Saturday, 9 July 2016

A Little Bear Knitting...

It's so lovely to be back here in our little space and oh my, how the time has just flown by...
can we really be in July? ...It seems the answer is a resounding... yes!
I've been completely absorbed in making...pattern writing...taking photos... 
and in between enjoying some much needed house decorating...
and it feels good to gradually be seeing more freshly painted white walls
♥ ♥ ♥
...and so...
I have 2 new little people with me...,sitting up there on my desk...
...2 new TEAROOM knitting patterns...
available as single patterns or a 2 pattern deal
(they've spent a serious amount of the time with me in recent weeks
and not surprisingly are extremely impatient to find some alternative company ;-) )

A TEAROOM Boy and Girl Bear
Honey-coloured small alpaca bears with soft ears 
wearing Mary Jane Shoes and Bear Boots

Made using 3 shades of alpaca DK and with minimal sewing
(both body and clothes are seamless) and with easy to apply yarn eyes

If anyone would like to make a little bear they are now available to be 
instantly downloaded on ETSY  (all details in the listings) Ravelry and here on the blog 
(there will be the alternative method as requested too and I'll now update here on progress as I work.
I considered releasing both versions at the same time but thought I may end up a little dizzy
going round and round and back and forth!)
♥ ♥ ♥
Thank you so much to everyone who left such kind comments, shared  and messaged on Facebook yesterday seemed so long since I had posted I thought my page may have disappeared into the vapour.....
but it turned out to be an overwhelmingly lovely afternoon x

Thank you too for the emails asking where I might be...
I'm definitely here and have ...ooh...sooo many plans...all whirling around in my head...
..a few more hours in the day would be most welcome too though..
(I think I'm always going to feel like the white rabbit but I'll happily live with it now ;-) )

Well, I'm planning a quiet weekend with some knitting, crochet and lots of tea..'s too wet for the garden as we've had so much rain...
I may even manage to take some pics of recent projects and good books bought recently
(I need to show some restraint though as I'm definitely running out of shelf space around here!)

Wishing you a lovely weekend 
and a new week full of all good things

Back soon

xxxxx ♥ ♥ xxxxx

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