Sunday, 2 April 2017


 ...this week... 
my snapshots have shouted out one resounding word
'kindness' of which I've definitely been the most lucky recipient x
 My beautiful girls making sure I had the perfect Mother's day best cake (ever!)...
.....whisking away the worries of a difficult week...
 An unexpected parcel arriving in the post from Alison of 
(maker of beautiful tiny wooden buttons which decorate my little bear jackets and shoes)
I now have my very own custom made needle gauge...
...such a surprise!...
Thank you so much Alison x
(and it now holds pride of place on my work room shelf)

Thank you too blog friends 
for taking the time to visit my corner here
and for all the kind comments ...especially recently over those little bear jackets! ;-)
...I do love this creative world we all inhabit x

...and chance yesterday...
on my Instagram travels I came across this quote 
which summed up my thoughts this week...

'Kindness - that simple word. 
To be kind - it covers everything, to my mind. 
If you're kind that's it.'

Roald Dahl

Happy New Week All

x x x x x x

...P.S.... Happy April!...

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

A new translation....

A quick post today... let everyone know who has inquired that the Dutch translation of 'Romeo Bear' is now available for instant download
on Etsy and Ravelry and also in the Tearoom Shop (where there is also the option to save to Ravelry library)
Once again the pattern has been translated by my lovely friend Nancy of Atelier Handgemaakt. 
We've worked together on several translations now which I'm very happy to say have all proved to be popular....
Thank you to everyone who has purchased any of the Dutch patterns and made this such a worthwhile and rewarding project x
(and another plus is that I can now follow Dutch knitting instructions!)
* For any customers who have previously purchased the Romeo Bear pattern and would prefer the Dutch translation 
just send a quick message and I can send you a complimentary copy ♥    

...and it may be very different in your corner... but here...
it continues to be cold, dark and raining...another good reason to stay 
home this Sunday afternoon, keep warm and knit x

wishing you a happy new week

Back soon

x xx x

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