Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wool News....

Thank you so much everyone for the
kind birthday wishes in the last post

A happy time was had and lovely daughters
made my all time favourite carrot cake
(I have new needles too which I'll show you next time)

...and here's my new yarn swift....actually my new best friend...
your loved ones will be forever grateful for this too :-) 
If you haven't seen one before it's a simple and 
very practical Amish design...easy to use then pack away...
with a non-slip base so it will sit firmly on a table top
while spinning around.

It's made by ChiaoGoo
and you can find it here and lots of other places online
Basically a wheel with pegs to slot in to fit your skein size
(all the sizes are clearly marked) 
and whether winding by hand or using a yarn winder
(like the one here in the sidebar)
it's very quick and efficient...much better I think 
than using an umbrella version (cheaper too)
...and it beats using the back of a chair any day
when there's no one around to lend a hand :-)

...which means I'm all ready to make my aran sweater
(no...I haven't even started it yet...but I am very much 
looking forward to making it when I have some quiet it's all good 
and it may become a perfect winter project :-) )

....and finally...

if you are lucky to be visiting

The Knitting and Stitching Show

Alexandra Palace
(8th - 12th October 2014)

for anyone planning to knit a 
the wonderful 
Jamieson's of Shetland
have put together some doll kits
using their beautiful 100% Shetland Wool
along with some very lovely hair yarn from
Little Oke Dolls

(plus printed copies of the original pattern
and the TEAROOM Doll Hat pattern)

to be found at

Stand Number J45

(from Wednesday!!)

If you have the chance to call and say hello
there will be all kinds of lovely things
to tempt you on their stand...x

...time to go...
...hope you're having a lovely week...
...wherever you may be...

...happy crafting...

x  x x

P.S I hope the pics are ok...still using my dodgy laptop
which I don't wish to be parted from :-) definitely must go for repair tomorrow!

(Any links in my posts are never sponsored
...I just happen to think they are lovely x )

Monday, 22 September 2014

A little crochet time....

As summer reaches its end 
there's just enough time to squeeze in one of my summer crochet makes using 
left over yarns from my stash and buttons which were hiding away in the old button tin
My crochet circles which I showed you some time ago
(quite some time ago! :-) ) are now finally a cushion...
very randomly put together in between working on the dolls pattern...
The flower motif is from the book below.....
( where it's used to make a very pretty and colourful bed/sofa throw )
by Susan Pinner
I used oddments of Belle Organic DK
(now discontinued but the shades are so lovely I have to make sure it isn't wasted)
along with some Rowan Wool Cotton DK in antique 
which creates the lovely dense feel that I like for cushions
(reverse side)
It was a perfect antidote at the end of some very busy days recently
and it really just 'evolved' without a plan which made it even more enjoyable.
I added some small antique pearl buttons and loops on the reverse side so  
the cushion can be easily removed 
and it really was so quick to make this using the JAYGO technique
... joining all the motifs while working the 4th round of each flower.
It's lovely to create something pretty from odds and ends
which otherwise have nowhere to go  :-)
and now it's sitting happily on our bed 
...definitely my 'free spirit' cushion... 
And I really must say a thank you today to Nancy!
...of the beautiful  Dolce Lana Shop in Antwerp
(and who can also be found on Facebook here )
for sending me some of her very lovely merino wool above
...and in so many pretty colours too....
such a surprise when my postman arrived with a box!

...thank much...


 (It will definitely be put to good use)
Now, this is my special cup because it was chosen for me
by my very special 13 year old niece 
and I know you would definitely agree on that one  if you were lucky to meet her
....she's brilliant....and she knows me so well because I do love my new cup
(in fact, I have two lucky is that? :-) ) 

...and finally, how pretty is this soap?
Yes, it is soap (even though it looks good enough to eat :-)  )
Ashley brought this home yesterday for me after a day trip to beautiful York
...purchased from...

(I do feel as though it's my birthday already...but that's on Wednesday)

 ...a confession... 
I haven't taken a pic of my new yarn swift yet
...but I'll be using it in the week so will take some then...
Can I show you next time?
(P.S  I hope the pics are ok...I'm using my now broken laptop with a very dodgy lid...
every time I look at them they look different
....but is there ever a good time to have it repaired?...
I don't think there ever will be and I really must do it this week :-) )

...back soon...
...until next time...take care...
...happy crafting...

Any links in my posts are never sponsored
...I just happen to think they are lovely...
...and the little lantern is from Ikea...£2... x

x x  x x

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A TEAROOM Doll knitting pattern

A last minute 'click' of the camera but it captured a little bit 
of unexpected magic and so it's become the cover for the new pattern...

This is a quick post today for everyone who has inquired
about the little hat pattern...
'A  TEAROOM Doll Hat'
is now available 
from the TEAROOM Shop here
from Mary Jane's TEAROOM on Ravelry here
(the pattern can also be saved to your Ravelry library)

(This is Layla wearing her new hat)

To celebrate the launch of the new knitting pattern...

a 50% discount has been automatically applied for a limited period
... a thank you to everyone who has bought

(and made the dolls feel so welcome around here!)
For any customers who prefer to purchase on 
the new pattern will be available tomorrow...   

Created using the same

which is used to make the TEAROOM dolls
and so it will be perfect to make hats and flowers with leftover yarn 
from those projects
There are over 220 shades of this lovely yarn available
 and several shades have been included in the pattern for ideas.

...the pattern includes the following...
1. A Hat to knit 'in the round'
2. A Hat to knit 'flat and seamed'
3. A Knitted Flower
4. A Crochet Flower
5. A Stripy Hat (worked both ways)

Basic knitting skills are required for working
'flat and seamed' or 'in the round and seamless'
(Crochet Flower is created using a magic ring (sliding loop/yarn ring/magic loop!)
... perfect for achieving a tight, neat centre to a flower...
Pattern has written crochet instructions plus a simple symbol chart 
along with UK/ US abbreviations)

Instructions are also given for 'felting' finished flowers
(very easy)

For anyone who purchases the pattern
please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any problems
downloading your pattern or adding the discount code
(You can contact me here, on Facebook or Ravelry)

Have fun x

** UPDATE ....Now available on ETSY
(discount has been automatically applied)


Back soon
(with more news and latest projects)
(and my new yarn swift!)

Take care until next time
(and thank you as always for calling by :-) )


Monday, 25 August 2014

Dolls, hats and flowers.....

...using more lovely Jamieson's DK to make...

 'Tearoom Doll Hats'
(Molly actually has a red version with a blue flower 
...but she seems to have claimed this stripy one too :-)  )
~ ♥ ~
 Thank you everyone 
who has purchased the new  'Dolls from the TEAROOM' knitting pattern
and for leaving such lovely comments on the last post too
It's been such a very busy time around here...
...and now we're all trying out new hats...
(Belle likes hers turned up at one side  :-) )
~ ♥ ~
This little hat pattern will include two variations to be made in the round and seamless...
(Ooh..I love this yarn..)
and a second one which is worked flat and seamed
...both are quick and easy...
(the pink hat below is for Layla and I'll show you a pic of her 
wearing her hat next time as she's on the pattern cover too )
~ ♥ ~
 A crochet flower and a knitted flower will also be included to decorate
along with an option to 'felt' the flowers in a very simple way
(it seems to have become my latest crafty addiction:-) )
~ ♥ ~
There are lots of plans for the months ahead
 and I'll update here with news along the way...
~ ♥ ~

...and post here when the hat pattern is published

(there will also be a code to receive a substantial discount too
so for anyone who plans to purchase please don't miss it
...I'll add it here in the next blog post and on the Facebook page)

(...and it just so happens that the hat will fit the 15" MJT Rabbits too

and so everyone is happy around here :-)  ....)

Thank you as always you for calling by

Hope you have a wonderful week
(the weather's definitely feeling a little cooler around here today)

Take care
until next time

X   X  ♥  X   X

Monday, 7 July 2014

TEAROOM Dolls....a new knitting pattern

...there are new visitors sitting around my workroom...

A new knitting pattern
including 4 variations of an original 14" Tearoom Doll

Decorative dolls with flexible joints designed
to sit unaided with arms forward and legs splayed

 A free PDF is also attached to the main pattern download
for anyone who would like to have the instructions to also make 
a simple cotton pinafore with bias binding straps
(very quick and easy)

Created using 
beautiful 100% Pure Shetland Wool from
in Double Knitting Weight
each doll requiring just a 25g ball of each shade.
I'd definitely recommend using this yarn for the pattern
It creates lovely structured dolls which feel very unique
(and there's also an amazing choice of  220+ shades available
for anyone who would like to customise their own doll)

The dolls hair has been created using a wonderful speciality doll yarn from
Little Oke Dolls
(a fantastic site for doll makers as many will already know)
...a large loop mohair yarn which quickly creates a lovely textured head of hair
and comes in several beautiful shades too....

All the photographs have been taken in my workroom
(there are almost 50 in the PDF pattern
...dressed...undressed...being put together...
along with lots of written instructions and tips)
It's been so much fun photographing them
and putting this pattern together...

(there are 2 shoe styles included plus ankle boots)

I did plan a pattern to include just one doll
....but they quickly began to multiply.....
(...and will continue to do so I'm sure...
definitely forgot just how much fun playing with dolls can be  :-)  )
For anyone who would like to make a Tearoom Doll...
 the pattern to make
along with the FREE project attachment 
it's available from today in my
Etsy Shop

and hopefully later today on Ravelry 
I'll also be listing here in the TEAROOM Shop over the next couple of days 
(I just have to remind myself of the technicalities! )

I'm hoping to add more patterns and projects
for the dolls in the future both for purchase/free ...clothes...accessories...
ways to add hair and using different textures too ect.

Thank you to everyone who has messaged me 
wondering where I could be (?!!)
I did seem to completely forget the time while being a busy bee
(and can we really be in July already?)
So many friends had curiously already guessed what I was making
(and I'm still pondering about that one! :-) )

Any questions about the pattern...
please feel free to contact me by email
or on Facebook

Thank you as always for calling by
...and to anyone who purchases the pattern...
I hope you have lots of fun making your dolls ♥

Take care 
until next time

x x x ♥  ♥ x x x

P.S I should also mention that there's a 'Resource' page
at the end of the pattern with lots of useful links x

The new pattern has been added to the TEAROOM Shop listings
and is also now available on Ravelry
(patterns can also be saved to your Ravelry library 
from the TEAROOM Shop)

Thank you everyone who has already purchased
and for the wonderful feedback!