Friday 15 October 2010

An MJT Celebration!

Welcome, to all you lovely friends out there!
Come in, sit down and take a break
with a pot of tea and cupcakes while we announce the
MJT Giveaway Winner!
Drawn out by Leah
our winner is...
If you could contact me here
with your address details
and your magazine and yarn will be wrapped
 and in the post tomorrow.
On another note, I have been really enjoying 
my baking days recently......
....the cupcakes above come
straight from
The best of Mrs.Beeton's Cakes and Baking.....
....lots of lovely recipes...
 and of course her very sensible words of advice...

...I am trying my best, but often fail dismally!

P.S Lots more MJT Giveaways in the future!
Wishing you a lovely weekend


  1. Ooh yummy! I'll definitely invite myself round for tea. I haven't seen that Mrs B. trio, its so pretty. I have an ancient version which is almost too heavy to lift! Have a happy weekend Susan.

  2. I bought the Mrs. B trio a few years ago. As I remember, it was Christmas time at Marks and Spencer!
    Susan x

  3. Love that Mrs B quote, I remember at school my first cookery teachers phrase was always "Clean as you go" and even now I remember her saying this as I'm cooking, not that I always manage it either ;) Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Hugs, Catherine xx

  4. Thank you, Catherine!
    I don't think we ever forget these words of advice even if they are hard to follow sometimes!
    Susan x