Friday 17 August 2012

Busy Summer Days....

 Hello everyone...
are you having a good week?
We've had a hectic couple of weeks here with lots of work, 
celebrations and preparations for future happenings....
The most important event of our Summer up to now
 has been our beautiful eldest daughter 
Ashley's 21st Birthday!
Much fun and celebrating has been had along the way....
(lasting several days!)
good food, lots of clinking of glasses and perfect company....
even the sun shone brightly for us in the garden!
(sadly, we're back to wind and rain again today....
yes, lady luck was definitely on our side)
 Amongst the many lovely gifts Ashley received,
Fee at 'Chipper Nelly' custom made a set of 6 blocks...
which.include maps of Spain and Portugal 
(where Ashley will be spending most of the next year 
studying for her degree)
...along with quotes and symbols to celebrate her very special year
They are so lovely!
....and here are a few pics showing 
the many different sides of 'Ashley's Blocks!'
Thank you again Fee x
...they were a very special addition to a perfect day....
....and now for some ways to find Fee and 'Chipper Nelly'...
(if you haven't done so already!)
(click each to visit)
On the crafting side, I've also started a scrumptious new patchwork project...
(I do love these pretty colours...I really am in crafty heaven here!)
In between the inevitable busy days which come with making
preparations for Ashley's future travels, Leah's imminent return to university
and ongoing building renovations
this is proving to be a lovely project. for quiet moments....
a fun and relaxing way to spend a small part of each busy day....
One block a day is the plan while also working on 
my secret knitting project...
shall be back in September
(if not before!)
with some final pics of my previous quilty project amongst other things
....I'm madly in love with our Boho quilt...
Unfortunately, so are the other ladies of our house
....which means we may have to share!
(I'll be adding an embroidered label on the back 
when it eventually finds it's resting place)
Next, visiting all my favourite blogs is top of my list
over the next few days and catching up with everyone
.....I'm so looking forward to putting my feet up and having a good read!
Oh...and spending some time painting furniture for my workspace at some point in the next few weeks....
Annie Sloan paint at the ready
(I'm using the 'provence' shade but daughters aren't too sure!)

Until next time...
Wishing you sunshine in your corner
Take care


  1. Love the blocks, going to add them to my Crimbo list! The quilt is looking fab, next year I am going to find more time to make some things for myself. Susan, question.... I've not used Annie Sloan paint, but I've heard that you can paint over waxed pine have you any experience of that? lol Sarah xo

    1. Hi Sarah...I will definitely let you know how it works out..I haven't used this paint before and usually have to spend lots of time preparing ect. which is not supposed to be the case here....I have read very good reviews so we shall see...fingers crossed!....x

  2. Hello from *New Follower* Jo....
    I found you on Facebook via Buzybee & love your pretty page & knits. Your blog is beautiful too.....
    Looking forward to reading more....
    Jo. xx

    1. Thank you so much Jo and welcome to my blog...I hope you enjoy your visit...I'm off to visit you shortly!...x

  3. The blocks are wonderful! I love the colours of the new quilt - I am a red person! I can't wait to see it when it is finished.
    Happy birthday to Ashley
    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks so much Julie...I shall pass on the birthday wishes to Ashley!...x

  4. I love the colors
    Make sure you tell Ashley that i said happy birthday
    My sister is turning 21 next month
    Xx Ella Xx

    1. Will do Ella....thank you so much lovely!...xx

    2. Hi Susan please become one of my followers !!

  5. Aw, lovely! Happy birthday Ashley. xx

  6. Lovely sweet post, happy birthday to Ashley & best wishes for her future travels. Sophie spent all of last year away for her degree, Mexico, spain then Germany phew!!!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Karen x

  7. What lovely blocks Fee made for your daughter Susan, many congrats on her 21st ;0) It is scorching here today, I think we have had the better weather in the South for the last few days. My daughter is home from her honeymoon on Sunday...yay!!!! Enjoy the summer with your girls and I look forward to seeing your autumn projects in September.
    Jane x

  8. A very happy 21st birthday to Ashley!!! :)
    Fee's blocks are so pretty, actually I have ordered a couple more from her too, it's all too tempting isn't it!! :)
    Your new quilt is so pretty Susan, something nice for you to work on in quiet times which seem in short supply for you at the minute!! It's all go in the Tearoom!!
    Enjoy the rest of the summer with your girls,
    Vivienne x

  9. Happy 21st to Ashley! Fees blocks are simply gorgeous and I'm loving the colours of your new patchwork project!
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays with your girlies
    Victoria xx

  10. Lovely to see what you are working on, the colours are so vibrant. The custom made blocks are so unique, I'm sure your daughter loved them.

  11. What a wonderful celebration and adore those blocks which will make such a grand memory to keep! x

  12. I love your blog and I love Fee so this was a treat for me!

    Happy birthday to your Big Gal, I'm certain she will have many an adventure over the next year.


  13. So happy to see you in blogging land and so happy you've had precious time with your family! Looking forward to seeing your knitting project!

  14. Lovely post, love all the lucky Ashley's blocks, Fee's work is fabulous.

    Can't wait to see your quilt and Annie Sloan painted furniture, we are just using it and loving the effect.

  15. Lovely post, love all the lucky Ashley's blocks, Fee's work is fabulous.

    Can't wait to see your quilt and Annie Sloan painted furniture, we are just using it and loving the effect.

  16. Oh Susan! Fabric and yarn, where would we be without them? Love your patchwork colours. They are perfect for our less than perfect northern skies. Like you, my heart is torn between knitting and sewing at the moment. Enjoy the rest of the summer break. Eli x

  17. BEAUTIFUL SUSAN!!!! Oh how happy I get when I come to see your blog. The colors, the pure white background, but the joy that exudes from here is precious. THANK YOU so much for coming to visit my world. Isn't Fee and her wonderful art just enchanting? I am so happy to have one of her pieces in my home.

    Be well and enjoy the rest of this colorful season! MUCH LOVE, Anita

  18. Happy 21st Birthday to Ashley :D

    Another big fan of Fee's blocks here, aren't they lovely.

    Loving the fabric choices for your patchwork :D

  19. Such lovely things in your always.
    I'm a real fan of Fee's work...those blocks are wonderful.
    Your fabric is gorgeous....another lovely quilt in the making.

  20. Love the fabric - it looks like you are making good progress with the patchwork. I cant wait to see the finished result!

    Pomona x

  21. Happy Birthday to your daughter !
    Those blocks are wonderful, really love them !
    Beautiful fabric too !
    Have a nice Sunday,

  22. I'm so glad that you popped over to my blog and enjoyed the photos! I adore the colors in your quilt and those fabulous blocks! *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to your daughter! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  23. Happy 21st Birthday to Ashley! I love the special blocks that Fee made for her, what a perfect gift! Your new quilt is looking so pretty and colourful already, Susan :) Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  24. Happy 21st birthday to Ashley and thanks to you for such a lovely colourful blog post, just what I needed - oohh I am craving creativity here at the moment :-) x

  25. Beautiful blocks! What a lovely personal gift that is :-)
    Happy belated birthday to Ashley.

    I'm catching up too after spending a lot of this week painting the hall, I hate the smell of gloss and hope it goes away soon!

    No sun here, just grey and gloomy :-( but then it is a bank holiday weekend so it wouldn't be anything else would it, lol!

    Have a great weekend,
    Lori xxx

  26. I do adore your blog and have chosen to give you the Versatile blogger award please read my post


    1. Ooh, thank you so much Angela...will pop over to see you shortly!...x

  27. Dear Susan,

    I'm just quietly popping in to say good luck to you and Ashley for the 'year away' preparations. It's going to be a very exciting year!

  28. Oh sweet one, thank you for coming to visit me! I do hope that by having a new template, I can bring more beautiful images to my posts. ENJOY THE END OF THE SUMMER!! Anita

  29. Oh this fabric is so always inspire me my friend. Happy Belated birthday to 21 year old Molly heads to Amsterdam tomorrow for 3 months! I will miss her dearly.
    Hugs to you my friend.

    1. Thank you Koralee and best wishes to your Molly...I'm sure she will have a wonderful time. Ashley and Leah both spent time in Amsterdam with friends over the Summer and loved every minute...x

  30. Hi Mary Jane!
    Your header is so very soft and feminine! I love visiting your lovely blog. Each one of your knitted creations is as sweet as can be!
    I hope you have a lovely new week!