Wednesday 22 June 2011

Handmade Gift Tags
MJT Hand Knits
Hello everyone...
The sun has definitely disappeared around here!
I hope you are having some better weather in your parts...
I have had so much trouble taking my photos this week camera has been constantly by my side
waiting for any possibility of catching a few images...
and those moments have been very fleeting!
I thought you might like to see these little sets of handmade gift tags
I have designed for MJT creations....
A mini version of our tearoom from one of my illustrations
 complete with bunting, 'OPEN' sign,' Ice Cream for Sale' stand,
hanging basket and candy pole...
and available soon in my ETSY shop...
(as soon as I get the listing together!)
Pretty satin ribbon...
They are decorated with 3mm wide double sided satin ribbon
in plaster pink or pale duck egg and the reverse side is left blank
for a personal message.
In reality, the detail is very clear and you can even see the candy stripe
chairs and flowers on the table...
I think they will add a pretty and unique finishing touch..
and some lovely alpaca yarns...
(Left to right)
King Cole Baby Alpaca DK (Camel)
Artesano 100% Alpaca DK (Biscuit)
Alpaca Select Cusco Natural DK (Light Camel)
All good alternatives to use in MJT patterns and a range of prices
The King Cole and Alpaca Select yarns are good alternative shades for
BO and Anika...

I hope you are enjoying our blog link
For those who don't know...
lots of favourite blogs have been put into a basket
and a name is drawn out each week
 'Lola's Blog of the Week'

Thank you so much for calling by
It is always so lovely to hear from you!


Hope the sun shines for you!

Back soon...


  1. Tags are so cute and lovely!!! they will be very sute to your Nice toys!!!!

  2. Your new tags are so sweet, really really pretty! There's not been much sun around here either lately, though I did do a bit of weeding in the garden yesterday - the sun came out for an hour or so and I was boiling by the end! (It's now raining again.) Thanks again for making me Lola's blog of the week too :) xxx

  3. Oh those tags are just beautiful, really pretty, i love them. Also love your yarn, lovely soft colors my favourites :). You have a great blog by the way, wiil def be a new follower,

  4. at last,found your blog, lovely and calming, mines a bit manic, will be followig

    liz x

  5. Your tags are beautiful, and I always love your photo's. Perfect! Sue x

  6. Sun is shining at the minute Susan but there are dark clouds about I'm afraid!
    I love your lttle tags, they're so sweet. The yarn is gorgeous too, alpaca has such a lovely feel to it!
    Hope the sun shines for you too,
    Vivienne x

  7. Your new tags are so very pretty, lovely delicate colours. You left a comment on my blog about crochet - I took the plunge as so many knitting patterns call for some crochet these days. I can honestly say that I'm glad I took a couple of classes as it was so much easier to get started this way. Problem is that it sucks you in and you want to learn everything - I'm sure you would love it and be a natural at it.

  8. Your tags are adorable! But then again everything you touch is so so sweet..I love your world. HUGS for a bright sunny day..we had one yesterday for the first time in was so nice.

    Hugs. xoxoxo

  9. Thank you so much for the encouragement Ann!....Susan x

  10. Those gift tags are gorgeous Susan ~ I must get around to ordering your mice pattern when I get a "breather" Weather here is not much better but c'est la vie !!!!!! Marie x

  11. Hi Susan, I am back from my hols and sorry to see the rain here...where did all our sunshine go? Never mind it's good for the garden. I love you new tags, very sweet.
    Jane x

  12. The tags are absolutely gorgeous Susan and will efinitly add that little something extra to gifts. Know what you mean about bad weather for photographing. Too early means too blue, too late and pictures have a yellow hue, during the day - too cloudy and dull. Whatever happened to the sun? Eli x

  13. the new tags are ever so pretty, susan. love the softly rendered awning and the delicate bunting.

    here's hoping some sunshine finds you.

  14. Dear Susan, your blog both inspires creativity and happiness in me. Thank you.

    ps Thank you also for the yarn suggestions for your patterns. These are always welcome.

  15. your tags are divine...and if it makes you feel any better we are also very wet in Lancashire!

  16. Lovely things and lovely colours.
    I have just taught myself the art of crochet from the lovely Lucy's tutorials at Attic24. I've tried for more years than I care to remember but I've unearthed its mysteries at last and now I can't stop!!As my initials really are SEW Ithought perhaps I was programmed not to crochet, but thankfully not so.

  17. I shall have a look at Lucy's tutorials..I was shown the basics once by a friend in my teens but didn't go further than that...loved my knitting needles too much!...I would like to have another go in the would be fun to learn a new skill...

  18. congrats on the completion of your tags -- very pretty design and love the new alpaca colors too! We are now getting the rain and it's been 2 dreary days of it. Sigh. Hope that means some sunshine has come your way!

  19. Your tags are so sweet and adorable! Your colours are really delicious...I might have mentiond that before! The alpaca yarn looks so soft and beautiful. I love Lola's blog choice each week - I always notice it! Have a happy nearly weekend. Helen x

  20. Your tags are gorgeous - just like these photos, such tender, lovely pastel colors. Evrything in your world looks so harmonious and sweet, i love visiting here! xx

  21. I started wondering if Mrs. Summer skipped our country. YouHou, where are u?
    Your tags are the sweetest, Susan, loving the pretty pastels in all your pictures. You are living in one sweet, happy world.
    Let's raise our cup of evening tea to each other and to ask for at least a bit of sunshine o xx o

  22. Hi Susan, the tags are just precious. I am sure they will be popular. Thanks so much for Lolas Blog of the week feature and welcome to new readers that pop in to say hello to lil ole me. xxx

  23. We are definitely lamenting the loss of the sun around here Susan, however your sunny blog makes up for it, and I end up with a smile after each visit. Love the new tags, and the pink ribbon. Big hugs, Margie.

  24. Enjoy these last hours of the weekend and have a wonderful upcoming week, sweet Susan xoxoxoxo

  25. Found your wonderful, sweet blog today and wanted to say hi! love the labels, so pretty :) I'm off to catch up on your previous posts :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  26. The tags are just lovely.
    Greetings, Diny

  27. I love those tags,Susan!As I love your blog!


  28. Happy weekend dear Susan, hope you'll have a lovely time, creating more delicious things with those lovely yarns! xx

  29. Hi Susan Just popping back to say a big thank you for making me Lola's blog of the week this week!! Hope you're having a happy sunny weekend.
    Helen x