Sunday 20 January 2013

♥ Winter days....

Hello everyone and how are you?
Have you had a good start to 2013?...I do hope so!
It's been an extremely busy one here ... these first weeks always seem to fly by, don't they?
I do love the optimism that accompanies the beginning of a new year...
making plans...dreaming and creating...all things being possible!
Winter Knitting...
Oh yes, the snow surrounding my workroom this weekend has definitely
encouraged me to finally finish my Cats and Mice blanket in quiet moments.
(I had to add a little pic of the snow laden bird table outside my window too
which reflects our freezing daytime temperatures here at the moment!)
This was a wonderfully enjoyable knit designed by
Virtual Yarns
(and originally planned to drape over a large old leather foot stool
but now claimed by one of my lovely daughters, Leah!)
140 mischievous cats watching over 160 scurrying mice
in 11 glorious shades of Hebridean 2 Ply
I particularly love the multi shaded and textured border
which I wasn't aware of until I was actually working on it!
Just between us I plan to enjoy it in my workroom until Leah
arrives home from uni to claim it....(By the way, I found the pretty
Greengate jug in a sale at half price last week which made my day!)
So...I'm happily tucked away here this weekend
and certainly not complaining...
knitting...sipping tea....reading favourite magazines and blogs....
fire blazing....surrounded by doesn't get any better ..
A little sewing is being planned for next week too...
(I love these pretty stocks and roses against the snowy backdrop!)
I'm asked regularly in messages about my friend Lady Peahen 
and so here's an update today....
She has currently taken to visiting me most days
and sits contentedly outside my workroom keeping watch over the garden....
...often for most of the day...a true kindred spirit I feel!
(She has a fascination with this ornamental cabbage
and looks at it curiously for long periods at a time..
....I often wonder what she's thinking....
Anyway, I just hope she doesn't decide to eat it!)
I do love her...she's such a character...
and I will take more pics through the year
as long as she continues her visits!
As always, thank you everyone for taking the time to call by
and for leaving kind comments which I love to read
I hope you have a great week ahead full of all good things
and depending where you live in the world I hope the weather is not too extreme!
I'm looking forward to visiting lovely blog friends over the next few days
and doing some catch up!

Back soon
P.S Ashley has completed the first half of her study year in Madrid
and is home for a whole month before traveling to Portugal for the second half
of her year abroad. She's had a wonderful time ...and she's flying home tomorrow!!!
(Crossing my fingers here and making a wish that we don't have more snow overnight!)


  1. That blanket is just amazing, cosy colours and such a cute design! I am busy knitting a cardigan for myself and then hope my knitting confidence will have increased and I can start your Bunny pattern :) Snowing again all day today so time for a warm cup of tea! I hope you daughter arrives safely through the snow! Hugs, Catherine x

  2. Precious Susan! WELCOME BACK! How lovely it is to see your bright world appear like an angel at my window.

    Your works are just lovely and full of joy. I wish you a fantastic day of creativity and love. Anita

  3. Hi, Susan

    That blanket is beautiful.

    We also have snow here in Cambridgeshire.

    Enjoy the rest of your day & stay warm.

  4. Hello Susan, that sounds like a wonderful wintry Sunday..I love your blanket, must have been quite a job..The snow is falling here at the moment and there's a lot of icy wind, but just as you I'm happily stitching..
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday..
    P.s. I'll keep me fingers crossed for Ashley's safe return home.

  5. And visiting YOU my dear, adds a perfect splash of color and HAPPINESS to my viewing pleasure, as well as firing up my creativity! Anita

  6. The blanket looks beautiful...just really are such a talented knitter.

  7. Your finished blanket is just lovely - fairisle work is so unique. The weather has certainly caused problems in a lot of places - we've got snow but not enough to give us travel problems - I hope it improves for everyone.

  8. Gorgeous blankie & beautiful flowers - your weekend sounds just perfect, enjoy!

  9. beautiful flowers...theyve cheered me up in this grey cold dreary day
    love the cats and mice blanket looks very cozy, ali

  10. What an amazing blanket Susan, daughter's have a habit of claiming things one makes don't they ;0) The weather is making us all stay in and keep snug. We are sitting in front of the open fire enjoying M's birthday and watching the you can tell I am not a follower of footie so I am catching up on my blog reading.
    Take care and I hope your daughter's flight gets in without delays,
    Jane x

  11. Lovely, lovely blanket! And how I wish that we could buy Greengate here. I could promise them lots of business! Time with our daughters is special. Visits are always too short.

  12. I adore your blanket hmmmm,very tempting! Wonderful photos and you sound like your having fun in your workroom. Hope all goes well with your daughter's flight, it's been snowing here all day with no signs of stopping. We know a couple who should be off on honeymoon tomorrow and are getting quite anxious as to whether their plane will be able to take off! Keep having fun, that blazing firs sounds lovely. Suzy x

  13. Oh Susan what an amazing blanket, it's beautiful and no surprise really that someone has their eye on it! :)
    Our snow didn't last for long although it's bitterly cold here today and certainly an afternoon for in front of the fire!
    It's quite a privilege to be visited by a peahen I think, you enjoy her company . :)
    Hope Ashley's flight isn't delayed and how lovely to have her home for a whole month.
    Keep cosy,
    Vivienne xxx

  14. I'm so happy I can step into your world for a moment! Your creations are wonderful xx

  15. Oh I just adore the blanket, the colors are so rich & warm, perfect for a lovely wintry weekend.
    Such a lovely post & I hope you will have a wonderful time with Ashley home, enjoy
    Lots of love Karen x

  16. Your blanket looks really cosy great for this weather. The flowers look beautiful.

  17. Wow! That is a very beautiful blanket! I love to hop by your weblog and just look at your pretty pictures. Keep up the good work :)

    Love, Kirsten

  18. Such beautiful pictures - I love reading your blog posts!
    Maria x

  19. That blanket is amazing.Enjoy your time with your daughter.

  20. Hello Susan It's lovely to see you. Your knitted blanket is beautiful and I loved seeing the bright flowers in your sweet new Greengate jug. Your pictures are delightful :) We have some snow here but it's melting away now. I hope your daughter arrives home without any lovely to have her back for a whole month!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  21. Your blanket is just gorgeous. Love the colours :)

  22. Just love your cats and mice blanket! Beautiful! My children actually got to enjoy some snow last Thursday all the way down here in Alabama. Snow ball fights, snowmen and all! I am enjoying a cup of Tetley tea British blend while enjoying your blog. Thank you for the lovely pictures and sharing your beautiful world! It is such a lovely and happy blog! Hope you throughly enjoy your daughter! Children are such a blessing!

  23. Hi Susan, I loved your post, lovely photos! Gorgeous blanket! I hope you enjoy your time with your daughter!Our children always feed our hearts with love :) She'll come to study here in Portugal where?
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  24. Your blog is so beautiful and I love your posts!
    It's summer over here...but I'd love nothing better than a bit of snow so that I could curl up and knit!
    Enjoy! xx

  25. Wow, your blanket is absolutely a work of art!! Can you do a closer photo to share with us so we can see the detail better? Bravo... and the other photos in this post are visual eye candy! Nice to see you post.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  26. The blanket is stunning, clever you for being so good at fairisle!

    We are getting blizzards today, the wind is howling and the snow is horizontal. Unfortunately I have to go to the post office but plan on being as fast as I can possibly walk and back in front of the fire quickly!

    How lovely that Lady Peahen is visiting so often :-)

    Lori xx

  27. That blanket is utterly stunning!
    We haven't had much snow here just enough to make it look pretty!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  28. What a lovely blanket, stay cosy and warm!

  29. What lovely photos! And what a clever you!!! :-)
    Wishing you a super week.....

  30. Beautiful blanket, I just love the colours. Hope you are keeping warm.

  31. I've just found you - what a beautiful blog,I will be back :-)

  32. Happy 2013 dear Susan! Winter, tea and fresh roses does make a lovely combination here, surely if it comes together with cozy knits! Have a fabulous start to your week, i feel like we just had tea with each other ;)

  33. I've just found you too....I love knitting but haven't picked up my needles for years.... Then I found your bunnies and now I am excited and planning to pick up my needles once again....thank you!

  34. Your cat and mice blanket is beautiful -- lucky daughter to be receiving it. Enjoy it while you can!

  35. Beautiful...I would love to see close up.

  36. Hello lovely Susan! This is such an enchanting post. Try as I might I cannot stop finding winter completely magical with Jack Frost at play outside and cosy pursuits indoors! Susan, your blanket is AmAzInG! Honestly, I love it with all my heart and am, of course, in awe of your intarsia knitting skills! Honestly, I can imagine once I start learning I will find it pretty addictive.

    Cats chasing mice... I will be dreaming about your blanket for the next few days. The colours are so beautiful too.

    I wish you a lovely Wednesday!


    ps Perhaps Leah might be persuaded to share the blanket with me? ;-)

  37. I do hope that Ashley managed to get home without any delays. The snow has been non-existent here, but then we live a stones throw from the sea, so you can't have it all!

    Your cats and mice blanket is gorgeous, I can remember seeing it last year, it's really something to see it all done, what patience and ability you have! The colours are perfect, but two ply, boy, that's some stickability you have!

    Clever you!

    P.S I think if it is a matter of just asking, then I too want in on this deal with Leah and Stephanie!

  38. Oh it does all sound so lovely my friend...your blanket is pure joy! I so long for a tea/snowday!!!
    Nothing but rain here....I think Noah will be coming soon! xoxoxo Hugs

  39. What a cosy snug blog post Susan. Snow seems to have a very comforting effect on the day when you have the perfect excuse to stay indoors and do something you love. Here in south Lakeland we have remained snow free and the school kids are furious but it looks like we might be getting some this weekend to make up for it. Keep warm! Eli x

  40. I have just found your blog and it is filled with pretty pictures and all the nicest things around.
    It sounds like you have had a wonderful time, i love the start of a new year too for the same reason.

  41. Ooooh! What a loooovely blanket! Nothing compares to beautiful Fair Isle knitting. You should have warned me though, I visited the yarn website where you got the pattern -- I should have been wearing a drool bib!
    Dare I say, the blanket looks prettier in your pictures; somehow the colors are a bit more vibrant and the design appears better defined.
    I hope you are enjoying your daughter-visit. I know I love to have my 2 elder sons come home. And I'm still grateful to have the youngest for a couple more years.
    We are verrrrry cold here today, right now it is 10 deg F. Brrrr. I am cozied in wth a granny square afghan and a shawl. I only need a kitty to make the picture complete! Hope you are staying warm and busy!

  42. Hi Susan, What a lovely blanket you've knitted amazing, looks really cosy what warm colours. (Have checked out website great knits may hint to family near my birthday) Also your photo's are so clear and bright love looking at them.
    Snow still on ground here, I have cleared back path this morning, this afternoon am going to catch up on my knitting. My mum has come to stay for a few weeks and is busy doing tapestry. So we will both be busy bee's this afternoon crafting and watching TV.
    Have a great weekend and time with your daughter.

  43. Hello sweet Susan! Your photos are gorgeous and so is your blanket! You knit beautifully! I love all of your pretty flowers too! The Greengate pitcher is lovely! I am so happy for you! I am glad to hear the peahen still visits you! Thank you for sharing about her. She is so sweet! How wonderful your daughter will be at home for a month. You will have so much fun! I hope she continues to enjoy her time abroad. Have a very happy and beautiful weekend sweetie! Much love, Paula xo

  44. Oh Susan, your photos make my heart SOAR...the colors are just so magnificent!

    AND YOU CAME TO VISIT ME! You like my header? teehee...that is ME!

    That shop, LADURÉE, that particular one is in SWEDEN! Aren't the colors of the awning just glorious? And that chocolate treat looks like French yogurt with good chocolate shavings! Oh let us CELEBRATE!! Anita

  45. Susan the blanket is a masterpiece! I'm not surprised Leah has laid claim to it!

    Thank you so much for the get well wishes, very much appreciated ... everyone has been so sweet :D

  46. Beauty, beauty, and more beauties, thanks for sharing!!!!

  47. Thank you so much for your sweet encouraging words about my book...just had to pop on over and give you a "MONDAY hug" xoxoxo

  48. Love the blanket Susan, I just treated myself to the offer of the 35 shades of the Alice Starmore 2 ply - I've just started dabling with Fair isle and I love it!

    1. Thank you!...Ooh, how lovely to have all 35 shades...I did look at the offer and somehow managed to resist...Have fun!...x

  49. Wauw, wat een mooi blog!
    Zelf ben ik meer van het haken, maar wat zijn jou creaties prachtig.
    Ik ga je volgen.
    Lieve groet, Monique

  50. Hi
    Your daughter is so going to love Portugal too. If she likes history,old buildings and good food and wine she will be in the right place.

    Its a great opportunity!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  51. Susan,
    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving the wonderful comment. Having someone as amazing as you love my dolls really means a lot!!!! I think you have such an amazing talent and love seeing all your pics and what you have been up to. I started this comment a while back and got interrupted by a phone call, and now I can't remember if I submitted it or not, so if you get two of these please forgive me. Too many things happening at once, if you know what I mean!!! Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  52. Such beautiful knitting. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a cozy way to spend a winter weekend.

  53. What a lovely blanket! You are one talented knitter. I crochet, but whenever I've tried to knit, I get my stitches so tight I can barely get the needle in there. Sigh. I think some of us are maybe just born to be crochet-ers, not knitters. Your work is beautiful!