Thursday 10 March 2016

A new translation...

It's cold and damp outside my window at the moment 
but at least it feels like spring here in my workroom x

♥  ♥  ♥
...just a quick post today...
...first I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has already entered the Giveaway...
so many of you and such kind comments too which have definitely brightened up the dark, gloomy 
days here and for which I'll be forever grateful...I'm still hoping the first signs 
of spring are just hiding around the corner...maybe? :-) x
(*if anyone would still like to enter the Giveaway you can find it here ...Closing date 14th March)
amongst other projects I've been busy working with my 
lovely friend Nancy of Dolce Lana and I'm happy to report that there is now another Dutch pattern
translation available here on the our ETSY Shop ...and on Ravelry...

(this is the version to knit a yarn doll flat on 2 knitting needles then seam the pieces together later)

All the listings have details of those patterns which have translations available
(hopefully there will be more in the future as I enjoy working on them)
If any customers have previously purchased a pattern but would prefer 
the new Dutch translation just let me know and I can send you a free copy
I can also send any patterns to be stored in your Ravelry library too 

Other translations now available in Dutch....
1. DOLLS from the TEAROOM (including a free sewn pinafore pattern)
2. A TEAROOM Doll Hat (variations)
3. Doll Pattern Deal (TEAROOM Dolls, Hats and Sewn Pinafore patterns)

(all details in regard to knitting methods ect. are included in the individual listings)

My cowl is finished just needs to be photographed....
and there are lots of projects in the making which I'm looking forward to showing you
(I'm going through a definite multitasking phase at the moment and enjoying it too! :-) )

Happy Crafting All

Back soon

X X X X  X X X X

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  1. Hello Susan - how lovely to read your post - you always brighten my days with your beautiful colours and lovely photos, no matter what the weather outside is doing! It would be great to have some warm spring sunshine though.....!
    Looking forward to seeing your finished cowl, also, how is your little Daisy?
    Hoping you have a happy week, and that the sun will shine soon!
    Take care,

  2. Thank you Lynda... Miss Daisy is a complete darling (and so mischievous..haha!) ...we all spoil her completely!...will post a pic of her next time ;-)
    ...still waiting for the sun to shine!...x

  3. Hi , Even if it is a bad weather you have beautiful pictures, and always with lights. Something it is hard to do here, I live in a little wood and the weather is so grey at that time! Do you use lights to take pics?
    Well I know that translation is a hard and long work! I do my own translation French -English and terms are not the same! so congrats to your new translation.
    Have a great day,
    ROse, xx

    1. Thank you Rose...I don't use artificial lights and I'm lucky that my room has lots of natural light but some days it's just not possible ;-( Yes, I agree translations are hard work...between us we end up with a lovely pattern so I do enjoy it ;-) x

  4. Hello Susan,
    Your post is like spring with all this colours. :)
    I hope spring comes soon even in your corner!
    A big hug!

    1. Thank you lovely Ulica...I have some lovely new yarn too in spring shades to make up for these dull days! ;-) ...xx

  5. Hello Susan! So great to see your colorful world. Happy spring! Anita

    1. Thank You Anita x...hope you're having a good week..♥

  6. Your bouquet of Hyacinths is fabulous! I can just imagine the aroma! I see a peek of a Flowers in the Snow blanket in your photos.. I'm working on one.. yours looks fantastic!! I'm crossing my fingers for your giveaway. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thank you Teresa...yes. the scent from the hyacinths is unbelievably strong!...they're so pretty too x Good luck in the Giveaway lovely!!! ♥

  7. Your girls are lovely no matter what language they come in!!
    Looking forward to seeing that beautiful cowl. :)
    V x

    1. Ooh, thank you Vivienne...hope you have a great weekend and yes, I just have to take the pics...couldn't decide about best way to block but I'm happy with my final decision! ♥..x

  8. Me gusta mucho entrar para ver lo que publica , siempre invita a soñar en un mundo lleno de belleza. Algún día si es posible me encantaría que pudiera traducir al español algún patrón, sería maravilloso. Felices días!

    1. Hi Karmen...thank you so much and yes, it would be lovely to do that in the future x Hope you have a lovely weekend! ;-) xx

  9. Good to see you here today Susan. Your sweet dolls are loved in every language, what fun to see your patterns translated. Enjoy the lighter evenings, spring is nearly here at last xx

    1. Thank you's definitely lovely to see some lighter evenings and this morning we even have sunshine ...hurrah! ;-)

  10. A lovely pretty post, your dolls look so cute xx

    1. Thank you Jo...hope you have a lovely weekend...they seem to come around so quickly! ♥..xx

  11. Your hyacinths are heavenly beautiful! And those dolls, a joy to look at and admire their precious handwork.

    1. Thank you so much Olympia...hope you have a lovely Sunday :-) ♥..xx