Tuesday 28 September 2010

A Birthday Treat to the Bronte Parsonage...

Hello friends!
I hope life is treating you well.
I thought I would tell you a little bit about my wonderful birthday weekend. As a special treat we visited the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth on Sunday. I have visited twice before over the years, but the exhibitions change regularly and so it is always worth a revisit. So, we packed our picnic basket and headed to Bronte Country...
It was quite dark and windy up there on Sunday afternoon, although it certainly added to the atmosphere!
Unfortunately, photographs cannot be taken in the house, which contains all kinds of treasures from clothing, paintings, drawings, cross stitch samplers to original writings (I particularly loved Charlotte's exquisitely made wedding bonnet and Emily's painting box which was beautifully engraved with her name on a brass plate)
So here are some of my photographs that I would like to share with you of the parsonage, the surrounding village and the pretty railway station (which also has a beautiful steam train).....
Pretty flowers growing against the parsonage wall...
...the parsonage garden overlooking the church below...
....beautiful old trees in the front garden...
...one of the many pretty cottages in the village...
....lovely gift shops...
...a station billboard...
....Howarth Railway Station ....
You can read more about the station here

...and the stunning countryside...
A truly perfect birthday!
You can read more about the
Bronte Parsonage and Bronte Society here
A view down a cobbled  street in Howarth village

Wishing you a lovely week!


  1. happy birthday! what a beautiful place, thank you for sharing the lovely photos and a taste of bygone times
    sandra x

  2. Thank you, Sandra!
    I have to say the Bronte Parsonage is such an inspiring place!
    Susan x

  3. These pictures are all gorgeous! I took a peek in your Etsy shop, the bears and rabbits are ADORABLE.
    Have a lovely evening. xx

  4. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Beautiful pictures.

  5. Thank you Saskia for your lovely comments and for visiting my ETSY shop,
    Susan x

  6. Thank you for the lovely comments, Jenny. It is a lovely place to explore if you make a visit to England!
    Susan x

  7. Aaah! Haworth how wonderful..... lucky you Susan. Looks like you had a fun day to remember. Whenever I visit Haworth the skies are leaden and, as you say, it definitely adds to the atmosphere. The interior of the Parsonage is wonderful. I will always remember the size of the tiny shoes and gloves, they would scarcely fit a child these days. What miniature ladies the sisters must have been. Did you visit the old chemist's shop I wonder?

  8. Yes, I am always so amazed at the shoes which are so tiny and so perfectly made!
    I didn't visit the old chemist's shop this time but I did notice things I had previously missed such as the lovely pasture behind the parsonage.
    Just beautiful!
    Susan x

  9. Wonderful pictures! And happy birthday to you!

    Tino x

  10. Happy Late Birthday wishes to you...looks like a perfect time!

  11. Thank you Jackie,
    Yes, I had a perfect day to remember in Bronte Country!
    Susan x

  12. I would love to be entered into this draw. Avid follower. Mitch.

  13. Please enter me into your draw. Follower. Tina M F

  14. happy birthday, susan. absolutely stunning pictures. thank you so much for sharing pictures of the bronte's parsonage. i just read a biography of the bronte's recently, and it's such a treat to see the actual parsonage.

    my daughter maggie and i are hoping to catch the new film, jane eyre this weekend. i imagine it's playing in england, too.