morning to draw a second name using the trusty Random Number Generator
and include a second prize which will be a surprise package of lovely yarns
(including Baby Alpaca and a few other lovelies) I'll put them together later today.
The second winner is
Cheryl (Cheryl966)
Congratulations ladies and your treats will be in the post
as soon as I have the necessary details!
Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our draw.
I'm always completely surprised by the number of entries
If you didn't win this time there will be another Giveaway soon
.... one way of saying thank you for all the wonderful support
and the valued friendships I have made through my little blog...
I love being a part of the online crafty world.
Wishing you a wonderful
♥ Easter Holiday ♥
with your loved ones
doing all the things you most love to do
I'm planning to do a little more work on the quilt project
which I started before Xmas and finally practice my crochet
Lovely Mr.H brought me 'Simply Crochet' magazine home
after I was talking about my plans
and I'm definitely feeling inspired at the moment.
Back soon!
(P.S The sun is even shining again in our corner this morning
and we have the most lovely blue sky!)



  1. Well done to the lucky winners xx I would love to live in your house Susan xx your blogs are the best tonic in the world xx I love your new baby xx she is so sweet xx happy Easter one and all xx xx

  2. Such sweet daughters to send you such lovely flowers! Happy Easter!

  3. Happy Easter sweet Susan, have a wonderful time with your beloved ones xox

  4. Mimi looks so sweet and your post is beautiful as usual. Happy Easter to you and you family. Sara

  5. Happy Easter Susan
    Ella xxx

  6. Little Mimi is so sweet she could be made from sugar! :)
    I'm always so busy crocheting, I never get around to making the things I want to make for myself but I am determined to make time to make Samuel, he is definitely a favourite of mine!
    You will enjoy crochet Susan, Simply Crochet is a great magazine.
    How lovely to have your girls back home with you again, enjoy your Easter together along with lots of chocolate too! ;)
    V xxx
    P.S. Congrats to those lucky winners!

  7. The little pink girl is very much like the pink mice you mentioned, just lovely and sweet. Although I'm a true beginner at crochet I too have found the Simply Crochet magazine and love it. It's so inspiring.

  8. I love your blog and I love Mimi.I am really tempted to try one of your teddies but I just know mine wouldn't look as good as yours.Your designs make me oooh and ooogh again.They are wonderful.

  9. Hello dear Susan, Happy Easter to you and your family. I never fail but enjoy reading your blog, your colors and projects and genuine goodness shine right though. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Oh Susan Mimi in pink is perfect for Easter, she is just a delight. I am so glad your girls are back for Easter and I hope you have lots of fun with sounds like cooking and baking is on the cards. Your flowers and chocs are very special but then so are you. Take care and have a wonderful time,
    Jane x

  11. Your photos are always so beautiful! Have a lovely Easter!
    Maria x

  12. Hapy Easter!
    Lovely pictures- again :O)

  13. So, so, SO pretty! I love all of your images and creations!
    It's lovely that your girls are home :-) Wishing you and your a great Easter!
    Sarah xx

  14. Happy Easter or in welsh, Pasg Hapus.....
    A beautiful blog as usual Susan.
    I love your photos...!!!
    Jo. xx

  15. Sugared mice Susan sugared mice!! ......and her pink just fits the images flittering through my mind and thoughts of the deliciousness of the first bite into a sugared mice too LOL!
    Dear Susan, There are no more adjectives left to describe the glorious cuteness (ahhh I found another two) of your creations and Miss Pink Mouse is at the top of the list.
    Beautiful post and Happy Easter

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  16. I love all your pretty Easter decorations....and your little mouse looks so happy sitting there.
    Have a lovely Easter with your girls.

  17. Happy Easter wishes to you sweet Susan! Your little mimi is so adorable!!! I love your creations and your lovely Easter decorations! The flowers are gorgeous, so sweet of your girl! I am so happy they are both home sweetie!
    The chocolates look so yummy and I love your pretty pink plates. Koralee is a sweetheart and I love her new book and blog! I am glad one of your daughter's took up knitting. I know you all will have so much fun this weekend! Congratulations to the winners!!! I hope you enjoy your crocheting and quilting... and the sunshine too! Much love and Happy Easter hugs! Paula xoxo

  18. What a cute little mouse to find hidden away in the Easter tree, I hope she didn't eat the rest of the chocolates :-) I am not surprised you had to eat some, I had the same problem with my mini eggs that I photographed the other day.

    Have a wonderful Easter with your girls home xxx

  19. Happy Easter Susan!! Mimi is totally adorable, and I love the magical blossom tree!! Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  20. Hi,lovely Mimi,some years ago we had a cat called mimi.Love the prettiness of your blog,happy Easter to you.'bye for now Pam.

  21. So lovely this pink mouse - just adorable! JHappy easter dear Susan, have a lovely time!

  22. A very Happy Easter to you too Susan....I love little Mimi, she is adorable :)

    Caroline xo

  23. It's wonderful to meet Mimi! She is just precious. Have a lovely Easter! And congratulations to the the lucky winners.

  24. Happy Easter to you and your family!! Your little Mimi is so gorgeous, I LOVE her pink colour!

  25. Your new Mimi is so lovely!!1

    Have a happy Easter!!

    Hugs sharon

  26. Now isn't she lovely, your little Mimi, hop you have and had a wonderful and sunny Easter..
    Erna x

  27. Oh how pretty little Mimi is!! I loved all your gorgeous pictures in this post, Susan! Koralee's book is just delightful too and I am looking forward to making something from it very soon. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter, and that the sun shone for you.
    Helen x

  28. Oh, I love your photos! And the post is very lovely....
    I'm Romanian. I'm 11 and my name is Maria, you know.

  29. SUSAN! OHHHHHH! It is wonderful to see you! I am just tickled to see your creations again, your lovely pink, blue and yellow world!

    We had a splendid Easter and it is so hard to think that it is now over! Your world is always a big LIFT for me, and to see my dear friend's book here..Koralee is so talented and each page is deliciously laid out, isn't it?

    Here is wishing you a fantastic spring; we may be on the same weather schedule; though the sun is shining, it can get rather cold and the buds have not started yet.

    Soon my dear, you will be sharing the colors outside of your studio.

    Be well, and thank you for visiting! Anita

  30. Mimi is darling. Funny thing, at Easter I kept thinking how it was time to start another one of your bunnies. We'll see if the urge passes now that the holiday is done, I'm guessing not.

  31. Your blog is gorgeous! I have only just discovered it today, and have been happily browsing through it :) Your creations are just beautiful, Mimi is a real cutie! I am looking forward to visiting here again, I think this blog is set to be amongst my favourites! :) x

    1. Thank you so much Melanie and welcome to our world!...I hope you enjoy visiting us in the future...x

  32. Oh sweet friend...thank you for the shout out about my are such a blessing. I hope you are enjoying it! I have been away over Spring Break and am finding it hard to get back into blogging...I miss everyone so much.
    Thanks again and what joy I get every time I visit you...I always leave with a smile. xoxoxoxo

  33. Dearest Susan!

    HOW FUN TO SEE YOU COME OVER all the way across the pond, during your coffee/tea hour! THANK YOU for your kind words and I always try to be a tad different, only because my crazy mind sees things a bit askewed! I love my little blue coat and wish I could wear it wait....I wish I had my mum again to make me another one. Ahhh.

    Enjoy a most glorious day of beauty! Anita

  34. Hope you are well my friend...and the sun is shining on your sweet part of the world..spring has arrived here...such joy it brings. Hugs and thanks for all your sweet enouragement again. xox

  35. Oh my, I just want to jump right into your pictures they make me so happy! Thank you for sharing with us all! X

  36. Your pink mouse is fantastic!! :)