Friday, 4 April 2014

A Spring Giveaway!

mary Jane's Tearoom
Spring Giveaway 
...fabric covered buttons...
...pretty wrapping paper...
...and gift tags...
(Cath Kidston)
...pastel yarn...
Debbie Bliss
Baby Cashmerino in the following shades
primrose x 50g
baby pink x 50g
plus baby blue or mint x 50g
...and a notebook for those crafty projects...
(Cath Kidston)
♥  2 winners 
both receiving the treats above
...and all you have to do is...
1. simply add your comment in the box below

2. if you are a follower and would like a second chance 
just add a second comment
(you can follow here on the blog/ Facebook / Bloglovin )
3. share on your blog/facebook for a third entry
(there's a small pic in the sidebar if anyone would like to use it)

(please add a comment for each entry as it makes adding up much easier) to all wherever you may be...
(please make sure I am able to contact you
or remember to come back and check if you are a winner!)

2 Winners will be chosen using the 
Random Number Generator
and published here on the page
Closing date 
17th April 2014
Good Luck!
and thank you so much for taking part
to all who enter

Thank you too to everyone who ever visits my blog
or my shops and joins me on the magic carpet....x

Can I share my surprise cake with you too?
Lovely daughters arrived home from uni 
with my wonderful cake, beautiful roses and gifts was a special day and I'm counting my blessings....
(and Mr.H served the ladies a wonderful Sunday roast too!)

snapshots of a perfect day

Take care
Happy Weekend 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

♥ Loveliness....

...I've been more than just a little lucky recently...
having won no less than 3 very lovely giveaways! 
My beautiful silver 'Daisy' necklace 
...sparkling in the afternoon sun...
was made by the lovely and very talented Jane of 
Jane's Journal
...which arrived with one of Jane's pretty handmade cards...
and by coincidence matches the fabrics sitting on my desk 
(some old and some new for a spring/summer quilt)
Jane's cards are beautifully detailed
...always special...
...I also received a gorgeously pretty handmade tag...
which will soon be hanging on the magic cupboard door
...if you'd like to see more of Jane's work
you can find it here in her lovely ETSY shop
Thank you Jane...x
(there are so many admirers here I'll definitely have to find a secret hiding place :-) 
....I've been extremely lucky in Jane's Giveaways and I'd definitely like her 
by my side when I buy a lottery ticket! )
my lucky run continued when I won Caroline's 
utterly lovely Giveaway from
...gorgeous trimmings and pretty twine...
...buttons in all shapes, sizes and colours...
(tiny man definitely likes them too...
in fact he came out of the dolls' house to have a good look  :-) )
Ooh...and beautiful fabrics in favourite pastel shades
...if you love all things haberdashery 
you will definitely enjoy a visit to 
(and Caroline's gorgeously pretty handmade
bunting can be found here too)
Thank you lovely Caroline..x
(I 'm already dreaming of those lovely future projects :-)  )
 ...Oh my goodness...and also...
lots of pretty ribbons and Ric Rac too 
from lovely Deborah at 
(and Deborah also has a wonderful online shop
full of all things pretty and vintage here )
Thank you Deborah...x
...and then... 
...just a few days ago....
...I received a surprise package...
a beautiful handmade scrapbook from a dear customer
every page perfectly decorated with extra cards too
 ...ready to fill with special moments...  
Thank you Elaine..x
All such lovely gifts to receive......feeling lucky indeed...x
(apologies for using 'pretty' 'lovely' 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous' so often today just had to be...there was no way out with so much 'loveliness' !  :-)  )
and so much kindness needs to be repaid of course
...oh yes...definitely...
...back soon with all the details of my Giveaway... 
Can you believe we're already in 
the middle of March?

Take care
Hope you have a wonderful week
everyone x

p.s...the little crochet circles in the top pic
are intended for a cushion using yarn left overs
I love the colours...x

Friday, 28 February 2014


A welcome burst of 
...pretty tulips spreading happiness from my dear SIL...
(heralding the beginning of a wonderfully colourful week)
...we all enjoyed afternoon tea too...everyone together...
it was a lovely day :-)...
...mid-week treat...banana loaf....(lovely with butter)
made from Mary's all time favourite...
it's a really quick and easy recipe which freezes well too
and is wonderfully moist and tasty..x
I brightened up one of the walls in the craftroom too ...
...hoops with fabric scraps and embroidery...
every now and again I can swap them around
(birds and flowers are always favourites)
...and added a group of small mirrors...
I made some cords in different 
colours of twisted cotton 4 ply to hang them..
(the magic cupboard can just be seen standing on the opposite wall through the mirror there...)
Do you remember my drawers?...the Annie Sloan paint is standing the test of time
and Mr H painted the wall for me in 'Old White''s gorgeously chalky...
 tHaNk yOu! 
to everyone who sent me a link
to the ETSY shop where I finally found a 2.75mm Clover Amour hook 
which is sitting happily in the sunshine this morning in my blue spotty jug ..
and which arrived in just a short few days from across the water
(it's the little yellow one :-) )

One of my favourite magazines arrived today too
...also full of gorgeous colour!
(there's a lovely 'Spring Lunch' feature by Selina Lake....very pretty!!!)
If you remember my yarn on the shelves at the beginning of the year
I'm busy now working on a completely new project
....something quite different for me...
it's early days but seems to be going well
and I'll hopefully be able to show you a little of it soon...x
...and lastly... 
(on a completely different colour note!)
the yarn I've chosen for our aran jumper
(which definitely equals cake in my book!)
Virtual Yarns
Hebridean 3 ply in Selkie
(this shade was also used in the Cats and Mice blanket
and so I knew it to be extremely lovely  )
I say 'our' as I'm not sure who will end up being the owner here... :-)
(we may share it..all the ladies of the house have been consulted!
I bought the book a long time ago and this design on the front cover
got the overall vote)
It's going to be a project to enjoy picking up when I'm putting my feet up
and it's nice to have a few different kinds of projects to work on...x

Time to go...

Wishing you 
a weekend of happy 
Love always

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Peaches, Citrus & Ginger....

...a peachy little mouse sitting on my desk...
brightening up these dark winter days
(and soon to go on a special mission)
 photo NarcissusBlog_zps94d9622e.jpg
and how are you...are the winter days being kind to you?...I do hope so...x
Our narcissus(tête-à-tête)pictured here are 
just beginning to open and for only a few pence 
they are certainly brightening these gloomy days... :-)
 photo 4a6ced65-b531-4bae-bb68-3857f64d773a_zpsabf4f50b.jpg
Keeping warm and busy creating seems the best option at the moment...
on Saturday afternoon I enjoyed making a little
pot holder from this pretty Japanese crochet book
 photo Blog5_zps34b00f35.jpg
... it's also included in a collection of patterns in an English text book here...
(still using only symbol charts though)
made with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino from my yarn stash
in pretty pastel shades
 photo Blog2_zps8c47a2a4.jpg
and it's a good feeling indeed to make something 
pretty and useful from leftover yarn that maybe
seemed destined to have no purpose
...just too good to waste...
 photo Blog4_zps2329cf58.jpg
I'm searching for a Clover Amour 2.75mm hook as they are perfect for me
but can't seem to find this size anywhere...would you let me know if you see one?
I think I may hang my little pot holder on the wall
(will take a pic on a brighter day if I do) 
I'm planning to try another design in different shades now
... very happy baking ...
Delia's 'Damp Gingerbread' was a joy to make (and eat :-))
(even better in our view after a couple of days stored in an airtight tin)
and you can find the recipe in     
'Delia's Cakes' 
(in both the old and new versions of the book...and I've just noticed when adding the link here
 that the new version is currently available for only £5 on Amazon/free delivery... RRP £25!)
Ooh...definitely a's a beautiful book x
 photo cb7a2da2-eff6-4c43-8aa8-53011b773183_zpsf7d53b12.jpg
...little peachy mouse at the top
   was made using the
'Winter Mice at the TEAROOM' Knitting Pattern
(I'll add the yarn details...just 2 balls plus DK oddments...and other notes including creating the 
legs using dpns (no seams) on the pattern ideas page here over the next few days 
for anyone who would like to make her this way)
 photo Blogpinklemoncollage_zps368c8e86.jpg
...and ..
 photo Desk_zpsfd227bb1.jpg for my Ball Mason jar brightening up the craftroom...

Lastly, sorry for my later than intended post which would have been ready a week ago...
...all down to very dark days followed by a few problems with Blogger of late for me
......unable to comment on blogs with pop up boxes (now resolved)...
and now problems uploading pics so I've have had to add them by html from Photobucket fingers crossed this post is ok ..I'll be holding my breath when I press publish! 

 photo Blog3_zps29e0c6f0.jpg
♥  Love  ♥
Hope you're having a happy, creative week everyone
and thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my last post  x
the kitchen is calling this morning.....Banana Loaf ...
followed by an afternoon of knitting and blog visiting...sounds good?
Take care
 photo Crochet_zpsf90c83e2.jpg
P.S Have chosen my pattern and yarn for 
an Aran jumper after consulting with all the ladies of this house
...will show you our choice in the next post x
(awaiting yarn to arrive)

update....thank you so much everyone for the hook links!
...i've now purchased a 2.75mm Clover Amour from here 
...on lovely ETSY ....
(and postage was discounted following purchase making
delivery to the UK very reasonable too ♥)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

♥ Happiness is....

...a very happy flower cushion...
made using leftover yarns and with no particular plan...
...and it's been a perfect project to start off the New Year.. 
... happy indeed ...
I did ponder about adding a picot border...
Mr.H said 'yes, definitely' I went with it...
and now I think he was right
(I should maybe trust his opinion more often on such things... :-)  )

(I love being here working away with the radio on ....
it's bright and colourful ...everyone enjoys spending time in here...even the non-crafters among us! blue Ball Mason jars were a happy find on Ebay and I'm thinking I'll use them for flowers too)

...someone has their eye on my little cushion..
It's so funny how we all seem to give our makes away, isn't it?
...but then it's such a good feeling to know that something you
have made makes someone else really is the best ♥ 

(I'm loving my new Pip Studio address book...although now I do need to actually sit and fill it!)
...lots of favourite colours in my flowery cushion...
it measures 30 x 30cm which is a size I've always liked to mix with larger cushions 
and I've used one of my favourite yarns
Luckily, I had just enough leftover yarn left to make the front, back and border edging....just...
(the flowers, leaves and twisted cord stem are a mix of aran and dk Rooster Almerino oddments)
I need lots more cushions in my space though too...
it's feeling a little sad on this front I plan to work on it through the year...
maybe some knitted and patchwork cushions to mix in as well
(there are lots of fabric pieces and yarn oddments in the cupboard that can be put to good use:D)

(It's created a lovely, dense fabric which feels gorgeously thick and gloriously soft)
 ...the reverse side...
...for those times when maybe not feeling so flowery...
...and so...
continues to bring a welcome calmness around here 
...long may it continue...I'm feeling 2014 could be a good one for us all...x
(and there's also a beautiful blue sky here this morning with only a scattering of clouds
...those extra few minutes of light each day are more than welcome too)

I'm enjoying planning some knitting projects
and feel I'd also really love to knit another Aran jumper...
I haven't knitted one for quite some time although I've been wanting to...
...will hopefully be able to show you my final choice next post...
I'm trying to decide between revisiting an old and much loved pattern or maybe something new 
('something new' seems to be winning but either way 
I'll definitely be returning to my old friend at some point soon which holds some lovely memories )
(I'm also hoping to use some of this gorgeous pure wool in a project...
although maybe not quite all the colours at the same time!)
My list is getting very long...but it's all good...

...well...time to go...

...hope you're having a wonderful crafty week...
...thank you as always for calling by...and for so many kind 
comments on my last's been lovely visiting 
everyone and reading about your plans for a new crafty year
which is always inspiring
...♥ take care ♥...

Back soon