Saturday 16 June 2012


♥ Lots of patching going on this week...
including my finger friends, which I was unfortunate to slice
while changing the blade on my rotary cutter!
I had planned to work on my latest knitting pattern,
 which would be evenly interspersed with a few sewing breaks along the way...
but knitting is definitely out for the moment due to my wonky left index finger...
Oh my, I didn't realise just how much I need it!
♥ Love..
All is not lost though, as I have been able to carefully guide
 my lovely patchwork squares through my sewing machine 
(with damaged finger in the air of course!)
and so this is how I have ended up spending my week..
Happy sewing rows upon rows of patchwork together...
listening to the radio and watching one or two classic old films...
I am really loving this project!!
You may remember a while ago that lovely Deborah from
♥ Simply Miss Luella
was so kind to send me a charm pack full of scrumptious fabrics
It was definitely love at first sight and I have been thinking of
possible projects ever since.....
Well, I have now added 3 further charm packs plus a little extra darker fabric
for a few stars as I've decided to make a scrappy, vintage style quilt.
 A sprinkling of stars...
 These fabrics have a lovely Boho look to them...really lovely
and second daughter definitely has her eye on it!
Why,she has even joined in on the sewing machine...a true sight to behold indeed!
The world really is full of surprises....
Monday, we had a call from our builders to say that they would be 
arriving Wednesday morning to start demolishing my workroom
(which I must add is then going to be rebuilt!)
and so I am reduced to working in a corner of our kitchen
(and having no end of entertainment listening to our lovely builders
who are working just outside the kitchen doors!)
♥ In the post....
Yesterday, I received a lovely package from Julie of
I opened it to find some wonderful copies of 
Julie's little vintage embroidery books
(a very happy swap for me in exchange for knitting patterns)
and my parcel also included an extra surprise...a copy of 
'The Stork Wartime Cookery Book' 
They are such treasures and I'm going to enjoy putting my feet up and
having a good read over the weekend.....
These ladies certainly knew their stuff, didn't they?
Thank you Julie x
And finally...
The yarn that I was trying out in this pic for the MJT patterns
has been added here to the yarn page
'Debbie Bliss Eco Baby'
Beautifully soft and shabby, unmercerised cotton
in lots of pretty colours...perfect for clothing
Ah well, that's about everything from me today everyone...
Take care and keep those fingers safe!
If you live in our corner of the world maybe we all need to do a sun dance?
Thank you so much as always
for calling by...


  1. Hi susan sorry bout your finger, pesky sharp things, those rotary blades, don't think I could do without one though.
    Love how your quilt is looking, the fabrics are lovely indeed, can imagine a scramble for ownership when its done :)
    Have a sweet weekend
    Lol Karen x

  2. OUCH!........I have an overwhelming fear and respect for my rotary cutter, I have the same fear when I use one of OH's power tools. Hope your finger recovers soon, I know how frustrating it can be not being able to do any knitting.

    Your patchwork quilt is beautiful, I love the vintage look of the fabrics, such gorgeous summer prints and colours too.

    Best of luck having the builders around, let's hope they rebuild your craft room quickly.
    lily x

  3. The snippets of your quilt are lovely! I adore scrappy and vintage!! How fun that one of your daughters is joining you. Be careful as you proceed! XO

  4. Those copies of the books don't look too bad - glad you are enjoying them. Lovely quilt can't wait to see the whole quilt.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. Dearest Susan, I am so sorry to hear you cut your finger! Oh, I know how sharp those rotary cutters are and how much it must hurt! Bless your heart! It is too bad that you cannot knit, but I am glad you could work on your pretty patchwork. The fabrics are so pretty! I am glad your daughter has joined in sewing with you! That is wonderful, sweetie. Your swap gifts are lovely. I do hope your workroom remodel will go very well and you will be moved back in and settled soon. The yarn is so pretty and so is your floral cup! I hope your weekend is wonderful and that your finger will heal soon and you can get back to your knitting! Much love, Paula xo

  6. These fabrics really are beautiful. A speedy recovery for your finger and good luck with that remodel! You will have to post pictures when it is done. Have a nice weekend. Tricia

  7. OH POOR SUSAN! Those magic fingers need to heal! What lovelies you have to share today my dear...your blog is a haven of happiness with the bright colors that sing out SUMMER!

    Happy thoughts across the pond, Anita

  8. poor fingers! lovely work and pictures as always MJ, and yes please to a collective sun dance. I rarely moan about the weather....but..... (grrrr)
    fee x

  9. Oooh I love those fabrics Susan but oh your poor finger :( hope it gets better soon! Thanks for putting my giveaway pic on your sidebar too :) Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt, it looks so scrummy! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Jenny xxx

  10. Do hope the finger is soon 'knitable' again....but every cloud has a silver lining....because the patchwork is looking so pretty....I'm not surprised DD2 has her eyes on it!!

  11. Beautiful fabrics! That patchwork is going to look so pretty!
    Sorry to hear about your finger - we don't realise how hooked we are on our yarnwork until we can't do it. I hope it's working again soon.
    Ali x

  12. Ouch! I think all your readers probably whinced at the mention, it's so difficult when it's your index finger too....what a relief that you can still sew and create while your finger heals. Your patchwork looks lovely so far, not surprised it is already being spied with a view to own.

    I have loads of fabric, and love the idea of a simple quilt......maybe one day, along with the other long list of things!

    Isn't the weather yuck, I am hoping that the headline of 'summer in September' on one of the papers yesterday is some kind of joke.

    Have a lovely rest of weekend!

  13. Good luck with the building works, I'm wishing you much sunshine to speed the job along! Hope your finger is on the mend too, no fun at all! Xx

  14. Dear Susan,

    I am so sorry to read about your wounded finger! You will be over the moon when it's mended. Good luck with the builders' regular (I hope) presence.

    Your patchwork fabrics are heavenly and I am smiling at the vision of you with your finger in the air sat at the sewing machine.


  15. Heartily sick of the rain and cold, it is June, where is the sun? At least you have lovely colourful fabrics to brighten up the day. Hope the finger soon mends.

  16. Oh dear Susan, I am sorry to hear about your finger, that does sound painful. Hopefully it will heal soon and you can get back to your knitting!
    You are making good use of your time though, your quilt is beautiful, I love the fabrics. :)
    A rain dance sounds like a great idea, I'll definitely join in.
    Vivienne x

  17. Dearest Susan! THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT!!! And yes dearest, YOU MUST JOIN US NEXT YEAR for the link party that I just may make as a trip to either LONDON, NEW YORK or Paris again...we shall see! But we would love to have you!

    Have a delightfully magical day in your corner of the world....Anita

  18. Ouch at the finger!! Any injury that prevents knitting is serious indeed. But you are making a beautiful quilt and have KC's gorgeous booklets to read should your hands need a rest so there are clearly some compensations!

  19. Your blog is so inspiring to me!!! I can't wait to read more. I would love for you and your friends to join me as I'm rather new to this

  20. Ouch! Don't you find you always end up knocking it? It's wise to stay away from knitting.
    The materials are gorgeous :)

  21. Eeek.. be careful of those blades! Hope your finger heals super duper fast. Love the fabrics! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  22. beautiful fabrics, hope your finger is ok!

  23. Lovely! Your poor finger! Hope it feels better very soon. Rachel x

  24. Oooh lovely patchwork Susan. Not surprised DD had her eye on it. Looks so bright and cheerful. Shame about the finger though. You don't realise how debilitating those little things can be until it happens. Hope it heals soon. xx

  25. Oh no Susan - how horrible to cut your finger! Must be a nightmare not being able to knit....hope it heals soon.

    Fleur xx

  26. Sorry to hear you cut your finger..hope it get well soon so you can get back to making all those beautiful things!!
    Shari :)

  27. I love your pretty fabrics Susan! Hope your finger is feeling better already.

    Have a lovely day my friend xx

  28. Oh your poor finger, rotary cutters are scary things. It's brightened up with us today, the sun is shining and it's a bit warmer. Enjoy your patchwork, hope the finger heals up quickly.

  29. Ouchie!!! Poor finger!!!
    I'm glad that it was okay enough to do the computer-ing required to put up this beautiful, beautiful post!!! So much prettiness all in one place!!! :-)

  30. Oh how beautiful are your quilt colours! Sorry about your finger...hope it is already better! Sending you some joy today....we finally have SUNSHINE...yahoooooo! Hugs.

  31. What a gorgeous quilt that will be, such gorgeous fabrics :-) Poor finger, you do really need those to keep making your gorgeous patterns so be careful! Hope it's healing up nicely now.

    Was that you doing the sun dance then as it worked, it's been lovely here today! Keep dancing over there will you?

    Have a lovely week sewing and eavesdropping on builders :-)

    Lori xxx

  32. Oh no your poor finger, Susan!! I hope it's feeling better now. Your patchwork is gorgeous, I love the fabrics ....what a lovely giveaway from Simply Miss Luella, and you are putting it all together so deliciously. Love the little embroidery books from Julie too. Look forward to seeing your new workroom, it sounds very exciting!
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  33. Gosh Susan, I hope that finger is healing. It's amazing how sharp those cutters are. You have received some wonderful goodies in the post haven't you. I hope they have cheered you up. Have a lovely Sunday and take care of those fingers..they are very precious to us crafters!
    Jane x

  34. Oh my goodness Susan, first you cut your finger and then you are sent to the corner to work on projects? Well bless your heart!! :) I know it will all be worth it. All the months or should I say years really of waiting for my room to be finished was worth it. I still am putting things away and reoganizing and trying to get rid of things, I guess it will never be really done. We needed to get the big stuff done before my husband is unable to do carpentry any more, so it was kinda of now or never!
    Thanks so much for the very sweet comment you left on my being published. It means so very much to me that others are happy for me. Kinda makes it even that much more special. I really appreciate your kind words.

  35. Can't wait to see the quilt. Hope your poor finger gets better soon xx

  36. Such dreamy colors...They remind me of my childhood trips to the beach and the soft, chewy salt water taffy in the store windows.
    Your blog is such a charming place to visit.
    Blessings to you,
    Carolynn xo