Friday 13 July 2012

New beginnings......

Our quilt is almost complete....
Yesterday, I cut the binding strips and I'm
 spending this rainy, Friday afternoon doing some hand stitching...
This has been such a happy project and I feel quite sad it will be at an end
and so I'm looking for a another stitchy project now which I can 
enjoy while knitting.....probably a small lap quilt 
to decorate my new workroom...
(well, I already have some gorgeously pretty fabric!)
One craft always seems to inspire another for me...
Oh yes...I do love the border fabric!
It's from the  'Rouenneries Deux' range by French General
...a beautiful rich red, inspired by the 
red florals that were printed in Rouen, France in 
the 18th century...wisely chosen here by Ashley and Leah I have to add!
I'm looking forward to seeing it when it 
comes out of our drier with that lovely crinkly look! new workroom will be finished today!!
Our lovely builders will be leaving us and
peace will hopefully reign over our little corner once again...
I'm going to have a weekend of painting with Mr.H
and then moving everything in....including my magic cupboard
(which we had quite a lot of trouble moving out!)
The radio will be on and there will be plenty of this going on too....

Thank you so much for visiting everyone...
to lovely friends out there who never cease to inspire me....
I'm off to visit you now...
 can't wait to see what you have all been up to!
~ ♥ ~
Until next time...


  1. How wonderful..the room is complete! I hope you enjoy your new work area, and can't wait to see all the new things that you bring to life..You make the most beautiful things...true talent!!

  2. The quilt is looking lovely! And what an exciting weekend you have lined up, sorting out your new work space, painting then rearranging (that's the best bit!) have fun!
    Victoria xx

  3. I love the colour of your quilt. It is absolutely lovely.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. Loving the quilt, can't wait to see the delicious crinkley finished work, what an heirloom it will be.
    Enjoy your renewed peace
    Lol Karen x

  5. I am so excited to see both the finished quilt and the finished room. Request for lots of lovely pics, pretty please.....

  6. Oh love the colours. cant wait to see the finished quilt. I sometimes miss big projects when I finish them too.

  7. Beautiful colurs in the quilt very inspiring love to see it finished, Good luck organising the room at the weekend

  8. You must be so looking forward to your workroom being ready...and with the weather we are having you can get it all organised without wishing you were outside.
    A lap quilt sounds a lovely idea.

  9. I'm so pleased your craft room is ready for you Susan. I am sure you have missed your creative space. Your quilt is looking wonderful. Have a lovely weekend,
    Jane x

  10. The quilt looks like it is coming along nicely. How exciting for you to have a new workroom..sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead :)
    Happy Painting!
    Magie x

  11. Lovely colours - you can't go wrong with red, in my book. You'll be looking forward to putting the finishing touches to your new room. It's so much fun to see something coming together.

  12. So excited for you that your room will soon be's lovely to put things back after things have been moved, I do like reorganising things.

    Your fabrics are lovely, I do like red, but don't tend to use it a great deal, but that would definitely sway me!

    Hope you manage lots of tea breaks during your painting and shifting about, enjoy!x

  13. Wow, that is a beautiful quilt!! I'm excited to see your new workroom.. how fab for you! I have an "office" but I tend to toss stuff in there and it needs a complete "hoarders intervention". LOL!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Can't wait to see your quilt! And how exciting that your workroom is done. Happy times :D

  15. The quilt is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your workroom! You have an exciting week ahead! Rachel x

  16. Susan, I am absolutely thrilled that your quilt is almost finished. Just look at those vibrant colours. Hurry up and show us the grand finale, please! ;-)

    And your workroom is almost finished too? Oh, hip, hip, hurrah. I am very happy for you indeed.

    Have a festive weekend. You are going to celebrate, aren't you? :-)


    1. Yes, definitely going to have a little celebration with a chilled bottle of champers, Stephanie...(better get the painting done first though...I become notoriously incapable after a couple of glasses!)
      Susan x

  17. Love the quilt Susan. I think the best bit is sewing the binding. I shall look forward to seeing the finished beauty. Have a lovely weekend xo

    1. Thank you Sarah!...I agree, it's lovely to sit and hand sew the binding...I'm going to finish the other half this afternoon and watch a good movie as I work!..x

  18. Lucky you Susan with a brand new workroom!!!I'm sure you cannot wait to move in!
    Your quilt is so beautiful, maybe one day I'll get around to making myself a quilt!
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  19. Can't wait to see the quilt! The workroom will be wonderful too I'm sure - how lovely to have a space to craft xxx

  20. Susan my dearest one!

    THE FRENCH GENERAL has the most gorgeous items, but what YOU WILL DO WITH THEM will be pure magic, I KNOW IT!

    Are you enjoying a grand summer? I HOPE SO! Anita

    1. I'm having a lovely Summer thank you Anita...we just need a little sunshine to seems to have been raining constantly for weeks here!
      P.S I've just returned from reading your latest post was magical!

  21. The colors in that quilt are gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing your next project :-) happy painting! Helen

  22. Your quilt is already looking wonderful, I can't wait to see it finished! Hope the painting of the workroom is going well! So great when the workmen have finished isn't it? Once the painting is finished you will have the lovely fun part to look forward to....arranging your new workspace! I look forward to seeing it very much.
    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Helen x

  23. Dearest Susan,

    THANK YOU so much for coming by today! I am truly honored that you would take special time to come to visit. Isn't blogging fun?

    I am preparing for a guest who will stay with me for a week so I have been busy painting and we even had a patio built, ALL IN ONE WEEK!

    I wish you a splendid Sunday my dear! Anita

  24. Looking forward to seeing the quilt when it's all finished.....

  25. Love the quilt fabrics how colourful and lovely it must be :-)

    Oooo the new craft room, I'm dying to see the finished result. It'll be fabulous I'm sure!

    Have a lovely week,
    love Lori xx

  26. Oh my your quilt is amazing...I so want to see it all finished.
    Your are busy my friend but what joy to have a new room to inspire you...which will be a blessing for us all because I know great things will come from that room which will INSPIRE us all....happy dance.
    Sending you oooooodles of Summer jOY. xoxoxo

  27. I have only made one baby quilt years ago. I keep saying I'm going to try another but just haven't gotten there as of yet...I would love to make a big one..I love your little bunnies on the sidebar they are adorably cute, I love bunnies. Have a great week...with love Janice I'm your newest follower...come join me as well @

  28. Hello Janice....Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for the lovely comments....I am coming to visit you now!...x

  29. Inspiring photos as always. That is the deepest, most beautiful red. A new workroom sounds like loads of fun. Can't wait to see photos!

  30. Your work is absolutely amazing and as a bunny lover, you've got me well and truly hooked! Hi from your new follower! x

    1. Oh, thank you so very much....welcome to my little corner!...x

  31. Gorgeous gorgeous red....there's red and red and that vintage red looks wonderful......Is that a gold floral print on it?
    Look forward to seeing pics of your new workspace

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Thanks so much Amanda...Yes. it's a lovely rich vintage red and the gold is beautifully faded...I'll take some more pics when it has had the wash/tumble drier treatment!...x

  32. Hello Susan, I have left you a little something on my blog...If you have a minute please pop over and take a look! Shari :)

  33. Ooh, I'm on my way right now Shari!..x

  34. Wow, such an amazing quilt Susan! It rained so much here this summer - just right for a project like that ;) Not so good for painting - i miss the snshine! Have a fab start to the new week!

  35. Dearest Susan,
    Thank you for popping by and visiting my blog. I am grateful for your sincere comments!
    Your blog is a dream...So filled with whimsy and bright colors! I am so looking forward to your special room reveal...I know it will be a delight!
    I wish you a wonderful week full of finished projects and new inspiration!
    Carolynn xo