Monday 24 October 2011

Craftin' Happy.....

Hello Friends!
Have you had a good start to your crafty week?
I've been having lots of fun doing a few of my favourite things 
over the last week....including more experimenting on my embroidery machine.
'The Little Xmas Tree' above was made using some
very vintage ticking fabric and although not particularly carefully planned ...
......I did end up liking the bright, cheery colours.
Now I think I will mix some different designs in equally pretty colours
to decorate our bedroom and kitchen shelves followed by some in more traditional
 Xmas colours for the living room mantelpiece....

Another evergrowing stash!
I don't think I will ever have enough embroidery threads...
Why do I never seem to have quite the right shade
 when I look in my now overflowing tin and always have to buy yet more?
Hmm...I will definitely need more tins....
but I do love to look through the beautiful array of colours!
A lovely surprise
This pretty book arrived in the post last weekend.
Preordered many weeks ago...I had actually forgotten about it....
which only made it even nicer to receive!
It's full of georgeous and inspiring projects but I am being firm with myself here
and have put it safely away until I have finished all the projects
I am currently working on.....I am so pleased with my newfound will power...
something I would never have achieved even a short time ago!
Finally, on the knitting front...
For all our lovely knitter friends out there....
The 'CORNISH Mice' and 'TEAROOM Mice'
Knitting Patterns
are now available as a 2 pattern deal
Here on ETSY ♥ no excuse now not to knit all those little gifts
in time for Christmas....I think they would look lovely in
traditional Xmas colours too!
I have also been working on new knitting patterns
and now have 2 little yet without clothes...
will give you a peek at the yarns as soon as I am sure...
I'm thinking of pretty ice cream colours
..... 'for him' and 'for her'....
I shall leave you now
wishing you a lovely week
full of creativity...
Thank you as always for calling by...
we do love your company!
Until next time


  1. I absolutely love the embroidered Xmas tree, it is beautiful. Although I love all that you do! Enjoy the Path book - this is on my Xmas wish list! Sue x

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  3. Love those threads and knitting patterns, oohh if only I could knit, your little creations are so lovely.

  4. Your collection of embroidery threads is certainly growing Susan, but I can tell you now, you will NEVER have enough!! hehe, there will always be another lovely shade to tempt you! Beautiful embroidery, it's great to see how you are getting on with your machine... it's making me want one even more! There are just so many possibilities for designs, can't wait to see what you come up with next :) Have a lovely rest of your week, Jenny xx

  5. Well duh, I must say I was so excited about your beautiful Christmas tree you embroidered that I had to write and tell you I was going to follow and how excited I was to see your project. It dawned on me after I wrote that comment that I already am following you. Oh well - my excitement about learning to do embroidery on the machine made me lose my head . . . but let me say once again how much I love your blog and can't wait to go back and read more of it! I hope I can learn to embroider as well as you did with your machine!!! Have a great day!

  6. Hello Susan,

    What a welcome surprise it is to see a post from you tonight.

    First things first, your embroidered tree is absolutely delightful! I have a thing about embroidering trees... I'll show you one day ... but I am incapable of doing anything remotely as beautiful on a machine. I am impressed.

    Second, I chuckled when you confessed about your thread stash. I know the feeling.

    LAST OF ALL I am so excited at the thought of a new pattern of yours with ice-cream shades of colour. When do we get a peak?

    ps I too have had to be very good and finish current projects before starting to knit up my Cornish mice. I can't wait.

    Have a happy week,


  7. These mice are unbelievably adorable!!!!!!!
    Unfortunately I cannot knit, however these mice are cute enough to make me want to learn!!

  8. What a beautiful little embroidered tree Susan, so pretty. :)
    I doubt if you will ever have enough threads, I never have enough yarn, or fabric, or buttons, or beads, it's just one of those things!! ;)
    Looking forward to seeing what you're up to with your yarn and needles.
    Vivienne x

  9. Love the Christmas tree Susan . I know the feeling of not having the right colour threads or the right colour yarn or the right piece of fabric lol!!!!! Looking forward to your new patterns. Happy crafting x

  10. That little embroidered tree is gorgeous.
    What is it about us a scrapbooker I have an endless supply of plain card.....but never the exact shade that I want!!!!

  11. It's so nice to meet and follow you! I'm number 400....what a great even number!

    Embroiderey threads are like tubes of paint...the more shades you own, the better the art ends up!
    Stop in to visit with me sometime, if you like. You were on Bluebird's list near my name, so I thought Id peek into your world.

    Ciao Bella

    Creative Carmelina

  12. I'd say it doesn't seem to matter how much thread/yarn/fabric you stash away ... you never have exactly what you want and always have to compromise, or buy more. That little tree is gorgeous, I love the colour combo :D

  13. looks like you've been busy, my friend. love your little christmas embroidery, you're ever so talented.

    can't wait to order a copy of 'patch', not sure if it's on the states' amazon site yet.

    have a lovely week, susan.


  14. So pretty again Susan! You are a lucky girl with that embroidery machine... happy playing! And the new Cath Kidston book, wow... you are indeed strong to put that aside!

    Enjoy all the beauty,

    love Maaike

  15. Lovely embroidery. I look forward to seeing the new knitting etc.

  16. THAT, dearest Susan, is a loveliest tree embroidery. So so darling! You are using just happy colors and I really love happy colors.
    Happy stitching today, I think the weather is just perfect, windy and cold.
    Happy hugs xo xo xo

  17. I absolutely love the christmas tree embroidery, it's so pretty and festive........I've just visited your folksy shop and ordered your lovely two mice patterns.........they are so cute, resistance was futile. xx

  18. Hello Susan....I am always thrilled when I see you have a new post because I just know there will be such delicious things to look at! The colours in this post are so gorgeous, and I love your beautiful new embroidery and all your lovely threads. The mice pictures are adorable, they have such dear little characters, I do admire the way you design these little creatures and the sweet details you always add which make them even more appealing.
    Have a wonderful week. Helen x

  19. Oh the embroidery is beautiful, i love it so much & i think i'll def be ordering some of those super cute mice patterns from you :D
    Karen Xxxxx

  20. How do you ever find the time? Pretty tree!

  21. Such joy over here....thank you for making my Thursday morning smile! That book looks amazing..I have been pondering whether to get it myself...oh dear...think it is a must. Your little mice are soooo adorable. You are the BEST at what you do. HUGS xoxoxo

  22. You managed to get the feeling of sparkle into that tree! so cute.

    and more totally adorable mice!


  23. That emboidered tree is so lovely Susan! The cheery colors make it stand out and give it such a happy look! Christmas is approaching fast now - and i see you're well prepared! have a happy weekend!

  24. Thanks so much for your lovely comments everyone!....Hope you have a great crafty week...xx

  25. Woooow thats looks sooo sweet.
    I like it.

    greatings from the Nederlands
    send you Conny

  26. Hi Susan, you are such an inspiration. I am in awe of your beautiful mice, bunnies and general knitting wonderfulness. Thank you for posting photos of your creations as they really make me smile. I would love to have the skill to knit one from your patterns but am not sure I'd be able to. Are they very tricky or could a novice who can do garter stitch and stocking stitch be able to muddle through? Em x

  27. Hi Susan... thanks for your kind comments on my blog yesterday. My own little mice are coming along well.. so exciting to see them growing on the needles! :)x

  28. Lovely post ,i love all your makes they are all gorgeous x

  29. Hi Susan,
    a beautiful christmas tree!! I love it, great colours and it´s a excellent work!
    have a wondrful weekend

  30. Thank you Em!...
    The knitting stitches are really quite basic...If you can cast on/off,knit,purl,decrease and increase then you should be able to knit up the pattern...Lots of inexperienced knitters have made some really lovely creations....I have written them in a really easy to follow way with lots of photographs too...
    Susan x

  31. Hello Susan! Nice blog you have, lovely pictures and amazing handmade items :o) All that I can say: "WOW!" I`ll show your blog to my daughter next day :o)
    Hugs from Russia

  32. I'm letting my sore hand rest, no knitting for a little while. But I can certainly stock up on some new patterns to add to my list.

  33. This is fine! I want!!