Friday 29 October 2010

Ashley's Cushion.....

Come in friends...
 the tearoom door is always open!
Pull up your chair while I show you.. 
'Ashley's Folk Cushion'

I do hope you like it....

As you probably know, if you are a regular visitor to the tearoom,
Ashley has now started her course at university
and I wanted to make her something
that she could take with her...

I am really pleased how her cushion turned out,
 as I only had a few days to design and knit it
(a sudden spark of inspiration!) 
I love the rustic feel of the felted tweed wool, which is a lovely Winter yarn
and this project turned out to be a very relaxing and enjoyable knit on the circular needles,
which I could carry around in my bag and knit wherever I may be
(no increases or decreases, only knitting round and round
and adding lovely colours!)
I used Ashley's room for inspiration...
and as you can see she loves hearts and there are a lot of Swedish influences..
This painting, by Ashley, is the city centre at night.
It is painted on a large canvas which hangs in her room...
...and I LOVE it!


Wishing you a lovely, creative weekend...


  1. That cushion is gorgeous! All that work, such patience you must have. Asleys` painting is also very striking. What a talented lot you are. x

  2. what a beautiful cushion,lucky ashley
    that painting is very lovely too
    hugs sandra x

  3. Thank you Joy for the lovely comments (and I will let Ashley know that you like her painting too!)

  4. Thank you Sandra and Ashley will be thrilled that you like her art work,
    Susan x

  5. How lovely to have developed your own individual style at such a young age, well done Ashley, I love your painting. The cushion is gorgeous Susan, I'm not familiar with that yarn but it looks wonderfullly soft. Wishing Ashley all the best for a great time spent at University. Eli x

  6. Thank you, Eli for the lovely comments and I will pass on your good wishes to Ashley when she returns for a few days next week!
    Susan x

  7. I LOVE that cushion, the colours are gorgeous and I am sure it will be a wonderful comfort and reminder of her Mum when she's away on this next part of her life. My Mum gave me a Bear when I went and it always helped me :) I wish her a fabulous time. Hugs, Catherine x

  8. Thank you for the kind comments, Catherine.
    I do think that something made with love is such a special gift when you are embarking on so much change. I am so proud of Ashley for taking it all in her stride. It will be Leah's turn next year. Too much change for me!
    Susan x

  9. Susan, I wonder could you tell me where you bought those lovely yarns? Thanks Jenny x