Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Oh so pretty!....

Good morning Friends!
How are you on this fine day?
Is the sun shining for you?
If not.... then I am sure these beautiful photographs
will brighten up your day and definitely make you smile.....

Aren't they just the prettiest images?...
Sent to me by a very kind customer
who knitted an amazing 5  'Daisy Rabbits' for her little nieces
.... all bridesmaids at their lovely family wedding...
and even managed to match the colours perfectly with those pretty dresses...
You are a star Suzanne...
and thank you so much for sharing your day with us here at MJT...
I will treasure your lovely photographs!...
Also, more news...
I will be back in a few days time with the new
'MJT Giveaway'...
Hmm.....so many lovely yarns...
so many decisions to be made here my friends!....

Take care until then....
and I hope the sun does shine for you today


  1. These pictures make me smile, for sure! Lovely!

  2. They are pretty little poppets and all happily playing with and hugging their Daisy Rabbits........so sweet.

    BTW....crochet is so easy, you should give it a go, you may be pleasently surpried how quickly you can crochet something, knitting is my first love but crochet is definately faster.

    lily x

  3. Oh soooo lovely!!


  4. Lovely knitted rabbits for lovely little girls.

  5. Wonderful photos with pretty girls with sweet bunnys!! Beautiful!!!!

  6. Oh how sweet! They are so cute.

  7. Oh what lovely pics. Thanks so much for sharing. xx

  8. How wonderful~ I'm sure they kept the little ones from getting bored!!!!

  9. What a superb idea! Well done indeed to the knitter of the Daisy rabbits and what a joy to share the lovely photos.

  10. Delightful photos, and such pretty little girls. They all look very pleased with their Daisy bunnies. They are lucky to have such a nice Auntie.

  11. Oh these images are adorable my friend....xoxo hugs

  12. Oh what a perfect combination for adorable photos - the cutest litle girls and the sweetest Daisy bunnies! Just gorgeous!
    Helen x

  13. What can I say more.....BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  14. Wow, what a sweet idea and what pretty little girls to go with those pretty little bunnies!


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