Friday 29 April 2022

🌲🐻 'Little Bear Boots and Shoes' 2!

New Knitting Pattern

This is a Supplement to use 
the original 20cm/8" bear knitting pattern.


This version of the pattern is worked 'back & forth' on 2 Single Pointed Knitting Needles 
then seamed to finish.
(Both the bear and boot/shoe patterns are already available to work 'in the round')
This supplement is for those who would like to create a 20cm/8" MjT Bear 
wearing Boots or Mary Jane's Shoes and Socks.
The new footwear integrates with the original knitting pattern and is not removable.


The new 'Bear Boots and Shoes' (Method 2) knitting pattern 
can be found in the following places ...

and here in the 

(also LoveCrafts in the coming days)
(Above is an original bear wearing the integrated 
footwear from the new pattern supplement)



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(Offer ends 6th May 2022 midnight BST)


Discount code also applies to the following patterns ...

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All further details in the individual pattern listings 
found through the links above.

hApPy kNiTtInG
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🌲 🐻 🌲

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  1. Adorable as always! So sweet! keep well. Amanda x

    1. Going to forward this to my sister in Australia ... she will love them!

  2. You just make the sweetest things ever! I wish I could do that. Love your talent and abilities.