Monday 23 July 2012

Happy Monday...

 gorgeously pretty
Dreaming of a new project using my lovely new jelly roll...
vintage modern
by Bonnie and Camille
♥ salt and pepper
Loving our new friends at the breakfast table!
♥ beautiful giveaway gifts
from Victoria at truly delightful
...scrabble art...lovely silver candle holders... heart bunting...and pretty polka dot buttons...
Thank you again Victoria x
All are now waiting to decorate my workroom
...just a final round of painting and...ah yes...we will be done!
♥ very happy flowers
Our pretty hydrangea sitting right outside the front door...
clearly very content with these constantly damp, rainy days...
never before has it been such a vibrant shade of pink.
My vintagey, boho quilt is complete...
at last, it's time for the wash and drier treatment...
then I'll post a few pics..
Sitting and stitching down the binding was a lovely excuse to watch
'A Streetcar Named Desire'
''Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'
all in one afternoon... 
along with a few treats along the way...most important...
Oh, I do love Tennessee Williams!
Thank you so much too...
'Shari's Crochet'
for my 
'Lovely Blog' award
Shari makes the prettiest things
and you can visit her very lovely blog 
Happy Monday Wishes
to you


  1. Your pictures are sooo lovely! Love everything... fabric, salt and pepper shakers and the wonderful gifts!, Also your hydrangea is just gorgeous, I am hoping to add a pink one to my garden... so far I have blue and purple!

  2. Good Monday to you, dear Susan! Such exquisite pictures grace your blog as always. Your hydrangeas are lovely. I have noticed around our parts here in France this year has been quite remarkable for flamboyant bright pink hydrangeas.

    I hope you will show us your finished quilt soon. It is wonderful to cast your eyes over such a big finished creation and think back on all the films you have enjoyed whilst stitching away.

    Have a beautiful week putting up the last coat of paint.


  3. The salt and pepper shakers are just the cutest!! Love the colours of the jelly roll fabric. Such pretty hydrangea's, mine are starting to bloom now as well.
    Have a lovely day today x

  4. What adorable salt and pepper shakers! So looking forward to seeing your quilt!

  5. Oh how I LOVE to come visit you! Your sweet creations, colorful posts, but your kind demeanor is the most wonderful of all. Dearest Susan, I wish you a creative and FRUITFUL DAY!!! Anita

  6. What a stunning colour your hydrangea is, mine has done so well this year too, it definitely must be the rain!!
    Love the salt and pepper and what a lovely giveaway gift.
    Congrats on your well deserved award. :)
    Happy Monday Susan,
    Vivienne x

  7. The scrabble picture is are your new breakfast friends.
    Our hydrangeas have flowered early this year....and are more vibrant than's a good thing all this rain has some uses!!!

  8. Love the Salt and Pepper. The Hydrangea looks really bright and cheery
    Julie xxxxxxx

  9. I love hydrangeas! Sadly mine didn't flower this year. Loving your new breakfast guests too - adorable!
    Victoria xx

  10. ps It's me again, Susan!

    Please cross your fingers for me. I have opened my Etsy shop today.

    1. Congratulations Stephanie...I'm so happy for you..I know it will be wonderful!...x

  11. You definitely added some happiness to my Monday with your beautiful blog

  12. I am totally in love with your salt and pepper pots Susan, such fun!

    Happy quilting :D

  13. Hello Susan ... Your blog is so pretty! Love the salt and peppers too.

    Enjoy your week,

    Claire xxx

  14. What a cute salt & pepper set, gorgeous.
    Can't wait to see your quilt
    Lol Karen x

  15. Such a delicious post, Susan! I love all your pretty and colourful pictures. I look forward to seeing your makes with the new Bonnie and Camille jellyroll, such gorgeous fabrics. Your hydrangea looks amazing...some plants just seem to love the rain. Congratulations on the lovely giveaway gifts and well deserved blog award too.
    Hope you have a happy sunny week.
    Helen x

  16. That roll of fabric just looks so pretty, it must be difficult to unfurl, I'm guessing that they are smaller pieces than a fat quarter? My shelves have become so full of yarn and fabric (none so pretty as that though!) that they throw themselves at you as you walk past....I need bigger shelves,

    The buttons are gorgeous, looking forward to seeing how you use them, and also looking forward to seeing the boho quilt. I like Stephanie's thoughts on remembering the time spent when you look at a finished object, especially one you've enjoyed so much....I think there's a lot in that, I like to think that when I see something I've crocheted.

    My hydrangeas are positively overflowing, I must photograph them and put them on my blog, as you soon forget the colours in the autumn.

    Have a lovely week ahead.x

    1. The jelly roll is made up of lots of lovely strips Faith...different deigns and colourways...they are just gorgeous and it's great fun unwinding it!...x

  17. What a lovely way to start the week....Pretty pinks of all kinds and precocious little puppies sitting so pretty!
    I hope you have a wonderful week filled with sunny skies and soft fabric stitches!
    Carolynn xo
    Oh...What a delight to see your giveaway!

  18. What a lovely post - I needed colour today and I found it on your page - thank you xx

  19. How lucky you have been with your wins Susan. There are so many bright colours in you post and the sun has returned just in time. Have a delightful week, looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.
    Jane x

  20. You always have the most prettiest fabrics! I am so much in the mood to make a quilt..I might have to put the crochet away for a week or two and make me one!

  21. The hydrangea is the most beautiful deep colour. Hopefully the weather will continue to pick up, especially now that the Olympics are so close.

  22. Love your little salt and pepper pots! So sweet! And your hydrangeas are gorgeous. What beautiful pictures! This will keep my mind lifted during this morning's meeting.

  23. You have so many pretty pictures to show us. I love the doggy salt and pepper shakers and am a big fan of Camille's fabrics and her blog. Hopefully you have cut a few of those hydrangeas to enjoy indoors on your table. All the best!

  24. Everything is so pretty....I love your salt and pepper dogs. Your Hydrangeas are just like mine..same colour and they grace my front door I will think of you everytime I see them...hugs to you. oxo

  25. I wish my hydrangeas were pink, but they are purple. I know you can change the colors by putting minerals or something near the roots.. maybe I should find out! Love the salt and pepper.. where did you find those? Pretty photos, my friend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  26. Beautiful colors as usual! I love your salt and pepper set, so cute. I can't wait to see what you do with that scrumptious jelly roll fabric.

  27. Beautiful so beautiful Susan i love it
    You have great taste
    Have a fab weekend

  28. Love the goodies you won in the blog giveaway, how pretty is the mini heart bunting!

    Looking forward to seeing your new room all done and the fabulous quilt reveal too :-)

    hugs, Lori xx

  29. Love the salt and pepper sets and your photo settings, as usual! And blog of course. Can you tell us where we can purchase the shakers too? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much!...You can purchase the shakers here ...x

  30. Eu AMEI seu blog!!! Estou visitando vários posts seus! Encher os olhos com tanta beleza traz alegria ao meu coração! Parabéns pelo lindo blog!

  31. beautiful hydrangeas, nice blog. great day from spain!