Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Autumn knitting and a crochet catch up...

Can you see those little stitches around the edges of the sleeves up there?
It could be the work of a little elf....or simply sock yarn working its magic...
either way this is a little bear whose definitely feeling much cosier 

My new bedroom cushion is made from leftover Rooster Almerino Aran
which is a long time favourite yarn and I'm so happy that it hasn't been wasted
I used the ever popular Sunburst Granny Square 
on both the front and back which can be found here
(using just the first 4 rounds)

...loving these autumn evenings...♥

..lots of knitting in progress at the moment...
and I'm going to search my yarn stash to make a new crochet cushion
..hopefully something in autumn shades...

Fingers crossed I should be posting a little more often from now on
I've missed not being here over recent weeks
I appreciate the slow, peaceful pace of blogging ever more these days :-)

♥ x

Hope you've had a good start to your autumn projects
and are enjoying a happy, crafty week everyone

Back soon

Take care

x x ♥ x x x

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

A crafty week...


have you had a good week? 

I'm enjoying a lovely, quiet afternoon here and so it seems the perfect time
for a little update of my making over the last few days

1. Knitting tiny bear and doll dresses (and cardigans) with more favourite sock yarns
(I love knitting these little dresses 'top down' with no sewing)

2. Indexing all my colourful new yarns (oh yes...I'm very strict with myself these days)...

3. Crocheting a new cushion using all those yarn oddments 
Rooster yarn is definitely too good to waste and it feels like I'm getting something lovely for free?..
(although I'll inevitably give it away once complete!)
Above is the front and the back will be a single Sunburst in a large granny square.
(currently half complete)

4. Also, I've been making a few more pastel granny squares for my blanket 
...which after a little break I'm now feeling inspired to finish...
(progress pic next time ;-) )

..and in between...doing my best to tidy my workroom 
(now that's the difficult one because there will always be something else I'd rather do..
....I think it will always remain a work in progress :D  ) to pick up my needles...

Wishing you happy crafty week

Back soon 


P.S This week I'm also going to try to make friends with my super high tech and slightly scary new laptop... 
can't help feeling out of my comfort zone....but onwards and forwards and hopefully all will be well....xx

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Sunday morning....

(enjoying a morning with my yarn, needles and books x)

x Happy Sunday x

...wishing you a new week full of all good things...

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Happy woolly things....

Hello everyone...
First, I have to say a huge thank you for the feedback on the latest knitting pattern
It's been really lovely to receive your kind messages, photos of little jackets made in so many different yarns and colours 
and also to read that everyone seems to have found the pattern easy to follow and fun to do.
As you can see from the pics above and below, my love of playing with sock yarn continues and I'm planning to 
make some frilly edged bear/doll dresses, frock coats and cardigans in lots of different yarns 
(hopefully becoming a pattern in the future which will be perfect for more sock yarn busting ;-) )
....meaning more clothes rails will be needed very soon x.... 
...and the 2 yarns on the left of the photo just above are for the beginnings of a shawl one extra skein in a mixed minty shade which I've since purchased...
(and all the left overs will be well used for mini clothes...of course! )  

...hope you're enjoying your Sunday wherever you may be...

it's thankfully cool and damp here after our mini heatwave
(although I did manage to keep knitting through the heat...hurrah!)

...wishing you a week...

...back soon...
P.S...I may be asked...
my new favourite sheep mug was purchased at Hogben Pottery

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