Friday 27 May 2011

Our May Winner!...

A sunny afternoon in the tearoom garden....
...homemade cake and the clinking of tea in pretty china cups....
...time friends for a celebration!
Lots of excitement here today
as we announce
The Mary Jane's TEAROOM
'May Yarn Giveaway '
For those of you who have been aware of the Blogger problems..
this has been a bit of a bumpy ride, hasn't it?
All of our early draw entries were lost during their maintenance work,
although fortunately we still had a written list
(there was a huge sigh of relief at that unusually organised here!)
Many of you very kindly returned to add your entry again....
but then a couple of days ago all the original entries reappeared
meaning that some names were then duplicated!
Testing times my friends...too much Blogger confusion by far..
Well, we have carefully worked through our list
and have made sure everyone has been entered the correct number of times..
It was then decided that the best way to find our winner
 was to draw the name out of a hat
as the number generator was too confusing for everyone 
due to duplicate entries ect.
...and so finally...
(with a drum roll please Oscar!)
The Winner is...
who is far away from our tearoom in Australia!
Congratulations to Dot!!
I will be in touch shortly
or if you read this first....
if you could contact the me with the details
of the address to which you would like to receive your yarn
and it will be in the post first thing in the morning.....
Other news.....
You may have noticed 'Lola' sitting prettily up in the top corner
...on her little toadstool...
All our favourite blogs have been put into a basket
...lots of them...
and each week a name will be drawn out for
'Lola's Blog of the Week'
and the link will be renewed each Friday...
This has already included
Saskia's heart warming 'Join My Joy'
and Maaike's so pretty 'Crejjtion'
and from today it is the turn of  Lily's wonderful
'Making It Vintage'
I have been working on some illustrations...
something I am really enjoying....
and of course pattern making continues
...more news about these projects soon...
Well, that's all for today...
Thank you so much to all you lovely friends
...old and new...
who spare your precious time to visit the tearoom..
I love to read your comments
and always enjoy calling by your inspiring blogs too..
(An essential part of my morning routine these days along with my coffee!)

Wishing you the very best of weekends..
and if you missed out on the draw this time
...there will be many more in the future!


  1. What a beautiful cup and saucer. A flower on a leaf, wonderful. Would you share what make it is? I can feel a search coming on. (the cake looks tasty too)

  2. My congrats to the winner :)

  3. Hi Jacqui...I bought these cups and saucers several years ago...from Laura Ashley...they are so pretty and are also painted on the inside...x

  4. What a shame it wasnt me but huge congratulations to Dot, hope you enjoy your yarns. What a lovely picture Susan, love the cup and saucer and that cake looks scrummy!

  5. Yay.......well done Dot, enjoy your lovely prize........and yay again.....I'm blog of the week, thank you Susan and Lola, I think two custard creams with my cocoa tonight is definately called for.

    lily x

  6. Blogger has certainly been having it's problems lately. Let's hope it's back to normal now.

    The blog of the week is a wonderful idea so we can meet new people.

  7. Well done Dot, enjoy. I look forward to seeing what you've been working on Susan.

  8. Congratulations Dot.You must be thrilled. I know I was when I won the yarn. Love Leonora.

  9. Congratulations to Dot! I am so enjoying visiting Mary Jane's Tearoom - it's always a real treat to find a new post. I look forward to seeing your illustrations. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  10. Congrats to Dot!!! Is this another Mary Berry recipe I see before my eyes!!!!!!!

  11. Congratulation to Dot! And your great work!
    have a woderful weekend

  12. Congratulations to Dot. I dont mind its not me....much :D
    What i want to know though, is where you got that adorable individual cake stand and cover. I NEED one. xxx

  13. They are lovely aren't they Joy?...Perfect for your cupcakes!....I have been looking for these for such a long time...and then found them unexpectedly in Laura Ashley...x

  14. HAve a loveliest of weekends, sweet Susan! I love love Laura Ashley too o xx o

  15. Congratulations Dot, enjoy your lovely gift =D

    Squirrel x

  16. Congratulations to the winner!! Hugs for a great weekend.

  17. We are all envious of Dot but I have finished my very own Tearoom Mouse who is quite lovely!
    She's sitting on a little shelf in my hallway awaiting admirers!

  18. Have a wonderful new week, Susan o xx o

  19. Congratulations Dot!!

    It was a lovely giveaway!