Wednesday 9 November 2011

♥Mellow Autumn Days ♥
I love them so much...
How about you friends?...
I'm enjoying the peaceful lull that comes with the arrival of Autumn
....before the busy build up to Christmas.
This is definitely my favourite time of year....
Between my pattern work,
 I am doing a little Christmas crafting and having lots of fun
....I may even make our Christmas cake next week...
and I haven't done that for a few years!
These little hoop art decorations embroidered on natural ticking fabric
and organic linen are going to sit above our fireplace 
....the Swarovski crystals will sparkle beautifully with the tree lights....
I'm so looking forward to Christmas this year...
♥ ♥ ♥
♥Always Special...
Our girls visited over the weekend and we decided
that we are going to have a day sitting around the kitchen table
as soon as they are home for Christmas
It will be piled high with craftiness and we are going to make
vintage style decorations and chat all day long.....that's the plan..
with the help of a few mince pies of course...
Ooh....looking forward to that one too!

♥ Organic Goodness...
Our lovely Abel and Cole man faithfully delivers our Autumn box
packed full of fruit and veg early each Wednesday morning
......and never lets us down...
We open the front door to all this goodness sitting on our step
....sometimes with a few surprises...
I have to say I was unaware of purple carrots until now..
although once I knew more about them....
an ancient carrot full of almost magical qualities I am told...
I was very happy to try them....wonderfully sweet and crunchy.
Thank you Abel and Cole!
Now, I can't wait for Xmas
when our ever reliable delivery man
 will leave everything we need for our
Christmas Dinner
....come hale or snow...
No dashing around last minute in the chaos here...
and definitely one of the best Christmas presents I could have!
If you have never visited their site here is the link..
and there are also lots of wonderful and inspiring recipes for you to try..

I have to say those golden roast potatoes were just the best 
....nothing to do with me of course...
 and all down to the wonderful produce....
There has been lots of casserole cooking and soup making
going on around here too!
♥ ♥ ♥
Happy Knitting Days..
...working on my new patterns...
I have chosen the colours and it is 'pretty' all the way
... just how I like it!
They are all ready to be knitted for up for my photographs.
I'm only hoping the sun will be kind and shine a little....
It really has been so dark over the last few days
in our northern corner...

Other news
MJT Giveaway time!

What do you think friends...
maybe it's time for a little Yarny Giveaway?

Let me see what I can put together for you
and I will meet you back here next week!
I love pretty fabrics, don't you?
...something for the weekend...
Hope you have a good one


  1. Yay! I am first! I think, maybe? ;-)

    I cannot WAIT to see your new pattern - with icecream colours if I recall.

    Purple carrots make SUCH a welcome change. I was fortunate enough when researching châteaux potagers here near Tours to come across those little treasures. Personally speaking I have a soft spot for winter veggies but come February one needs a change and orange carrots simply must bow low to their purple carrots. Beetroot is wonderful too in soup and if you fancy some pink mashed potatoes...

    I could go on but I wouldn't want you to fall asleep.

    Be sure I shall tune in next week as soon as I smell a whiff of your giveaway.

    Have a wonderful week dreaming about Christmas.


  2. ps Whoops! I meant to write 'orange carrots must bow low to their purple cousins'.... Concentrate Stephanie ;-)

  3. Your little embroideries are so beautiful Susan, they will be lovely sitting above your fireplace!
    What delicious looking vegetables, I have to say I have never tried purple carrots but they do look good. :)
    Nice to have some cosy crafting planned with your girls!
    I am so looking forward to seeing your new pattern!
    Enjoy the rest of the week,
    Vivienne x

  4. Oh Susan, what a lovely and inspiring post. The hoop decorations are wonderful and might have to look at your veg box link too. Happy baking and happy crafting. Sounds perfect. xx

  5. Your hoop embroideries are beautiful and sure to put some sparkle in your festive decorating, love your list of things you are looking forward to this autumn and coming winter, it all sounds perfectly perfect.

    lily (with not a morsel of chocolate in sight). xx

  6. I love your sweet little festive embroideries, Susan! They will look delightful over the mantelpiece and the sparkly crystals are a pretty idea. So many homely things at this time of year, your crafting all sounds lovely, and so does your cooking. Those vegetables look delicious!And a giveaway soon?? Looking forward to it sooo much! Have a good rest of the week. Helen x

  7. I'm working on some Christmas cross stitch while waiting for my hand to feel better. I can;t wait to see the new knitting pattern.

  8. Oh, Susan, you are so lovely and calm before the holiday rush -- I envy you! Your embroidery is lovely! A day of crafting with your girls sounds heavenly.

  9. Hi Susan, I love the idea of a whole days crafting together round the table - how much fun you and your girls will have, a few glasses of wine, some mince pies and you'll be all set! Your new embroideries are gorgeous and they will look beautiful on your mantle. I think there's something so lovely about a handmade Christmas, makes it all the more special. Thanks for your lovely comments over at mine too, have a lovely end to the week xxx

  10. Ah, Susan, I love your embroidery so much, that red heart on the striped fabric is amazingly darling.
    A lovely post in pictures and words.
    Sweet dreams, well I am one hour ahead and off to bed ;) xx

  11. Do you design the Christmas embroideries yourself too? They are really gorgeous. Like everyone else I can't wait to see the new patterns...:)x

  12. WOW is this a fabulous treat to meet yet another beautiful Brit!!!! SUSAN, PURPLE CARROTS? I have never heard of them, ever! Well, out here in the U.S.A. our best organic farms may carry them, but this is sure a surprise. Your crafts, your blog look and your kind comment tonight have given me a charge. As I sit here at 7:30pm looking out my window by my fireside, I see the starry night by which you came, and a full moon to light up the sky.

    Thank you for your visit; how did you find me? SO wonderful to meet you, Anita

  13. This post is like a rich bowl of hearty soup and has warmed up my gloomy end of autumn day. Loving the stitching and looking forward to that new pattern!

  14. Oh i just love your pretty embroideries, so festive. Sounds like a great crafting fun time ahead for you & your girls, love family time like that. Lots of soups & stews on the go here too YUM!!!
    Have a lovely day Karen x

  15. Love the little embroideries, very pretty on that fabric too.
    Oh the joys of delivered food, I still get a thrill for getting the groceries brought to my door from the supermarket, small things please me I guess!Beats battling around the shops any day :-) I have never seen purple carrots before but they are a lovely colour!

  16. Susan! that is SO SWEET you put me as Lola's Blog of the week !! Thank you I appreciate the support.
    Golden roast potatoes YUMMY!!
    Your autumn box looks SO good.
    Not to mention your sprightly deer and heart.

    HUGS Lorraine

  17. I love your embroideries Susan ~ I bought some Christmasy fabric to-day at the Knitting & Stithing show in Dublin can't wait to start on some more Christmasy projects!!!! Looking forward to you new pattern but maybe I should try & work on the others I have bought from you first lol!!!!!!!

  18. Your Christmas crafting looks great - you've been very busy :-) I've never seen purple carrots up our way, they look very different. I go between making a Christmas cake one year to buying one the next - everyone in the house says the home made one is so much nicer, you've inspired me to make one this year.

  19. I made carrot cakes the other week using purple carrots and they were very pretty although my hands were stained for days with all the grating :-)

  20. Oh yes Lisa...My fingers had a strange purple hue for the rest of the's a good job they tasted so good!...x

  21. Such loveliness here, you have been busy. A day crafting with the family sounds so wonderful, I hope you have fun. I've been trying to teach my little girl to knit today. I'm only learning myself and she was finding it so hard so I hope I haven't put her off. We shall see ..
    Hoping you've had a great weekend .. oh and thank you SO much for your comment on my shirt, I do appreciate it Susan.
    Kate x

  22. Dear Susann, i love this time of year as well - just tuning in and enjoying the quieter days and evenings. Lovely post here - would love to come and craft along with you guys! xx

  23. SUSAN DEAREST!!!!!!!

    Oh, you are so kind to visit me! And your comments are very, very welcomed. I hope you had a chance to peek into my Etsy shop...I am just getting started! It is hard to juggle a full-time teaching job, for which I MUST LEAVE NOW! Off I go, but I just had to come to thank you for your visit! CIAO! Anita


  24. Hope you'll add some of your products to our linky parties...

    Xmas 1/12
    Valentine 1/1
    prob animals 1/2

    Bath Bomb Creations