Thursday, 5 November 2020

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For those who have enquired about the little 'Bear Rucksack'
it has now been added to the downloads in our 

(*For any customers who aren't on Facebook and would like a copy 
if you send a quick email I can send the pattern to you personally)

It's been lots of fun photographing this little project
and I hope everyone enjoys making their Rucksacks.
I'm looking forward to seeing all those little explorers!

There are a few ideas in the pattern including a 
sock yarn Rucksack (as below) and also a festive version 
which think would also make a special little gift bag or 
tree decoration to hold a Xmas message or treat.

🎄 🎒 🐻

The Bear Rucksack is suitable for all 28cm/11" MJT dolls and animals
(Tearoom Bears, Candy Bear (Medium), Tearoom Cat, Tearoom Elephants, 
Little Yarn Dolls, Tearoom Boy/Girl Bear which can all be found here on 
ETSYor here in our Blog Shop)
or you could experiment with different weight yarns and larger/smaller needle 
sizes to create different size Rucksacks for your smaller/larger 
dolls and animals.

for anyone who would like to join our FB Knitting Group
you'll find a lovely, uplifting place for knitters of all abilities 
and you can find us here!

Happy Knitting

Take Care


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greenrabbitdesigns said...

The little ruck sack is so very cute Susan.
V x

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Thank you lovely...hope you're having a good week! 💗

Teresa Kasner said...

What an adorable little tiny backpack. I sure would love to have one of your bears. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Thank you lovely Teresa...💗

Lily Allen said...

wow.looking so lovely.thanks for share
clipping path