Tuesday 4 September 2012


Our September has started in a quiet way....
After those busy Summer days everyone has now departed...
My girls have returned to uni....
Ashley has now begun her Great Adventure in beautiful Madrid
(We're missing her dearly already and thank you so much 
everyone for the good wishes!)
....Leah has begun her second year having settled happily into her house
and she's not too far away....
The builders and landscapers have finally left us too....
It's just me and Mr.H...soooo very quiet!
I've been busy tidying up around here and designing a new header
(removing most of the widgets too.....I hope you like the new decor!)
...painted the old drawers for my workroom....
 using the Annie Sloan paint that I mentioned in my last post
and then added 2 coats of wax......
It's reignited my love of painted furniture
..... so next it's my chairs!
The colour is beautiful and a final coat of
darker wax to accentuate has given some added interest
....even the girls were won over!
The pretty fabrics up above are from
Laura Gunn's 'Garden Wall' range in the 'Sky' colourway
and I'm planning to make some patchwork cushions for the sofa with them...
♥ ♥ ♥
I've also been busy knitting, making blocks for my throw
(14 done....10 to go!)
and have yet to take final pics of my last quilt...
all of which I promise to show in some later posts
now that things are much quieter around here!
Finally, can I introduce you to our beautiful new visitor....
who has been appearing every afternoon for the last 3 weeks
She's a very regal lady indeed....
and she's also fallen for Mr.H's car where she spends her afternoons
watching the passers by...We heard yesterday that she's from a local farm
and Mr Peacock has even been brought to try and  coax her back
but she isn't having any of it at the moment!
♥ ♥ ♥
Well, I'm off now to plan our 
'Late Summer Giveaway'
which will hopefully start next week

Thank you so much for calling by today...
it's always so lovely to see you!
Back soon!
P.S Any thoughts on Pinterest?
I know there are lots of my pics already on there
so I'm wondering if I should really have an account myself
so that they are linked back to me...do you like it?
Any advice is very welcome!


  1. Hi Susan, when everyone's around all you want is a bit of peace and quiet, but as soon as things get back to 'normal' you feel lost don't you? Thinking of you, but am sure you'll fill your time doing lovely projects (the drawers are gorgeous) and don't worry ... they'll be back!

    Love, Claire xxx

  2. Ooh I'm loving your drawers Susan! Such a beautiful colour. I have only just joined pinterest - I love using it for finding crafty and foodie ideas.
    Victoria xx

  3. Mr and Mrs Peacock must have had a falling out, I suppose she won't go back until she forgives him! ;) As far as visitors go she is very unusual. :)
    I love your newly painted drawers, such a gorgeous colour!
    Looking forward to seeing the new makes!
    I have Pinterest but don't use it that often. I have mixed feelings about Pinterest, a lot of stuff on there does not link back to the original source. You really shouldn't need a Pinterest to have your images linked back to you, anything on there should link back to your blog, Facebook, Flickr or wherever they were taken from, if they don't then someone is using them incorrectly, that really is the problem.
    Happy Tuesday Susan,
    Vivienne x
    P.S. Those girls of yours will be back in no time at all!

    1. Thank you Vivienne for your words of wisdom about Mrs.P...that would all make a lot of sense...she seems to be a lady who makes up her own mind in her own time!...x

  4. Hi Susan, it is strange at first when our babies fly the nest but like homing pigeons they always come back. I love those drawers such a grogeous colour. Mrs P must cause quite a stir at your house, how unusual. I don't use Pininterest at all but from what I read as Viv says there are rather mixed feelings about people not linking back. Summer seems to have returned..enjoy. I hope your little parcel may be with you tomorrow or Thursday at the latest ;0) Enjoy,
    Jane x

    1. Thank you Jane...I'm watching for the postman...still doing my happy dance!....x

  5. Hi Susan i like your fabrics and the bird is pretty
    Will you please comment on my newest post please please please
    Ella xxx

    1. Thank you Ella...and I shall definitely be visiting this evening...sooooo looking forward to it!....xx

  6. What a fantastic job you have done on your chest of draws. A lovely colour. A gorgeous selection of fabric too! Sue x


    I love your new look. I always feel welcomed and your colors are so tender and peaceful!

    Today is the first day of school, but I am no longer working as a full-time teacher. I am however, going to work as a substitute. That starts next week and I hope to have at least 3 days of work per week. But everyone is back including my husband, and all is quiet here. I am creating some MICE from paper mâché and I am loving it so!

    I wish you a productive but most of all, blessed day ! Anita

  8. Oooooh! I'm loving the new look!!! And I love this post! After going back to school after the holidays and volunteering to take a Reception class for the first time, I'm dreaming of a little tranquility!!! ;-)

  9. I love tranquility...not much of it around here. Man that bird is beautiful - how amazing. Love the paint colour too....fee x

  10. I also love the painted dresser.. reminds me of my jadeite collection! I love summer but there is a sigh of relief in fall when you can stop racing around trying to make the most of summer! I love the new look of your blog! Doesn't your husband get upset at that big bird scratching up his car? She is pretty, though! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. your paint work is fab! love the colour! i joined pinterest but dont really get it!

  12. See I knew that would be worth waiting for a quiet moment to read your blog :-) Lovely images, gorgeous beautiful peacock (hope she isn't scratching your hubby's car too much :-s) and gorgeous fabric! Oh and that wonderful chest of drawers looks stunning. x

  13. Love the paint work on the drawers. I use pinterest It's ok if you go to someone's site and pin from there but sometimes if you repin on the pinterest site you don't get the link to website. due to how that person has pinned it in the 1st place.

  14. I am SO jealous of your pea hen -- I'm just madly in love with peacocks. Your chest is very lovely too and you did a great job with the paint and wax. Looks so professional!

  15. Sweet Susan!

    Hello there! Thank you for visiting with such kind words. That makes anybody's day! I am enjoying my time off and my mice are coming along quite well! Enjoy YOUR time making art from the heart! Be well, Anita

  16. I just love your visitor, she is so beautiful. I truly marvel at nature. I never use pinterest so can't comment either way.

  17. It must seem very quiet after the summer you've had! I'm not a pinterest user but I can imagine your photos are far and wide! Love the beautiful dresser.

  18. Beautiful dresser, I love Annie Sloan paints, such subtle finishes.
    Your wee visitor is precious & can't wait to see the quilt pics.
    Have a wonderful Quiet week
    Lol Karen x

  19. Dear Susan,

    I think I can imagine how you must feel now your wonderful daughters are temporarily absent from your lovely home. They will return soon. How could they not?

    The colour you chose for your chest of drawers is simply stunning. I have no advice re: Pinterest. I have a modest number of my pictures floating around there but no account of my own. I can imagine how inspiring it must be,and, dare I say, timeconsuming. Actually I have a little advice to ask you although,believe me, there is no rush to answer this question. I have a Facebook business page and I was simply wondering whether you had in addition to your shop page your own personal profile page too. I'm finding the busines page awkward to use alone. Most bizarre.

    Warmest wishes,


    1. Hi Stephanie...I'm going to come and see if I can find your page shortly and then I will email you!
      Speak soon!...x

  20. Hi Susan, Your blog is looking so lovely these days with all the new changes! Such a happy place to be! I think you should become a Pinterest addict like the rest of us....I know I am! I really haven't seen anything of yours there....maybe just missing it here and there, but I have quite a collection! It's a wonderful place to be and be careful it's lots of fun!

  21. Hi Susan,
    Love your gorgeous drawers, what a beautiful colour, and applied so expertly! It is very quiet round here since my children went back to school, but I do thrive on routine, I get a bit 'lost' in the Summer and it's nice to be back to normal. However, I do miss them...oh well, it will be half term soon!!

    Loving Mrs P!

    Caroline xx

  22. Hello Susan How lovely your blog is looking! I so enjoyed this post, especially seeing how you painted and waxed the chest of drawers...so beautifully done! I have just painted an old brown hall table with cream annie sloan paint and love it...but didn't wax it so maybe I should?? Love all the quilt fabrics and the soft pretty blanket too. I hope both your daughters enjoy the coming year....you will soon get used to the quietness and before you know it they'll be back again! (What an unusual visitor you have there, I wonder how long she'll stay??)
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

    1. Thank you Helen!...I would definitely say use a clear wax on your table for extra protection and it will have a lovely sheen when it's buffed with a soft cloth...it's really easy to apply too...the darker wax is nice for accentuating any details..x

  23. Your blog is looking gorgeous, as always you team the best colours together. The newly painted chest of drawers is such a calm and dreamy colour....is it mere coincidence that your new regal visitor calls when you've just used that paint colour? I reckon she was taken by the peacocky colour too!

    Sounds like your house is a lot quieter now, time to enjoy your new work space and do lots of crafting (looking forward to seeing your knitting!) and before you know it your girls will be back with bags full of washing no doubt!

    I'm unsure of pinterest, having read a few negative things about it, I'm not sure I like that people use my images without first asking, whether linked or not....I do know it's lovely to see loads of beautiful things all put together in one place, very inspiring, very time-consuming!

  24. Love that paint Susan! The colour is exactly what I'm working with at the moment. I've never tried Annie Sloan but now I think temptation will get the better of me. I'm currently doing lots of decorating so I have the perfect excuse. The peacock is amazing but I don't think I'd want one! Hope it doesn't scratch the paintwork on your husband's car or you'll have to threaten it with becoming a 'peacock pie'. Keep up the good work. Eli x

  25. Wow Susan, the chest of drawers looks amazing. I have furniture envy!

    Pinterest. It's been a bit of a bugbear of mine, so I've done a lot of research. Personally I have very many reservations about it but since adding a Pin It button to knitsofacto people seem to choose to use that. I certainly think the button reduces the risk of folk copying and pasting my images and then later uploading them to Pinterest. Hope that helps.

  26. I can't image how still your home may be with no children around...my last one is in grade 12 this year...our time is coming soon too...I just want to dig in my heels. It will be a sad day...but looks like you are making the most of it..good for you! Love the chest of drawers..so pretty!

  27. I love the "look" of your blog - so fresh, truly gorgeous..!! It makes me happy just looking at the pictures, let alone reading it too....
    Jo. xx

  28. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Lots of eye candy and cheerful color! ~Hugs, Patti

    1. Thank you so much Patti...I'll pop over to visit you this evening!...xx

  29. Gorgeous drawers!! Loving the colour :-)

    How lovely to have Mrs Peacock come to visit every day, looks like she's fallen for the car!

    I'm on Pintrest and it can be very addictive, you can lost hours looking at gorgeous things. It is handy for pinning your own things so they do link back to you too.

    Lori xx

  30. The dark wax really adds an interesting touch and depth to the new paintwork on the chest of drawers which are painted beautifully.

  31. Those drawers look beautiful! Bet they were hard work. I've got an outdoor bench to sand down and paint soon. *putting it off*

    A very high class visitor is sitting on your car. Round here, it's just the local moggies! Very impressive!

    Ali x

  32. Your drawers are beautiful! You must have taken a long time to do that! Wow, I cannot believe you have a peacock admirer- hilarious!

  33. As of today I am the happy owner of your Candy Bear pattern which I plan to materialize (soon enough) with the exact color combination since these are of my favorite ones. By the way, I love Pinterest and all your creations which I love I pin them there. Definitely Pinterest is much more interesting than Stumble Upon (for whoever knew that one). I really recommend Pinterest. The fastest way to come across very interesting things in the maze of today's web.

    Have a lovely day!

  34. The drawers look stunning.....and the waxing is a great idea.
    I love Pinterest and visit regularly.....though it is yet another way to waste a lot of time!!!I do think you should join.....even if just for your pics to be linked back to you.....you may well get additional sales....and more people can be introduced to your lovely blog.

  35. Que bela oportunidade ver um peacock assim, livre!! Lindas fotos!!!!