Thursday 31 May 2012

Heart making and pondering...

over yarn choices amongst several other things.....
I decided to do some sewing over the last couple of days
pressing the foot control and revving up my machine 
never fails to clear my head at such times!
I've had a metre of  Cath Kidston 'Boat' fabric
stored away for quite a while now and all this warm sunny weather has made me 
dream of visiting the coast....hopefully, very soon....but until then
 a few seasidey makes to scatter around the house seems like a very good idea.
So lovely to be sewing again too!
Out came my perfectly behaved sewing machine and even my overlocker 
(aka 'Scary Mary'...Oh my, I never quite feel comfortable with this lady!)
 I made the scatter cushions above first and added some handmade buttons
with some of the 'waves' leftovers from the fabric.
The photo is showing the back of the cushion.....but as I quite like it. .. 
luckily, having had enough fabric to match everything up......
it may possibly become the front instead!
I  love making cover buttons and even find it quite therapeutic
...always another opportunity to quietly ponder too....
I seem to have been doing quite a bit of this lately ....
particularly in regard to solving the eternal problem of
how to slow down and simplify my days ...
which seem to be flying by with the blink of an eye!
Into my sewing zone...
I also decided to make a few lavender hearts using a few fabric oddments,
and gingham ribbon  (from my ever-growing stash) 
plus a few more handmade buttons.
 I love to pop these hearts over coat hangers in the wardrobes as the 
dried lavender fragrance is just so beautiful and long lasting.
I'm loving all the red, white and blue which is around at the moment.
It has always been a favourite colour combination of mine
(especially through the Summer months) 
and the alpaca yarn here is beautifully soft and vibrant.....
I have had a young man in my head for quite a while now
who just may like some of these colours....
along with an extra, vital addition......we shall see...
Oh yes!.....I'm now the happy owner of some of Fee's lovely blocks
Thank you Fee... 
I love them  x
(pondering too about future purchases here!)
You can find the link to Fee's shop and her lovely blog here
I've been busy filling my new cupboard with lots of crafty treasures
(I can't believe how many things have migrated to my new place!)
Favourite craft books...magazines...fabric,
yarn...ribbon... buttons...beads...pencils...
brushes...yarn samples...embroidery threads....
...the list is never ending...
you will definitely see more of my very large 
and lovely cupboard in the future...
If you are a knitter...are you an Alice Starmore fan?
I now have several of her wonderful books in my cupboard
...which I became completely distracted by once again.... 
(After searching, I managed to find an old copy of 
'The Celtic Collection' on Amazon 
for just a couple of pounds a while ago and it's a real gem)
Alice really is such an inspiration
pretty new china cup for my endless cups of tea also went into my cupboard...
(As everyone around here knows....I just can't survive without my tea)
There is a lovely pull down desk table for me to work from
so lots of tea-drinking will be going on here for sure!
.....and a new mug in which to store my brushes, stuffing sticks and chopsticks
(all vital apparatus in my world!)
Now, I'm looking for a floral swivel desk chair but can't find one anywhere
....Would you let me know if you see one?...
It would definitely make my day!
Yes, everything goes into my new (magical) cupboard....
along with my now quite old  CK radio that can be spotted hiding there....
There's a hole in the back of the cupboard for the electricity supply....
Oh yes....everything is catered for here!

Thank you Mr.H for all your hard work building my new cupboard
...I hope I was a worthy assistant  x
(secretly I think he was quite impressed with my strength)
Wardrobes are next on the list!
And a bit of a dilemma...
A couple of weeks ago I received a request for The Tearoom Mice,
Candy and Oscar to travel all the way to Italy to take part in a baby fashion 
photoshoot for a very well known and beautiful glossy magazine...
alas they would have had to go into the post immediately 
as the shoot was to take place over the following week and I only had the 
originals available which I had knitted for my pattern pics creating a major
 dilemma...I hadn't ever thought about this kind of a request 
(and I have had a few surprises especially over the last couple of years!)
Although they would have been returned,
 there was always a real possibility of them getting lost in the post
and I have always planned to keep hold of the originals for many reasons....
and so, after lots more pondering, the invitation very sadly had to be declined
with much disappointment around here... ...
but with a firm decision to make stand-ins at some point in the near future!
On the positive side, it really was such a compliment to have been asked....
and for the little people to be deemed so worthy....
Thank you Stella x

Well, its time to leave you now lovelies
Thank you so much as always for calling by today...
It's always so good to see you
and I shall be visiting you very soon  x
Wishing you a wonderful 
'Diamond Jubilee'
Fingers crossed for some sunshine
which seems to have deserted our little corner today !


  1. What a delicious post Susan, full of so many pretty things!!
    I am looking forward to the young man you mentioned!! :)
    Your cushions and lavender hearts are gorgeous. I too am a big fan of Fee's blocks and that cupboard of your is a real treasure trove!!
    I have had Alice Starmore's Celtic Collection for many years now, it's a beautiful book.
    Have a lovely Jubilee weekend, there should be lots more red, white and blue about!! :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Love post - your blog is so pretty.
    I love those colours, they are beaurtiful seaside colours are my favourite of all - your hearts are pretty.
    Hope Candy and Oliver return safely after theyr trip to Italy.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Hello sweet Susan! It is always wonderful to find a post from you dearest! I love your gorgeous, cheerful photos and all of your beautiful creations! The fabrics you used are so very pretty! I love the cushions and how you covered the buttons. I must try that! The hearts are so sweet. I am very happy you enjoyed sewing again! You are not only a talented knitter, but a talented seamstress too! I agree, we need to simplify our days and slow down. Time goes by too quickly! I do hope you can visit the coast soon and have a lovely, relaxing time! The red, white and blue yarn is beautiful and will be a lovely creation for the young man in mind. The knit blocks from Fee are so sweet! Thank you for sharing the link sweetie! I love seeing all of the pretty things in your new cupboard! Isn't it fun to arrange all of your pretties in a new place where everything fits perfectly! I look forward to seeing more of it. I am sure your hubby was pleased with your assistance! I will have to look for that book too! It sounds lovely. I love your cups and hope you can find a floral chair. You could always make a cover for one! I love your sweet mice and am thrilled you were asked to have them in a magazine. However, I completely understand your concern of them being lost. I would want to keep all of my originals as well! I think it is a good idea to make some stand-ins that you would feel comfortable putting in the post. I love the sweet Corgi Jubilee bag! Have a wonderful celebration! Much love, Paula xo

  4. Oh how I love your posts! That Corgi bag is adorable......everything Cath is! I love your sweet hearts. They are an inspiration.....I think I'll try my hand at making some!

  5. What a lovely Jubilee post Susan. Your cushions and heart bags are super, I too just love all things CK. I have some of her London fabric cushions which are fun. I understand your pondering too, I just wish we could have 48 hours in a day. My Hb is always telling me to slow down! Enjoy your tea in your new mug and have a wonderful bank holiday,
    Jane x

  6. Oh I just love your seasidy makes....and as I do live by the seaside.....I really must make some cushions like those......they would be perfect.
    We are having a Jubilee street party on am really hoping the sun stays shining.....have a lovely weekend....however you are celebrating.

  7. Oh this is such a perfect post, slowly & happilt made my way through it, loving every bit, the cushions, the yarn, new china cups, mice & books, delicious
    Lots of love Karen x

  8. Loveliness in abundance! I do love cath kidston fabric and they make such pretty little hearts! Gorgeous corgi bag too!
    Victoria xx

  9. What a fabulous post - all those gorgeous things to look at xx

  10. oh Susan, what a delightful post of visual treats! And thank you (again) for sharing the chipper love. Of course I love the photo!
    What a shame about the magazine - mustn't have been meant to be this time around. You should be very pleased with yourself.
    Look forward to making you more in the future - but come direct!!!
    fee ♥

  11. What a beautiful post. You have an exciting cupboard! So many lovely things. Your cushions and lavender hearts are really lovely.

  12. Beautiful colours and the cream yarn looks sooo soft. I don't think I'd have liked to have risked the originals either . I think my favourite heart is the lighthouse one, it's very similar to one not far from where we live.

  13. Thanks for such an inspiring post Susan, your blog always put a smile on my face and after a hard day at work you're able to cheer me up..
    Erna xx

  14. So much of worth here Susan. I love reading about your ponderings. First, it was a tough choice re allowing your mice to travel to Italy. I understand, I do. I believe that with a recorded-type delivery you may be pretty sure your treasures will not get lost. Next time, perhpas?

    Alice Starmore is divine. An American lady wrote a book recently, 'A Knitter's Year' or something similar, about her quest to make one of Starmore's fairisle patterns. It's all TOO difficult for me to tackle... yet.

    You mention your stash of crafting treasures. Aren't we all lucky to have those beauties to keep us dreaming and making? My sewing machine, passed down by my dear mother, is a little tempermental at times which can be frustrating.

    Lastly; I am so glad to read about your thoughts on how time is flying by. It can obssess me if I let it do so. Which is where my knitting/sewing/embroidery passion comes in handy to let me forget.

    Ho hum.

    Warmest wishes from France where red, white, and blue have mostly been seen during recent public elections ;-)

  15. Hello again sweet Susan, I am so glad you are having a lovely afternoon visiting! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for visiting me! You would not have any trouble learning to crochet, as you are such a gifted knitter! I tried knitting and I did like it, but I could only make a scarf! :) I would love to learn more, but crocheting seems to come easier for me than knitting did. Thank you for all of your kind and sweet words dearest! I am so sorry you are having trouble with your Flickr! You are a sweetie to want to visit me, and I am grateful, but please know I do understand! Things can be finicky! Yes, we are very lucky to have such sweet hubbies! I am so glad they don't mind all the flowers, prettiness and pink! Mine always says it is cheerful! I hope you have a lovely weekend too! Oh, sweet friend, you are so welcome! That makes me happy... you made my day too with your lovely comment! Thank you for being such a kind friend! Love to you! Paula xo

  16. I'm not surprised you were asked to send your beasties off to Italy and I'm sure they will ask you again.
    Love your lavender hearts Susan, that boating fabric is perfect for them and with your buttons, they are just beautiful.
    Kate xox

  17. your new cupboard sounds simply lovely, susan. love your multi-layered collections of beautiful bits and bobs. it sounds like the perfect home for them.

    i'm admiring your sewing, those pillows are darling. and, might i add, perfect matching of the boats and lighthouse along the buttoned edges. well done, you!

    i wouldn't have let your sweet little mice travel to italy without a chaperone. next time, they need to send you a tix, first class.


  18. A lovely post full of pretty photos of your wonderful world. What a dilemma being asked to send your babies away, hard to decide to say no. I am inspired by that yarn.. I want to make a red, white and blue crocheted blanket. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. What a beautiful post Susan - with so much to look at. Your red white and blue theme is inspiring and I just love those new little mice.

    Your blocks are beautiful ...I am jealous!

    I hope that you also have a lovely jubilee weekend .. at least it's stopped raining today! Fingers crossed it stays that way.

    Fleur xx

  20. MY DEAR SUSAN!!! To all of you darling British friends, I wish you a magical JUBILEE celebration! And your colors here are just delicious as ever! HAPPY FRIDAY! Anita

  21. Wishing you a Wonderful Jubilee Weekend as well! Here is hoping the sun will peak out :)
    The Cath boat fabric is perfect for summer, I really like the cushion you made. I have been wanting to have a go at making some cushions myself, I have never attempted to make them hopefully they will turn out all right (wish me luck!).
    Your new teacup is just lovely! Enjoy your many cups of tea..
    Magie x

  22. Love the colors you are working!
    And the sewing hearts are so sweet.
    have a nice weekend!

  23. What a lovely Jubilee post, everywhere you look it's red, white and blue. I hope the sun shines for all the celebrations this weekend and into next week. It's shining with us today so hopefully it will make it's way down your way this afternoon.
    I'm sorry you missed such a lovely opportunity with your finished pieces, you must have been disappointed.

  24. I love the colors featured in this post. So reminiscent of the seaside that I can almost feel the warm breezes ruffling my hair! Happy weekend!

  25. Gorgeous things you have in the crafty cupboard :-) Such pretty colours too, I look forward to seeing what little man is inspiring you with the red, white and blue. I feel another pattern purchase will be made!

    Have a lovely weekend, the sun has gone here too but hopefully it will return.

    Lori xx

  26. Gorgeous post, filled with such pretty things, Susan! I love everything in it from start to finish, especially your pretty fabric hearts and Fee's lovely blocks. I think you were right not to send your original little mice away to Italy unaccompanied.....things do go missing on photoshoots and to lose your precious originals would not be worth it....just have to make little back up creatures to be ready and waiting for next time!
    Have a wonderful Jubilee weekend!
    Helen x

  27. Such a darling post...I love your hearts my friend. Hope your celebrations are amazing this weekend..I will be watching on TV! Fee's blocks are soooo adorable. xoxo Hugs

  28. Ah now, if you figure out the finding more time in your day thing, don't keep quiet will you.....time really does fritter away doesn't it, I already pack loads in, but then I am a little impulsive and always have the next project on my mind.

    Your makes and photos, as always, are gorgeous, that CK fabric is lovely and I love the button backs on the cushion. I like to sew too, I forget until I drag my machine out, but again I tend to be a little slap dash as I want to sew and something else! I always sew slightly too fast too, which really keeps the adrenaline up!

    I would be tempted to buy and cover a swivel chair if you can't find one, that way it would be matched perfectly.

    What a shame about the photo shoot, but I totally understand your uncomfort at sending things through the post, I think I should have insisted that you were given plain tickets as security!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the jubilee celebrations.

  29. Dearest Susan!

    Oh how lovely to see your comment late last night as my eyelids literally hurt from fatigue! AND THIS IS YOUR JUBILEE WEEKEND! How utterly magical and fun to see all of the festivities. God save your Queen, indeed!!! Oh how I love your blog. Every time I open up your page, your soft pastels and lovely wares just make me HAPPY!

    Well my dear, get your bathing suit on and revel in the beach images; how refreshing is the color blue, is it not?

    Do join in on visiting the tours next week and dream a little dream with me.....

    LOVE! Anita

  30. Such lovely colours! This really cheers me up!

    May I ask how you got your 'Find me on Folksy' gadget? I would so like one of those.

    1. Thank you Ali!
      Here is a Folksy Badge link for your blog...
      I've just noticed they have a new design now too!...xx

    2. Thanks for that. I've got the link, and I've been all over the designer page. I might be being especially thick, but I can't find where to copy it to. Sorry to be a pain, but would it be possible for you to give me instructions?

  31. Yes, it is the time of year to get in the red, white and blue nautical mood. Such lovely colors as always. Good for you for holding on to your little mice.

  32. What a lovely post :D

    I too am pondering yarn choices ... such difficult decisions. As must have been deciding not to part with your originals of The Tearoom Mice et. al. I'm sure I'd have felt the same way, but what a pity.

    Isn't all the red white and blue everywhere just so lovely :D

  33. Susan, your posts are so inspiring! I love the baby blue with red and the way you photograph everything is beautifully done! I discovered your blog recently when I was searching for some cute little animals to knit. I purchased some patterns and am working on your Cornish Mice. I'm so happy with the way they are knitting up! Their cute little heads are in my knitting basket and they are patiently waiting for me to knit up the rest of themselves. Poor little guys...I get distracted with too many other craft projects and artwork! Being from the USA, I didn't know about Cath Kidston until I discovered her fabrics and other delightful things on your blog. I can't buy any of it here (Rats!) but I was able to find the adorable Corgi tote on ebay. I wanted to have something special to add to my collection of souvenirs of special events from the UK. It looks like your Diamond Jubilee celebration there was amazing! Thanks again for the inspiration, ideas and your posts that make my day. Happy sewing!

  34. the colors are Fab !!!!
    The hearts are so cool

    Ella xxxx

  35. What a lovely and well deserved compliment from the magazine.

    We've been watching the Jubilee activities from across the pond.

  36. Susan your blog is just amazing.. the photos are beautiful!!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  37. Lovely, lovely and inspiring as always! I just adore your blog.

  38. Beautiful SUSAN!!!!

    You made your way over to Paris via your beautiful SPLENDID!!! THANK YOU for your kind comments and this has been such a fun event, having all the participants...I was thinking that next year, maybe we shall do a LONDON: SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE party!!! Oh the fun we could have there!!!

    Have a beautiful day. The sun is shining here so beautifully...Anita

  39. I love everything in this entry, from your words, the hearts, the yarns,the lovely blocks - everything! Thanks for sharing, this is so inspiring. Cheers to you and stay blessed. :)

    table linen

  40. Susan, go and have a little peek at my blog! :) something to brighten your weekend!
    Victoria xx

  41. Your blog is such a happy place! I love all the color, your cheerful words and charming photos!
    Have a wonderful week!