Wednesday 22 September 2010

Daisy's collage & more ETSY treasures .....

Here is DAISY's collage
I am slowly adding these to my labels column
so that anyone who is considering purchasing a knitting pattern 
or is currently working on a project can view a variety of photographs ...
Daisy can be purchased as a PDF pattern
here and in my ETSY shop

or as a printed copy by post
in my EBAY shop
...and here is another lovely
ETSY Treasury

(You can click on each of the photographs above 
to take you to the individual crafters' shops)

Thank you so much to
for including


  1. Thank you so much :)
    It's so pretty in here

  2. Thank you for the kind comment.I do like all things pretty!
    Susan x

  3. Dear little Daisy, she's such a cutie and I always love the colours you choose Susan. I'm guessing there could be friend or two in production! I'm finding it very difficult to get back to my knitting after the summer break (still doing some much needed decorating). I've recently had exchanges with an aggressive Serbian buyer who although I know for sure he'd downloaded each pattern he demanded a refund insisting patterns not received. My offer of replacements or paper copies sent snail mail would not satisfy him. As I refused his demands I'm now stuck with his 3 negative feedbacks. Any more like this and I think I'll close my shop!! Have you ever had buyers like this I wonder?

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Eli.
    I know exactly what you mean about getting back to some serious knitting. I have been very distracted with my eldest daughter going to university!
    Oh dear,I am so sorry you have had problems with a buyer.I feel so upset for you as it is so undeserved.
    I am aware that there are options on ETSY to correct this if you contact them and they will help you to resolve the problem.It must be very distressing when you are such a wonderful and conscientious seller (and you know I love to read your blog.Always so interesting and entertaining!)
    I hope ETSY can sort it out for you as you are far too talented to ever consider closing your shop!
    Susan x

  5. Your bunnies & teddies are so very pretty!


  6. Hi
    Thank you for your nice comment. Daisy is so cute, just have to love her!

    Wish you a nice evening :)
    Hug T

  7. Thank you so much Jayne for the lovely comment!
    Susan x