Friday 11 May 2012

Our Giveaway Winners

Mary Jane's Tearoom
 Spring Giveaway winners
Winner of 'Yarn and Buttons'
If you think it could be you here...
~ ♥ ~
Winner of 'Fabric and Ribbons'
♥ If you think it could be you ♥ here...
If you could contact me ladies with the details 
of the address to which you would like to receive 
your prizes and they will be in the post....
...and thank you so much everyone who took part in our draw.
Oh my..683 entries!
far more than I could ever have expected
It's lovely to have so many new visitors call by
 and to have found lots more crafty new blogs to visit!
♥ Candy Bear...
(available here in our Etsy Shop)
Candy is a very lucky little bear indeed...
She has been included in 
no less than 56 beautiful treasuries 
by lovely fellow crafters on ETSY 
and you can see them all

'She's a pink girly girl!'
Beverly from BeeJayKay
...if you would like to have a little browse
 while sipping your morning coffee
(or afternoon tea!)
there are lots of gorgeously pretty shops 
to tempt you in all of these wonderful treasuries!
~♥ ~
And finally..
For anyone thinking of buying an MJT pattern
over the weekend.... 
just enter the code above into the box at checkout
on ETSY for 25% discount off any single or 
multi pattern deal
12/13th May 2012
Time to get out your needles!

♥ ♥ ♥
I shall leave you now...
Mr.H is building me a cupboard this weekend
and I am the trusted wish us luck friends
...because I really do need a new cupboard 
for all my crafty treasures!
♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you have a happy weekend

Until next time...


  1. Congratulations to the lucky winners, what lovely prizes (more than a little bit jealous!) I don't envy you with all that counting though! Have a lovely weekend Susan, Jenny xxx

  2. A big congrats to the very lucky winners :)
    Awe, Little Candy Bear is adorable!
    I hope the cupboard making goes well this weekend...
    Magie x

  3. Good luck with the cupboard building. Storing craft supplies is an endless problem in our house. Not that it's a bad thing :-) Well done to the winners.

  4. Congratulations lucky winners. Enjoy your prices.


  5. Lucky things! This was a lovely giveaway.

    How exciting to be having a new cupboard, I love storagey things, makes me feel immediately more organised (I am not organised)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Oh how wonderful - it's me!!

    My first ever giveaway win.....thank you so much.

    Will email you my address.

    Thanks again for such a lovely giveaway.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    Fleur xx

  7. your patterns are so adorable, i really must get my hands on one soon and knit an adorable bunny for my daughter,s new baby. she is due end of september. Oh, this could be one of my summer project !
    Susan, i am so happy and feel so privileged to be one of the lucky winner! i left all details on your Fb contact link, if there is a problem, please, do let me know !
    Thank you so much again ! sending many hugs and love xoxoxo

  8. Congratulations to the lucky winners of your fab giveaway! I hope the cupboard building goes well this weekend and you have fun arranging your crafty treasures in it! (Love the sweet bunny, I'm not surprised she has been included in so many treasuries!)
    Hope it's a sunny day for you, Susan!
    Helen x

  9. Well done to the lucky winners. I hope you get your cupboard sorted Susan. The sun has finally out here ...hope it is for you too,have a lovely weekend,
    Jane x

  10. Congratulations to the lucky winners sob! sob! they are lovely prizes!

    Have a great weekend

    Amanda :-)

    at Crafty in the Med

  11. Oh, I do wish you luck as the "assistant". In our house that means I watch and fetch and watch and fetch and then take the blame for whatever goes wrong. LOL. Hope it is much more fun doing carpentry at your house!

  12. Congratulations to the winners. Lucky things!

  13. Hello sweet Susan, I love your gorgeous photos and I am very happy for the winners! They will enjoy their beautiful prizes very much! Candy Bear is adorable and so sweet and pretty! I am not surprised she has been featured in so many treasuries! Enjoy the cupboard making with Mr. H! I look forward to seeing it! Have a lovely weekend! Much love, Paula xoxo

  14. I loveeeeeeeeeee your blog :O) Klem Betina

  15. A big congratulations to the lucky winners, and a big Thank You to Susan, your giveaways are just beautiful. Big hugs, Margie.

  16. WOW! SUSAN!

    I have never ever seen so many entries for a giveaway! CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!!!! Oh how bright and happy is your blog my dear. HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!! Anita

  17. Congratulations to the lucky winners, what lovely prizes :)
    Awe, Little Candy Bear is adorable!

    Have a nice weekend.


  18. So very pleased to meet you and thanks so much for sharing. Congratulations to the very lucky winner. I will follow on my way out so I know the path back to your special place. I hope you will find the time to come visit me soon and do the same. I look forward to supporting and engaging together. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  19. Your givaway was nice ! :) And Candy is so cute, she looks realy soft and understanding... No wonder she's got so much success !

  20. congratulations Ladies, enjoy your goodies.
    Bertie x

  21. Congratulations - I've just been and done a wee shop - thanks so much for the discount

    Debbie xx

  22. Congrats to the winners.. I will keep trying!!The little bear is just the cutest thing ever!
    Love it!
    Shari :)

  23. Congratulations to the winners, wow that is a lot of entries!

    I've just been buying your adorable tearoom mice pattern, love it so much!

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Lori xx

  24. Congrats to the happy winners! And - OMG - Candy bear is swet as candy! Happy mothers day Susan!

  25. Congratulations to those two lucky ladies.........and let's hope your cupboard building excercise with your beloved goes well Susan and you have much fun filling it with pretty things. xx

  26. Hi Debbie,,,You are very welcome...thanks so much for your lovely custom!...xx

  27. I love you patterns so much and shall be purchasing several of your cute patterns if my pregnancy goes well.
    Im glad I stumbled across your blog because it is beatiful.

  28. P.s congratulations to those two very lucky ladies.

  29. Thank you so much Victoria..and welcome to my blog!...x

  30. Congratulations and happy wishes, to the deserving winners! What generous gifts you have so lovingly blessed others with, Mary Jane!
    Have a lovely week!
    Carolynn xoxo

  31. Congrats to the VERY luck winners! And congrats to you for having been included in someone's Etsy treasury!

  32. What lucky winners.. your blog is so pretty and happy and lovely. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  33. Congratulations to the winners...pure joy as i have already experienced .xooxoxoxo

  34. Hejsa er så vild med alt hvad du viser her på din blog,så nu vil jeg alså høre kan man købe nogen af de stoffer,bånd samt knapper kan godt se du henviser til en side men her kommer intet frem så jjeg er nok bare lidt dum :-) Er så vild med alt hvad Cath Kidson har er lige kommet hjem fra london hvor jeg selvfølgelig lige var inde og hilse på men desværre var der slet ingen stoffer og mange af deres ting var væk :-(Knus Else
    Du kan evt skrive til mig på min mail

  35. Congratulation to your special winners! I just love seeing what you are sharing:)

  36. Congratulations to the winners! What a lovely giveaway!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and following me. I'm very flattered.

  37. Lucky winners, and thank you for following my blog, love Claire xx

  38. Good morning sweet Susan!!! What WONDERFUL RESULTS INDEED from so many people! I think.....NO, I KNOW my name was in there for I remember coming and thinking I had NEVER seen so many comments on a blog before!!! Your wares and giveaways are so beautiful!

    Thank you dearest for coming to visit me! Oh, if you were to just come to visit and see all the blogs that will participate in the link party,you will enjoy yourself! You are kind to drop in!

    Have a lovely day; I hope your weather is beautiful out there. We are getting MUCH NEEDED RAIN!!