Saturday 30 June 2012

Truly, madly, deeply....

Have you had a good week?
Firstly, I have to say thank you so much 
for all the good wishes about my damaged finger 
which has now healed nicely and is back in full working order
Ooh, I have missed it sooooo much...
I've promised to show a lot more respect in the future!
It's been a very busy week here, however
and I've managed to work quite a lot more on my quilt too
I'm madly in love with this project...
.It definitely did the job in taking my mind off 
the very sore finger over the last couple of weeks and keeping me occupied. 
Working with splinted finger in the air went quite well
once I had fully mastered my technique!
My quilty project is making me feel very happy indeed....
I think our lovely builders could have knocked everything down around me
and left me sitting at my machine still merrily sewing away!
I have sandwiched the layers together now and started quilting
Rainy days..
Sadly, we've had nothing but rain here this week
and so I just had a chance between showers to run into the garden 
with my mannequin and throw my quilt top over it to take the pics above.
(During our builders lunch hour of course, just in case they thought I was
 a completely crazy lady carrying my mannequin around the garden!)
Of course, it started to rain again within minutes...
Where is it all coming from?...And so windy too!
Next week I'll be back to my knitting again ...
I have so missed my lovely needles and yarns!
My apologies for the lack of pics today everyone
due to all the comings and goings around me here. 
There is simply nowhere in the house at this moment to take any 
and it is just so wet outside even when the rain ceases to fall.
Lovely daughters are back from uni with all their belongings too...
Yes, happy chaos everywhere!
Anyway, now that we have supposedly moved into
Summer, I've put together this little collage above of my favourite memories 
of Spring here on my blog ..all lovely memories.
Oh my, I really can't believe that we are now half way through the year, can you?
Autumn will be upon us before we know it, I'm sure!
Lastly, before I leave you,
 I must say a big thank you to Victoria of
Tangled Sweetpea
for my very beautiful Giveaway treats...
such a wonderful parcel of goodness to open!
Thank you Victoria x
...and you can find the lovely Tangled Sweetpea blog  here
I will be taking a photo to share as soon as we have peace
again around here and I can do my lovely gifts some justice....
Oh yes, I am missing my space!
Take care everyone
Hope you have a lovely weekend
Back soon


  1. Glad your finger is better, there is nothing worse that trying to knit or sew with the finger with a plaster on!
    Your quilt looks so pretty.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Hello Susan... so glad to hear our finger is well again. and your quilt looks just lovely as I thought it would. Hopefully construction around your home will be complete as well so you can enjoy all your new spaces!!! Hope you have a great week as well....Shari!

  3. So glad your finger has healed and you can get back to knitting again.
    I know what you mean about taking photos, the things we do, I'm sure we must look crazy sometimes!!!! :)
    I really don't know were time goes to. Enjoy your time with your girls, having one daughter I can imagine how much stuff two must have!! ;)
    Happy knitting Susan,
    Vivienne x

  4. Susan,
    That quilt is stunning! I would be intantly transformed from a dark to sunny mood anytime I laid eyes on it:-)

  5. I am just loving your quilt....the fabrics are so,so pretty.
    Glad to hear your finger is on the mend.
    I do hope that summer has not forgotten about us altogether.....though we do actually have some warm sun here makes a welcome change!!

  6. Such a gorgeous quilt Susan, the fabrics are simply beautiful! I'm so glad you loved your little parcel! Have a fabulous weekend!
    Victoria xx

  7. Dear, lovely Susan,

    I am most relieved to read that your finger is on the mend. And now I must write that I have been gazing at your latest 'oeuvre d'amour' - it does sound good in French, doesn't it? ;-) - and loving the colour spectrum you have chosen for that quilt. I have been quite taken with light green and turquoise blues together recently as I can see in your squares.

    I simply love the image of your room in rubble around you whilst you continue to stitch merrily... through gritted teeth perhaps?

    Have a lovely rain-free week.


  8. Yum, aren't French Fancys the best? We've had so much rain this week too, I've got very wet walking Chester, but he doesn't seem to mind, always a spring in his step. Lovely that your lot are back to the nest, I do hope the weather improves for all of us, we have managed to squeeze in a dry walk on the beach today, but we've had some spectacular rain!

    Your patchwork looks lovely, I love that you waited for the builders to be out of sight before photographing it, blogging sees you doing the daftest stuff doesn't it?

    Glad your fingers are back to knitting, have a lovely weekend!x

  9. Glad to hear your finger has healed. The quilt has turned out just lovely!
    I love the spring collage, such pretty pastel colours.
    Enjoy the rest of the is hoping for some sunny summery days :)
    Magie x

  10. Good to hear that your finger has healed Susan and that the building work is progressing well. Your quilt is lovely..what a great new project. It must be lovely to have your girls quickly that year has gone! We have had a sunny day here today hope it makes an appearance your way too.
    Jane x

  11. You must be in heaven having your children home again. I'm glad to hear that your finger is better - it's hard for a crafter to be out of commission. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. I am sorry to hear about your finger. Your quilt is so lovely...the fabrics are perfect! Can't believe Spring is now Summer! oh my where does the time go...sending you some "happy" today dear one. xoxo

  13. Beautiful Susan,

    I am so sorry to hear about your finger my sweet! I think any of us who put so much time into working with our hands would be out of sorts with an injury as such!

    It is so good to see your bright colors here, and we are waiting for you to heal. Do have a lovely day!!! Anita

  14. Darling Susan! What a special blogging Sunday this is; I have received several wonderful comments from ENGLAND!!!! THANK YOU for your loving comment; I can imagine you sipping your tea and just perusing blogland, as I do! It is rather hot here today and we are working on preparing my studio to paint it. But the heat is excessive and I have to stop.

    I wish you a perfect, sunny and lovely WEEK!! Anita

  15. Hello Susan How gorgeous your quilt looks!! Such pretty fabrics and a lovely pattern too :) I'm so glad your cut finger has healed up well and you will be able to enjoy knitting again this week. Hope the work on your new room is soon will be worth it in the end! I enjoyed your colourful collages, you take such very pretty photos and use delicious colours in them too!
    Sending you some sunny wishes for this week!
    Helen x

  16. So pleased to read that your finger has healed, and how lucky that you had that pretty quilt to keep you busy while you couldn't knit.

    The fondant fancy in that last post has just taken me right back to my childhood when my paternal Grandmother would always produce jam tarts and fondant fancies when we went to tea. I can taste them now!

  17. Beautiful Quilt.Love the colours!

  18. Glad the finger is better :-) I can just see you sewing away with your finger in the air,it would have looked very lady-like if it was your little finger!

    The quilt is so beautiful, such gorgeous colours to brighten up the dull rainy days.

    Have a great week,
    Lori xx

  19. Hi Susan, just catching up on blog reading .... glad to hear your finger injury is all ok now, so happy knitting!

    Fleur xx

  20. I had a lovely weekend thank you Susan...including a cheeky night away with Cleggy, to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. And YES to the same rain as's getting tiresome isn't it?! trying soooo hard not to moan, but....
    have a happy new week...fee x

  21. Good...glad yr finger is in working order again.
    Yesss I think you really can be proud of that wonderful quilt...I'll echo what the rest are saying here!
    Please don't talk about Autumn so soon I go back to full time work every Autumn LOL

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)