Thursday 15 July 2021

🌲🐻🌲 Little Bears back and forth ....

   ðŸŒ² 'Sage' ðŸŒ²
An update for anyone who has been waiting for the
Little Tearoom Bears Method 2 
(worked 'back & forth')

The pattern is now available on 

and in the 

The Little Bears are 20cm/8" tall
and this is the alternative version to the original
'Little Tearoom Bears' Method 1
(worked 'in the round' )


A quick knit with the body/legs and feet worked in one piece
and the leg seams magically hidden away up the inside of the 
legs creating a more seamless appearance. 
I really like this construction and plan to design
more in this way for those who like to knit 'back and forth'.

Pattern as always includes step by step instructions
and lots of 'in progress' photos to help along the way.

All further details can be found in the pattern listing.

For anyone who would like to try the pattern
enter code 


at checkout to receive 20% introductory discount
(ends 18th July 2021 midnight BST)
(*discount code not available on LoveCraftsKnitting)

The discount code also applies to the original version 
worked 'in the round'.

Thank you to everyone who has already created such beautiful Little Bears
It's been lovely to see them on Instagram, Ravelry
and in our MjT Facebook Group

(Cosy in the Bear Lodge)


Don't hesitate to ask if there are any questions

Back soon

Happy Knitting

x X x

P.S For anyone who likes to purchase their Ravelry downloads 
here on the blog the new pattern will be listed in the coming days x

New pattern is now available as a Ravelry download here on the blog
(with an option to also save in your Ravelry Library) 

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  1. Thank you lovely Vivienne! 😘♥️

  2. Hello Susan! I have discovered your beautiful knittings through Instagram this morning. I have bought a few of your patterns,have a few more in my favorites, and I am truly in love with your designs! can't wait to start a project. Hugs. from Montreal ( Canada) !

    1. Hi Danielle....Thank you! I hope you enjoy your patterns and don't hesitate to contact me if needed...Happy Knitting 💗

  3. Total adoration for your bears as always. Hugs to you too..and I am in awe of your magical creativity! Amanda x

    1. Thank you so much Amanda!😘 ...I'm looking forward to visiting your lovely blog tomorrow 💗

  4. I am loving your patterns..they are very detailed with pictures to help. You are a talented designer and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.

  5. Thank you Corabelle this is lovely to read 💗

  6. Absolutely adore all of your patterns Susan, what an inspiration you are creating all of these beautiful bears, rabbits, mice elllis and dolls. You are so helpful and obliging. Thank you. 🐻🐻 x

  7. I love this little bear. I’d like to enter the give away!

  8. Marie-José SwinkelsMonday, 16 August, 2021

    I really love your patterns! I already made Romeo and Candy. Like the little ones, they are so cute!