Saturday 9 April 2022

🌲🐻 Little Bear Boots and Shoes ...

New Knitting Pattern

Little Bear 'Boots and Shoes'

This is a Supplement to use 
the main knitting pattern

Little Tearoom Bears (Method 1)


Worked 'in the round' on Double Pointed Knitting Needles
... for those who would like to create a little 20cm/8" MjT bear wearing 
Boots or Mary Jane's Shoes and Socks ...

The 'Bear Footwear' integrate with the original pattern seamlessly
using double pointed knitting needles.

The new pattern can be found in the following places ...

(and LoveCraftsKnitting in the coming days)



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* Pattern listings also have a link to the original 
Little Tearoom Bear (Method 1) Knitting Pattern
which is also included in the above offer.


All further details in the individual pattern listings found through the links above.

hApPy kNiTtInG

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