Sunday, 2 July 2017

Sunday morning....

(enjoying a morning with my yarn, needles and books x)

x Happy Sunday x

...wishing you a new week full of all good things...

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Happy woolly things....

Hello everyone...
First, I have to say a huge thank you for the feedback on the latest knitting pattern
It's been really lovely to receive your kind messages, photos of little jackets made in so many different yarns and colours 
and also to read that everyone seems to have found the pattern easy to follow and fun to do.
As you can see from the pics above and below, my love of playing with sock yarn continues and I'm planning to 
make some frilly edged bear/doll dresses, frock coats and cardigans in lots of different yarns 
(hopefully becoming a pattern in the future which will be perfect for more sock yarn busting ;-) )
....meaning more clothes rails will be needed very soon x.... 
...and the 2 yarns on the left of the photo just above are for the beginnings of a shawl one extra skein in a mixed minty shade which I've since purchased...
(and all the left overs will be well used for mini clothes...of course! )  

...hope you're enjoying your Sunday wherever you may be...

it's thankfully cool and damp here after our mini heatwave
(although I did manage to keep knitting through the heat...hurrah!)

...wishing you a week...

...back soon...
P.S...I may be asked...
my new favourite sheep mug was purchased at Hogben Pottery

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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Sock Yarn Bear Jackets...

a very quick post today to let everyone who has asked about 
the Little Bear Jackets know that the pattern is now available on Etsy and Ravelry 
(and for those who like to download from the Tearoom Shop it will be available tomorrow)

** Enter coupon code BEARJ20 for 20% discount on all MJT Knitting Patterns 
from 27th - 29th May 2017 **

The little jackets can be worked 'Bottom Up' ...

...or 'Top Down'...both with very little sewing required...

...and with options to knit the sleeves 'flat and seamed'...

...or 'in the round' ...(which then requires completely no sewing)...

...there are 14 examples of little self-patterning sock yarn jackets in the pattern
and so many more lovely yarns online to choose from.....
(or maybe you could use up all those sock yarn oddments you may have stashed away?)

...the jackets are suitable for Tearoom Bears here and here
or for Little Yarn Dolls here and here ...
(of course you may know someone else who would like to wear one too? )

For anyone who purchases the pattern I hope you have as much fun as I've had
designing and making them....I'm sure I'll be knitting many more in the future...
(I have realised that self-patterning sock yarns are really quite spooky and magical
...they never cease to surprise me... ;-) )

(you will only have to work in stocking stitch and the pattern will just evolve....
nothing complicated)

...and this little jacket...
I can see see blue sky, birds, green rolling hills, lakes, horses, sheep and green meadows
(or maybe I've just been knitting too many jackets? ;-) ) 

...each and every little jacket will be unique...

x All further details in the listings x

Happy Weekend All

Happy Knitting

Back soon

x X X x

(P.S  Update....'Sock Yarn Bear Jackets' knitting pattern is now also listed
 here in the Tearoom Shop)

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Hello again....

First, I have to say thank you everyone for the kind comments on my last post 
(which I've just realised was quite a while ago... where does time go these days?
I can't find the answer but it's definitely good to be here in my space again with you...x
During my time away I've received lots of messages about the 
'Little Sock Yarn Bear Jackets' 
...if the pattern is available...or if not when will it be published...

I can finally say that I plan to set up the listings tomorrow and it will be available 
at some point in the next few days...and I'm really looking forward to sharing it x
There'll be an update here on the blog once it's available with all the important details and links.

In the mean time I hope you like the pics everyone
(one thing I've learned knitting all these little jackets is that sock yarns can be a little spooky...
there's definitely some magic woven in along with those colourful patterns!)

Wishing everyone a happy, crafty new week
full of all good things

(I'm looking forward to lots of visiting in the next few days and catching up with you ;-) )

Back (very) soon

x X x x X x

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