Saturday 2 July 2011

Lazy Summer Days
Mary Jane's TEAROOM
I've been knitting...
and I'm in love with this yarn
It creates such wonderfully smooth stitches
and the blue is the prettiest of blues..
matching our lovely Summer sky here today!
I will be sharing more about my yarn adventures soon...
and I have been having such a lovely time here friends!
 ...doing a little bit of this...
Buying some pretties in Miss CK's  Summer Sale always
makes me very happy!!.... awful lot of this!....
Sitting with a lovely cup of tea on a beautiful Summer's evening
(like this evening as I sit here writing my post!)
chatting and listening to the radio...
It's true...the best things in life are free
Oh...and a little bit of this...
I could spend hours flicking through gorgeous magazines...
(confession... I often do but that's just between us!)
and this one is full of so many nautical lovelies...
too tempting by far...but highly recommended!

MJT News
I had intended to launch our
MJT Summer Giveaway
this weekend everyone....
Alas, I wanted to add a little CK loveliness to my yarny offerings
but I don't think they will arrive until mid-week now
...and so our Giveaway will probably begin next weekend...
Sorry for the delay...
but I know you won't mind because you are such a lovely lot...
and the dancing has already begun here!!
Hope you have the best of weeks until then
and as always thank you so much for calling by
to see us all here at the tearoom...
We always love your visits!


  1. Such lovely stripey knitting Susan, can't wait to see what your next knitting adventure produces,

    enjoy the rest of your weekend,

    lily x

  2. I am looking forward to seeing your knitted project, Susan and to trying my luck at your summer giveaway too.

    I too have featured a blue yarn (amongst other colours) in my post this evening which I like almost as much as Rooster yarns (a firm favourite of mine). I wonder if it's the same as yours? Although mine contains some cotton and it doesn't look as if yours does...

    Have a lovely evening and Sunday.


  3. Oooh such lovely knitting Susan, just like a little bit of knitted Cornish wear.
    I must admit I did have a little purchase from the CK sale too. :)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,
    Vivienne x

  4. Lovely! That blue yarn is a wonderful shade.

  5. Oh my friend...what a lovely way to spend a Summer's day...your pretty blue yarn is so beautiful. Love love all your Ck treasures! Hugs for a great weekend

  6. Your evening sounds lovely. It's much too hot to sit outside here, but we can picture ourselves on a cool lawn listening to the radio and sipping tea. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. It sounds perfect! Love the colour of that blue, it is so pretty,and looks lovely and fresh with the white. Love your Roberts radio too - I've been dreaming about owning one of those for a while! Have a great rest of your weekend, will keep my eyes peeled for your giveaway :) Jenny x

  8. Dreamy colours with a dreamy audio background. Could listen all day. x

  9. Ohhh ,I love visiting your blog!!!
    All those lovely things!Beautiful knitting!

    The magazine looks lovely to me!


  10. Love your pretty blog! The knitting looks lovely, gorgeous blue. Looking forward to the giveaway :-)

  11. the yarn is such beautiful and I cannot wait to see what you do with this. Love all the goodies!!
    have a wonderful Sunday

  12. That gorgeous shade of blue + anything CK are the perfect ingredients for many many lazy Summer days, sweet Susan! I believe we are both enjoying bunches of sunshine and warm weather lately. Let us keep it that way! I am reorganizing my living room, adding lots and lots of blue tones. Have a lovely afternoon and evening o xx o xx o

  13. Such a blissfully gentle post.

  14. The yarn looks gorgeous Susan, I wonder if they do a 'flesh' colour that would suit dollies faces, so few yarn producers do unfortunately. Love your blue sky post. Haven't we been lucky this weekend, and so warm as well. The weather will take a turn for the worse tomorrow apparently so I will be in the garden today making the most of the sunshine(I'm already planning what I can knit when it rains tommorow!!) Have a good week. Eli x

  15. I love that shade of blue. But I also love your Union Jack and heart Mug it reminds me of home. . Can't wait to see the giveaway and your new Knitting venture.

  16. Your knitting looks like a dream - so soft and cozy! Awwwww, coming here is a pleasure always! And - between us: i'm a big fan of magazines too ;) Hope your day is lovely! xx

  17. It all looks great!
    greetings, Diny

  18. Lovely yarn and such sweet blue and white stripes! I love all the pretties in this post. Yes, I too had a little treat from the CK sale! Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  19. Lovely colours - I look forward to seeing it progress.

  20. Wow! Lovely knitting! Can't wait to see more!

  21. I am going to keep a look out for some flesh coloured yarn for you Eli....I know how difficult it is to find...too pink, beige light, dark. It is a real problem isn't it?....x

  22. I've only just discovered your blog and love what I see here!
    Your knitting patterns are so cute.
    I am looking forward to seeing what the blue and white knitting turns into. It's so pretty and very summery.


  23. Lots of lovely things here Susan, I L*O*V*E that radio...what a find!
    Jane x

  24. Susan, what a lovely post, looks like you got some great items at CK shop, and what pretty blue and white stripes, so cute and so sweet. What a sweet way to spend a while, drinking tea, listening to your pretty radio and flicking through your fav magazine. Sound like heaven to me. Enjoy, Big hugs, Margie.

  25. Thank you for your lovely comments. I'm shopping tomorrow for a new camera. Your closeup work is great. It's sadly lacking in my photos. I'm hoping that they'll improve!! Have a great, what ever's left of the weekend.

    Cat x

  26. Your knitting is so pretty! ahhh! That radio! :) Cuteness! And I'm kind of crazy about magazines! I could {and do} spend hours, too! :) {ps. I love your blog!}

  27. love your knitting..and love your radio too! I could look through interior magazines for hours.

  28. Very pretty and Delicate!

    Im your new follower!