Sunday 17 December 2023

Woodland House 🌲🏡🌲

... Deep in the woods stands a magical little round house ...

New MjT Knitting Pattern

🏡🌲   'Woodland House'  🌲🏡

Several years ago,
 I knitted a small round house to use as a pincushion.
Since then, my loyal little house has always been by my side when I work, 
constantly saving me from loosing all my pins and needles.

And so, this small woollen house has proved to be invaluable 

and it's always been on my list to one day turn it into a knitting pattern.

The new knitting pattern is now available and can be found 

and here in the


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Introductory Offer!

To celebrate the launch of the new knitting pattern

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knitting pattern until 

1st January 2024 (BST) 

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The 'Woodland House' 

 A pincushion 
A special 'little house of wool' for play
A home decoration to display on a shelf


The knitting pattern includes lots of little 
Woodland Houses
in many different shades for ideas
and also includes a festive version.

Also in the pattern ..

Step by step instructions to make your house
Lots of 'in progress' photographs to help along the way.
Useful links to techniques/resources.

(Reverse of House)
Embroidery decoration is optional.

The Woodland House is constructed in a unique way
which creates a perfect structure add decoration.

All further details can be found in the individual pattern listings
on ETSY, Ravelry and in the Tearoom Blog Shop.


To anyone who purchases the new knitting pattern,
I hope you enjoy making your own little woodland house

And if you do enjoy the pattern,
you just may end up with a whole town!

🏡🏡 🏡 🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡 🏡 🏡🏡🏡

Happy Knitting

(*The new knitting pattern will also be available on LoveCraftsKnitting in the coming days)

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