Saturday, 16 May 2015

Yarn love....

Well, I now have lots of knitting and crochet projects 
on the go again...maybe too many but I'm loving the variety...
unintended I've just noticed similar colours seem 
to be recurring and some are shades I don't use very often ;-)...
I've made lots of squares for a cushion and the large square 
above with the little daisy centre is part of the back using 
small yarn remnants...and may change when the front is complete! :-) 


Also, a note too for anyone purchasing doll hair yarn for TEAROOM Dolls.....

Little Oke Dolls large loop mohair (above) is now known as 
'Wild Large Loop Mohair''s beautiful and perfect for any type of doll making 
(also EN71 Toy Safety Certified)
 and is included in the TEAROOM Doll Kits with more shades available too at 
Little Oke Dolls online x
(a perfect place to find all doll making materials x)


Wishing you a happy weekend all

Back soon


P.S  The very pretty handmade yarn bowl was found here on ETSY...I love the colour...
...and I'm happy to report my quilt is now free of all my scribbles...will take a few pics next week x

(* Any links on the blog are just things I've found, bought, and find lovely)

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Stitchin' happy....

...sewing down the binding on the back of my quilt...
(the best part....and always a perfect excuse to spend the afternoon watching an old movie along the way ;-)  )

...fresh summer colour...
(and for once I'm actually ahead with a project ... bring on summer!)

...securing the layers by Stitching in the Ditch...
(also highly recommended for clearing the mind ;) )

...hopefully my border sketching will disappear completely in the wash...
( fingers crossed...I'll soon find out  x  :-)  )

...using my trusty walking foot to stitch gentle border curves...

...I managed to slip in some vintage Laura Ashley fabric...
(purchased some time ago on Ebay in pristine condition and lovely to work with too  x )

(Laura Ashley Home Decoration 1984)
...and I've since found it in one of the old catalogues I've collected over recent years... 
(Laura Ashley Home Decoration 1986)
I also came across this stunning old Florida town house 
...which is just beautiful and reading all about it became quite a distraction from my sewing ... I would love to have a browse through those book shelves too...  



...and so... 
another finished quilt for one of our beds...and it's going into the washing machine today to hopefully remove my border sketching...the wadding should shrink just a little too :-)  ...I've also been working on some crochet (not exactly sure what it's going to be yet... probably a cushion...unless I buy more yarn... but the point was to use up some of the yarn I already have and I need to stick to my intentions once in a while :-)  )...and while my walking foot was gently chugging along to the radio ...I've been pondering long about new knitting projects and which direction to go next on the magic carpet...all to be shared soon along with my 'afterwash' quilt :-)


....back soon with more news....

...hope you have a lovely weekend all...

x take care x


P.S.... Thank you so much for your lovely comments about little Miss Daisy
...she's a darling and her happy nature continues to be wonderfully infectious  x

Friday, 10 April 2015


...a treasure...

The days just before Easter were really dark in our much so that I even had to put the fairy lights on in the workroom to take pics of my quilt strips hanging over the coat hangers on the magic cupboard....192 squares...16 pretty strips of 12 ...ready to be joined for my quilt top...


Having thought hard about which fabric to use for the border I finally decided on the print you can see in the top photograph and below (with a really pretty plaster pink of my most favourite shades)....and an aqua shade to make the binding ...yesterday afternoon I pieced together the backing fabric too (the fine stripe pink above)...and ordered the wadding (batting) after much decision making as I'm using a new variation...which means I'm ready to make my quilt sandwich just as soon as it arrives! (one lovely daughter has made a claim so no time to hang around :) )

I'm also planning to make a daisy themed crochet cushion too making use of more yarn leftovers...I think I'll make the final round of each square white...It does seem a long time since I last picked up my hook as I've been doing so much knitting and it's lovely to be crocheting again in quiet moments...

...and may I introduce you to Daisy?...
...our little pup who we brought home from our local rescue centre at just 8 weeks old in January (pictured above sitting under my table while I  sew) ...she's a little bichon/schnauzer cross and was part of an unwanted litter and we feel very lucky indeed to have'll be seeing much more of her I'm sure as she loves spending time in my workroom and sitting outside the doors on the decking in the sunshine...she's very curious about the flower pots, birds, butterflies and bees...

Back soon

Happy Weekend All


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

This week....

...the sudden burst of sunshine and a blue sky over recent days has inspired me.... finally begin my new quilt which will hopefully be ready for the summer months...something to enjoy between yarny projects...I love the zingy fresh colours...192 pretty squares (overlapped here to fit on my work table!) ...a simple quilt with a deep border using a mix of charm packs and fabric oddments from the magic cupboard including a few more plains, some vintage scraps and a handful of extra white squaresThey've been organised and numbered and are now ready for the machine. Quilts are wonderfully easy to care for, aren't they? Ours are constantly in use and can be washed, dried and back on all the beds in no time at ironing required...I love them...decorative but completely practical too...


The beautiful orchid at the top was a gift from my girls on Mother's Day along with my pretty card ...they spoiled me completely by cooking 
a truly delicious meal of Beef Wellington followed by Peanut Butter and Jelly Brownies with Ice Cream from one of Jamie's recipe books...sooo lovely! really was a perfect day and I was counting my blessings...x

Hope you're having a wonderful week

with sunshine in your corner
(it's a lovely sunny morning here again ;) )

x Back soon x

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


I'm still loving the pretty winter flowering bulbs which
have been happily blooming all around my workroom 
and this one was a particularly lovely surprise 
as I was expecting white flowers
(instead little bursts of pink stars magically appeared)
(Chrystal in her 'Starry' pinafore)

As winter approaches its end
it's been more than just a bit on the cold side here over
the last couple of weeks with even the odd flurry of snowflakes
and so I've enjoyed working on this little pattern while 
keeping warm....made using gorgeous Shetland wool...
...happy in my crafty zone...

☆  'Starry Doll Pinafore'  
Knitting Pattern

Custom made for a 13 - 14" Tearoom Yarn Doll
(a simple colourwork project which doesn't take long to knit)
will be available on Etsy in the next few days!
(followed by Ravelry and also here on the blog)

...and thank you Teresa!
I received this pretty little crochet heart 
along with a beautifully handwritten note in the post 
from lovely blog friend Teresa many of you know...lives a long way away in 
simply stunning Oregon
 (and who is also a wonderful artist and jewellery maker x)

(If you'd like to make your own little heart
you can download the crochet pattern free here 
on Teresa's lovely heartwarming blog x)

(and my little heart is going to have it's own very special place here on my shelves)

 Doll Kits...
There will be more kits available here soon
and if you happen to be visiting
Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015 
14th - 15th March

(he's a handsome fellow...don't you think?)

the very wonderful
Jamieson's of Shetland 

will have more kits available
for all the TEAROOM Yarn Dolls on their stand
(and lots of other woolly loveliness to tempt you too x)

...and you can find lots more information about the festival 

...time to go...
...hope you have a wonderful new week...
...wherever you may be...

x back soon x

♥ ♥