Sunday 19 September 2010

Scrumptious linen fabrics ....

I recently came across this lovely fabric by
 in one of my favourite magazines
Homes and Antiques
and loved it so much that I have placed an order.
I am going to make two scatter cushions for the living room,
which should mix well with those I have made in the past from my vintage fabrics
and also some lavender scented hearts as Christmas gifts
(and for our living room too!)
The pictorial, linen fabric will be perfect to make quite a few pretty hearts.
Hopefully, all from one metre of fabric.
After some deliberation......
... I have chosen....
Daschund Print - Red
A lovely, fun kitsch design.
The beautiful linen is sourced from
Kirkcaldy, in Scotland
and I am now waiting eagerly for it to arrive.
 I know that I will love it!
I'm also thinking of using the
Dalmation Spot
fabric in our kitchen.
(I would like to make some roller blinds)
Another favourite is the
.... I am sure I can think of something for this too!
Emily's website includes some lovely homeware
and beautiful bespoke wallpaper is also available in each of the designs
(maybe it is time to do some decorating around here!)

Wishing you a lovely week ahead
Amongst other things,
 I am going to be busy knitting!


  1. beautiful fabrics,that dalmation spot is scrumptious,may have to go and have a look :0)

  2. Hello Sandra,
    Yes, the dalmation fabric is beautiful. I think it would have been my first choice if it had matched the colours in my living room!