Thursday 7 March 2013

Spring in the step....

And a very good morning to you...
I feel like this post should be called 'Return of the Long Lost Blogger'
It seems quite a while since I was last in Blogland
and it's lovely to be back here!
I love this little man by the way...a recent find
(although he doesn't have a name yet!)
He likes to sit at our kitchen window and look out on the world.
Can you feel spring in the air?
I've been painting again..
this time the mannequin in my workroom
She stands next to my huge magic cupboard and looks much more 
presentable with a coat of paint and some dark wax.
I just need to find a pretty vintage dress for her now!
(Can you see the painted mug tree in the pic?...
A great idea for displaying old ribbon spools, don't you think?)
I've done unusually well in finding bargains recently too...
The hand printed wrap above was half price in a 
Cath Kidston sale... I love the colours.
There are quite a few new books to read around here...
This is the first to show you by lovely blog friend Helen
who's inspiring blog you can find here
It's full of pretty makes and a real treat for the eyes.
(Such gorgeous little houses there on the cover)
....and of course there's lots of spring inspiration at the moment in my magazines
(I buy too many, but it's my secret indulgence and I'll never be cured
...between us...I've tried, but I don't really think I want to be!)

It's been lovely to be a part of so many ETSY treasuries recently... 
Many have included the little people above
who are lucky to be sitting happily in a total of 67
beautiful treasuries now and you can see them all here..
This one is by Seika of 'Seika's Felted Fairy Fellows'
(and I definitely want to live in one of those pretty pastel houses!)
~ ♥ ~
Mary Jane's TEAROOM is now on Pinterest
(and thank you to everyone who has found me there already)
If you'd like to visit us then just click here
and then I can find you too
(as I'm not very good at that bit yet!)
To celebrate 6000 sales
in our lovely little ETSY shop
Just enter code
25% discount off any purchase 
9th /10th March 2013
~ ♥ ~
As always, 
thank you to everyone 
who calls by and leaves such kind 
and encouraging comments
and to everyone who has ever purchased
knitting patterns from my tearoom shops too....
It has been a very busy time indeed recently
but always fun on this great adventure!
~ ♥ ~
Knitting and experimenting with my illustrations
on my embroidery machine behind the scenes
which I hope to share with you in the future.
Back soon
(fingers crossed!)
P.S I think we should have a Spring Giveaway!


  1. Just joined you on pinterest!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. What beautiful springlike pics. Your tulips are just stunning - like sunshine in a vase!

    I too am now following you on Pinterest.

    Heather x

    1. Thank you Heather!...I've just found you too..Thanks for the lovely comment...Hope you're having a great week..x

  3. Everything in this post is total eye candy! Your bargain CK wrap looks gorgeous Susan, I bet it looks lovely on you. Thank you for brightening up my day :)

  4. Ah Susan your first photo just sums up spring, I love it! The bunny is gorgeous and what beautiful tulips. :)
    Congrats on all your Etsy treasuries and pattern sales, no surprise really.
    Thank you for brightening my day (it's a bit dull here today) with your lovely post. :)
    V xxx

  5. Welcome back Susan! Everything is looking lovely here in your Tearoom! Love the fabric, bunnies, lovely it all! So happy you also found me over at my new place Kashmere Kisses, looking forward to many visits to come and I am now a new follower to you on Pinterest!
    Hugs, Shari ")

    1. Hi Shari..Thank you and I'm coming to find you on Pinterest now!...x

  6. Hello Susan, I always come in a cheerfull mood after reading your post..They're so sunny and happy...I just ordered Helen's book...
    Erna x

  7. It's so lovely to visit your little Tearoom, I always come away feeling very creative. Thank you so much for sharing so many beautiful things...


    1. Thank you Mandy...and for following me on Pinterest..I've found you too!...x

    2. couldn't resist...have been thinking about making one of your beautiful bears for ages, have just bought pattern for Candy Bear! She's so adorable.


  8. Hi Susan - Helen's site is lovely and the pictures, both hers & yours make me long for spring. It is still pretty grey over here BUT, last weekend we welcomed our brand new grandson ♥ he will have Romeo on the shelf in his room!

    1. Hi Helen....Thank you and wonderful news too!..Congratulations, I'm so happy for you and lovely that ROMEO will be watching over your baby grandson...x

  9. How lovely to find you 'at home' to blog visitors today :)

    Congratulations on all those treasuries and sales, so well deserved :D

  10. WOOOOOOOOOW! 6000 SALES! Congratulations my dear! I am so happy for you! That is SO impressive! And your sweet bunnies are the trademark symbol for your soft and enchanting world. OK, that little rabbit with the tulips. I call him TWO LIPS! teeeheeee.....I am going this Sunday to a local animal shelter that has an event every weekend called, "The Hoppy Hour." People who own rabbits can enter for a very small fee to bring their rabbits to play with other rabbits. If you don't have a rabbit, like myself, you can just come for free to watch the fun!

    Welcome "home" to Blogland sweet friend. Thank you for coming during your coffee break to visit me!

    Happy SPRING! Anita

  11. Hello lovely Susan What a treat today to see a new post from spring fresh and gorgeous! I love your adorable Spring Baby Bunnies and am not a bit surprised they have been featured in so many pretty treasuries! Your patterns are all so beautiful, well done on 6000 sales :)
    And of course a very special thankyou to you from me for showing my new book amongst your lovely photographs....that is such an honour...and your sweet mention was a lovely surprise, my friend! Thank you so much!
    Wishing you spring days filled with happy sunny times!
    Helen xo

  12. Good afternoon Susan! How happy I am to find a post from Mary Jane's delightful Tearoom today! Yes, I can confirm that spring is on its way. I've just been showing some English friends around and we saw some delightful signs of spring on the banks of the Loire this morning: plenty of trees in blossom and the birds are singing! :-)

    That Cath Kidston wrap is beautiful, Susan and, dare I say, the colours are very YOU! I am so in awe of your 6000 sales: congratulations to you and your wonderful designs.

    Happy, happy spring to you Susan. It's uphill all the way now it's March.


  13. Welcome back & happy Spring to you! Your post is a feast for the eyes ... sooo much prettiness !
    Enjoy the rest of your week,

  14. Welcome back dear Susan, i already missed you! What is better to encourage spring than rhis lovely post of yours! I do feel spring - yesterday and today, A certain softness in the air, in the light ... I can't wait! Cheers to a sweet wednesday, happy knitting!

  15. lovely to see you back here Susan - and what a lovely spingy post! I'm off to hunt you down on Pinterest (find me back!)
    fee x

  16. (he he I'm already a follower....I'm one step ahead, for a change!)

    1. ...and I've already found you too Fee...we're just too organised!...x

  17. What a lovely catch-up post! I'm so glad you're back!
    I'm not surprised that your lovely little bunnies have been included in to many treasuries - they're adorable!

  18. So lovely to wake up to your post this morning! I want to frame your photo collage! I love Helen's new book. Another treasure!

  19. love your new kitchen bunny. I found a HUGE one for the garden that I just adore -- now I just have to figure out where he will live. I have been enjoying a MUCH earlier gardening season here in San Francisco, many warm spring days that feel wonderful to get out and dig. Hope your spring continues to blossom into a beautiful summer!

  20. Happy Spring to you and you are already on my Pinterest "teddies" board. Sara De Gasperis

  21. Very pretty blog post as always Susan, sometimes a little break is a good thing when you are busy.



  23. Welcome back Susan and welcome to nearly spring, What a super bunny and tulips. Your mannikin looks fab and the perfect place to drape all things pretty. I had to smile at your MJT name tags as I realise that as well as being for all things Mary Jane's Tearoom they are also my dear Hb's initials...!;0) If he needs anything labelled I know where to come. Many congrats on all you Etsy sales, Jane x

  24. We are beginning to see lots of signs of Spring here....including the daffs and tulips coming actual flowers on them yet....your vase of tulips look gorgeous.
    And I think I must pop across and have a peek at that wonderful looking patchwork book.

  25. Hi Susan, so nice to see your blog post pop to the top of my list on my blog! I love your eye for colors! I'd love to have a mannequin too - not sure where I'd put it though! Congrats on your Etsy sales.. that's a LOT! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  26. Hi Susan, have just found the blog page, duh! Can now tell all here who haven't yet tried knitting your wee folk that it is easy peasy. Your patterns are so easy to follow, nothing left out.
    Wouldn't every child long to own one of these unique and beautiful creations!
    Still only got snowdrops here in N.I., too cold & wet, but your lovely spring colours transport me!

  27. Congrats on your amazing sales & long may it continue... xx

  28. Hi my sweet friend...I so love Helen's sweet book...don't you want to make everything in it...I do and I don't even sew!
    I have missed your sweet blog welcome back...happy dance! xoxo

  29. I'm excited! A sale! :) I've long admired your darling patterns and I'm going shopping for some bunny patterns...maybe another critter too :) Now I'm off to find you on Pinterest! Thanks for the discount!

  30. Hello sweet Susan! I have missed you lovely friend! I enjoyed every gorgeous photo! Your bunny is adorable and looks very happy to be sitting there amongst your lovely yellow tulips! I love your workroom and the mannequin looks lovely! The wrap is gorgeous! I love Cath Kidston! I can hardly wait to get sweet Helen's wonderful book! I have her first one and love it! This one looks just as gorgeous! She is a sweetheart and so talented and so are you my friend! Your magazine looks so pretty and I love the clock! Magazines are very fun to buy! I love your beautiful bunnies! So glad they have been featured in a treasury again and that your sales are going well! I am not one bit surprised sweetie! Love your sweet teddy too! I hope you have a very happy and beautiful weekend sweetie! I look forward to your next post! Lots of love, Paula xo

  31. Hi Susan, great up date and photo's love the bunny at the window plus your cute spring bunnie lovely pastel colours. Cannot wait to for your next up date regarding machine embroidery hope all goes well with your craft project. Have a great easter.
    Best wishes Jackie

  32. Think you should have a giveaway too. I love your bunny patterns and once my knitting improves they will be at the top of my purchase list for patterns.
    My daughter loves the bunnies too, that is why I have to improve my knitting as she has requested a set for her and her best friend!

  33. I recently stumbled across the "Tearoom" when hopping and I am now addicted., I purchased Romeo Bear and I'm so impressed with the quality of your patterns. I NEEd them all ;) Can't wait to start Romeo but thinking he will be lonely without Candy! Thank you for being so inspiring Susan!

    Ali x

  34. congratulations on your super sales. your photos always make me sooo happy:-)

  35. That is just adorable :)
    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  36. What a beautiful and thoughtful give away. Even if we are heading into autumn here rather spring!

  37. These babies are so nice and sweet!!!! Lovely!