Monday 10 May 2021

🌲🐻🌲 Little Bears in the round ...

🌲🌲 Little Tearoom Bears  🌲🌲

A New Knitting Pattern
🌲🌲 Leaf  🌲🌲

🌲🌲 Clay 🌲🌲

🌲🌲 in the workroom 🌲🌲
🌲🌲 Blaze 🌲🌲
🌲🌲 Cedar  🌲🌲
🌲🌲 Lake 🌲🌲


It seems quite some time since I began working on this pattern ...

'The Little Bears' 
wearing their
Little Baggy Trousers with button fastening Straps
along with a tiny
Mossy Bear Scarf


Bear Height 20cm/8"
(I think they have to be one of my most favourite sizes now)
Just right for small hands or to hide away in a bag!

Worked 'in the round' and stuffed while knitting
(it's great fun to have a little bear emerging on your needles 💫)
and with minimal sewing 

The Baggy Trousers 
are seamless and the 
Mossy Bear Scarf 
uses yarn oddments


The pattern also includes...

Detailed 'step by step' instructions
Lots of 'in progress' photos to assist along the way
Links to techniques and helpful resources
Several Little Bears in different shades for ideas
(I think someone to suit everyone)


They have been such fun to design and knit
and they are now available on 
(For Ravelry customers who like to purchase patterns here on the blog
the new pattern will be available in the coming days and also on LoveKnitting)
Enter code
to receive 20% introductory discount
16th May 2021
(ends midnight GMT)

** All further details are included in the pattern listings **
To anyone who would like to give them a try I hope you enjoy the pattern 

is a lovely, uplifting place to share your projects and find helpful tips
(we already have 7000+ wonderful members)
If you would like to join us you'll be made very welcome!

Wishing you a lovely new week all

Take care

🐻🌲 🐻 🌲 🐻

Back soon


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  1. Awe ... they really are so very sweet Susan!
    V x

    1. Thank you Vivienne!...Hope you have a lovely new week ♥️

  2. Hello Susan,
    I am wondering if this can be knit with magic loop? In particular, the place where the legs are joined together. Love the small bear! Kind regards, Linda

    1. Hi Linda...Thank you for the lovely comment about the pattern! In regard to your question, if you want to use magic loop it should be possible (although you will want to distribute sts differently at certain points) As long as you are working the correct amount of sts/rounds you should be able to use your preferred method for small circumference knitting if you are experienced 🙂

  3. Gorgeous little bears with a great attitude! I love the idea that they will fit in someone's little pocket. keep well Amanda x

    1. Thank you Amanda!... It's been so lovely to see Little Bears appearing everywhere ♥️🐻♥️🐻