Monday, 25 January 2016

The lights are on.....

These are dark winter days in our corner
(it really has been impossible to work without a light in the last week)
...but it's lovely indeed to be finally back in my favourite place...
(have I mentioned how much I love being here? ;-) )
~ ♥ ~
I don't tend to think I've been anywhere near as productive as I
had planned hoped to be until I look back on a year through my photographs
...above are a just a few of my favourites...

 I've also really enjoyed working with my lovely friend Nancy through 2015
on the Dutch translations of my patterns which have proved to be very popular 
(the next available pattern on the list will hopefully be Little Yarn Dolls : Method 2 )

Putting together the doll kits was another highlight of the last year
(they travelled safely to all corners of the globe!)
and for those who have inquired, there will hopefully be a few batches 
available here during the year in between working on new patterns

...and so... 
I'm really looking forward to everything 2016 may bring
with lots of projects on the go to share with you here on the blog
(although I'm thinking I really need to show some restraint right now 
and not buy any more least just for the's not easy though, is it? ;-) )
...and I've knitted at least 2/3 of the front of my aran jumper amongst other things

...I'm also hoping to open the doors here more often...


~ ♥ ~

 P.S...are you on instagram?... 
...I just may see you there soon ;-)...

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Friday, 27 November 2015

Doll Knitting : Method 2

Thank you so much everyone 
for the lovely response to the 
...'Little Yarn Dolls' Knitting Pattern...
it's been so very busy here and I've been 
preoccupied ever since putting together a second version 
of the pattern as requested which is worked on 2 knitting needles
~ ~
Little Yarn Dolls : Method 2 for those knitters who prefer to work 'back and forth'
then seam the pieces to create their doll
(the 'in the round' version is available here and here )
I'm very happy with how all the little dolls have turned out
and enjoyed creating both versions
Both look exactly the same when finished although made quite differently
and it's really just down to how you prefer to knit ;-)
There are lots of new photographs in this second version
...and detailed instructions for the neatest way to finish...
3mm Knitting Needles
Double Knitting Yarn
Easy to apply hair
Frilly dolly skirt is removable 
(and there's also the option of 2 different leg designs with Mary Jane shoes ;-) )

Now available on ETSY, Ravelry and here on the blog...
(more details in the listings)
For anyone who prefers to purchase on ETSY but would like to save the pattern 
to their Ravelry library just send me a quick message and I can send it to you x

I hope everyone who tries the patterns enjoys
their doll making x

...and finally..
I've now started knitting my aran sweater 
which I spoke about some time ago...a long time ago(!)...
(I would understand completely if you don't remember!)
I'm hoping to take some photographs of my progress next the week 
(dark wool and equally dark days here at the moment mean I'm expecting it may not be an easy 
task but promise I'll do my best ... I'm really enjoying returning to aran knitting! ;-)

...until then...

hApPy wEeKeNd aLl

P.S ...the little doll at the top of the post who is included in the new pattern
is called 'Blossom'....made in lovely silvery tones of blue, pink and brown x

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

'Little Yarn Dolls' knitting pattern...

Little Yarn Dolls
Mary Jane's TEAROOM

..DK yarn...
...3mm knitting needles...
basic knitting stitches...worked 'in the round'
...minimal sewing...
...doll body is stuffed as you knit...
(and it really does feel magical to have a doll appearing 
fully formed on your needles as you work x)
(these little dolls just had to be made in pretty pastel shades)

seamless doll hat and frilly dolly skirt
(skirt stays in place without sewing and could be made 
in lots of different colours for quick changes)
...3 different dolls included for shade ideas...
...very easy and quick to apply hair..
as always I took the photographs
as I made the dolls in my workroom...
(there are lots within the pattern!)

...and while taking my photographs and looking closely through the lens...
I often thought how handmade dolls definitely capture a touch of magic...all so unique... ♥

Available now on ETSY
(soon on Ravelry and here in the TEAROOM Shop x)
(more details on the Etsy listing here)
(If purchased on ETSY pattern can also be sent on Ravelry to be saved to library
....just send me a quick message with your Ravelry name x)

I hope anyone who makes a Little Yarn Doll enjoys the pattern
as much as I enjoyed making them

For any questions feel free to contact me anytime :-)

Back soon with my new project


Update...Little Yarn Dolls are now available on Ravelry and here in The Tearoom Shop x

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