Saturday 13 May 2023

🐑 🌿 🐑 Tearoom Lambs 2

🍃 🐑  'Tearoom Lambs'  🐑 🍃

Method 2 
Knitting Pattern

(Worked 'back & forth' on 2 Single Pointed Knitting Needles)
This is the alternative version of the original 
'Tearoom Lambs' knitting pattern
worked 'in the round' here

🌿 🐑 🌿

The new knitting pattern is available on 

and in the

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Discount ends 19th May 2023 
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All further details can be found in the pattern listings
along with links to more suitable clothing such as 
the little 'Sock Yarn Bear Jacket' worn below


To anyone who purchases the new pattern
I hope you enjoy making the little lambs as much as I've
enjoyed designing and making them myself.
They have quickly become one of my favourite designs!

🍃 🐑 🍃🐑 🍃🐑 🍃

Happy Lamb Knitting


('Tearoom Lambs Method 2' will also be available on
LoveCraftsKnitting in the coming days)

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