Tuesday 31 May 2011

It's our Milly in CK magazine!....

Hello my friends...
Where has the sun gone...I wonder?
...although a lovely evening glow has suddenly appeared over the tearoom
and so I am quite hopeful for tomorrow!.....
Isn't it great when you get a surprise?
.....something totally unexpected.....
Well, this is exactly what happened at the tearoom a few days ago
when our Milly was spotted in the latest
We were jumping up and down in excitement friends
...Milly amongst all that pretty CK loveliness!...
Cath Kidston has been one of my all time favourite shops
ever since I received a small catalogue through our door many years ago...
and I fell in love...with everything!
It made us all very happy to see Milly there my friends
wearing her favourite dress...made with
CKMini Shooting Star ' haberdashery fabric....of course!
I am regularly asked questions about Milly...
and am receiving a lot more since she has been seen in the magazine....
and so this seems a good time to answer them here too!
Is Milly for sale?
Well, Milly isn't for sale at the moment...
 She may be sold at some point in the future...
although I am not sure we want to part with her....
as we have become very accustomed to seeing Milly around here!
Do you sell a 'Milly' sewing pattern?
I don't have a pattern available for Milly
After looking at lots of Waldorf doll patterns over the years...
I put her together as I went along and at the moment
 I only have sheets of paper with scribbled drawings and notes...
all very disorganised!
The patterns for Waldorf style dolls are really quite basic and for me
I would say that the more difficult part is in the structuring of the head...
working with very stretchy fabric...and stuffing with wool batting
Milly also has traditional wooden button joints...
I would suggest lots of reading if you want to make one of these dolls
(there are several books on Amazon)
 and then I think in the end it is a case of throwing yourself into it
and just having a go...
It really is lots of fun and very rewarding creating a little person!
Where did I purchase my materials for Milly?
I purchased all my materials for the basic doll from the lovely
where you can also purchase patterns for Waldorf dolls
...including lots of information for your project ...
Are you going to make any more dolls like Milly?
Yes! ....
I will definitely be making more Waldorf style dolls in the future
although I can't say when at this moment as I am involved in other projects...
but I do already have 2 designs in mind..
and would like to use them for my illustrations
Let's hope 
the lovely sunshine
returns this week friends!...

Bye for now
from Milly and everyone at the tearoom....


  1. Milly is very sweet, Susan. So happy for you that she is in CK! Wish CK shipped to my country too.
    I believe the lovely sunshine will return from tomorrow on. Have a sweet evening and a wonderful Midweek my friend o xx o

  2. Oh how wonderful, Susan........Milly has made the big time, she looks gorgeous in her photo shoot, I don't think I could part with her either.

    lily x

  3. vindt ook zo'n schatje om te zien, ze blijft mijn favoriet.

    gr Stina

  4. Wow.....!!!!! How exciting!!! She is absolutely perfect !!! Everything you did when creating her was just spot on!! I can not wait to check out the doll supply store..I have made a few dolls but never a waldorf!! Thank you so for sharing....xx

  5. How wonderful Susan ~ but I think she deserves to be on the front cover!!!!!!!! I would not want to part with her either. I have purchased a pattern for a Waldorf doll but as yet not the body fabric. I am more than a little nervous to tackle the stretchy fabric lol!!!!! Hope your weather improves we had hailstones last night! x

  6. How fantastic and proud you must be feeling! Well done to you! Sue x

  7. Wow, how fantastic for Milly to be in CK, that's fab, bet you are thrilled! xxx

  8. Congratulations. I bet you're thrilled. She really is a sweetie xx

  9. Milly is adorable!!! Congrats on having her in the magazine.

  10. I saw Millie in the CK mag and thought she was adorable, love her dress it's very pretty, Lucey x

  11. Congratulations my dear. What a super lovely surprise. Milly is indeed lovely. xxx

  12. Wauu!
    this is a great new!
    I think Milly so so cute.
    Congratulations to you and Milly!


  13. Wonderful Susan!!

    Milly is to cute (I love her),
    You must be very proud! Never let her go!!

    Big hugs,Lenyx

  14. Congratulations on a great starring role! xx

  15. Milly is so sweet and adorable! How wonderful to be in the CK magazine - how appropriate too for one so very pretty! Hope you are all having a very happy and sunny week in the tearoom.
    Helen x

  16. i'm not surprised they decided to feature miss milly in the ck magazine. she's absolutely adorable, and deserves her moment in the sun.


  17. Joy my sweet friend...I just got that CK catalogue off to find Miss Milly

    Hugs. oxoxxo

  18. Milly is sooo sweet!! She is a pretty girl with this little shoes!! I love her. Unfortunately I have no CK catalogue...
    have a wonderful weekend

  19. Your Millie is the loveliest thing in that catalog. I use to make dolls. Just like that. Just start cutting muslin and end up with a unique personality. Congratulations to you and Millie as well!

  20. well I say Milly deserves to be in the illustrious company of Cath Kidston!
    p.s. came here via facebook...amazing what you can find by clicking a few links, I love this work!

  21. Oh, Milly is so lovely! I bet you could sell a lot of her sisters, once you get around making them. No wonder she got published! Congrats to such a great success - and happy weekend - with more sun ;)

  22. Oh sweet friend I am honoured to be blog of the week! Happy dance and thank you so much...off to link up with you. xoxoxo hugs

  23. thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, i really do appreciate your support love annie x

  24. Thanks for popping in Susan. I called into your Tearoom this morning but was unable to leave a comment. I had three shots at it but failed each time so I shall have another go. I was delighted to see Milly in the CK mag. Praise indeed and rightly so. I'm sure we will be seeing you featured there again before too long. Looking forward to seeing a sister for Milly maybe!! Eli x

  25. Congratulations! Milly deserves a fashion spread.

  26. Hi Susan, what a sweet doll you made and you chose the best name...our daughter is called Milly (abbreviated from Emily!) CK is my favourite shop too how great to see your Milly in the catalogue. My last purchase from CK was the royal wedding tea towel, such fun. Sending you some sunshine,
    Jane x

  27. oh how exciting! She is a real little treasure :) Catherine x

  28. What a beautiful blog. I love it. Your dolls are adorable!!
    Please come visit me at my new blog if you get a chance. It is Ric Rac and Polka Dots. It's a brand new blog, but I am planning on lots of fun projects to share with everyone. Hope to see you there!

  29. wow, i love this one... looks very familiar to my. Her sister sits on the other half of the earth on my blog. Would they ever meet?
    Look for her at my blog under may 13 = 13 mei. Alweer een pop. This one is old already.. She didn't know she had such a sweet sister.

  30. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments about Milly everyone!...
    Susan x