Friday 6 May 2011

Afternoon Tea at MJT.....

How are you?
Once again, time has flown since we last spoke, my friends
I have just spent a very happy week
doing some of the wonderful everyday things in life that I love most....
family time...baking...gardening...lots of Spring cleaning...
with plenty of laughter along the way...
I am suddenly feeling unusually organised and full of fresh inspiration!

It's just so good for the soul.....don't you think?
(whether you be the baker or the sampler!)
My kitchen is definitely one of my most favourite places these days...
full of all things good

I made these pretty 'Butterfly Cakes'
from a recipe in the irresistable
for an afternoon treat yesterday....
(A pretty plate of cakes and the clinking of tea in china cups ...
I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon...)
I will be back to my knitting next week lovely friends
and there will also be news of a new
'MJT Giveaway!'

Until then,
I hope life is kind to you
wherever you may be...
have a great weekend doing all the things
you most love to do...


  1. Those fairy cakes look delicious and your pictures are always so pretty. It is a real pleasure to read your blog.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Those cakes look really nice. Might have a baking afternoon today, been a while since I made fairy cakes.

  3. You're right - nothing beats a spot of baking - your cakes look extremely scrummy!

  4. Those butterfly cakes look delicious! I love that they make me feel all young and girlie - I remember them at sunday tea time!!

  5. What perfectly lovely cakes and I also love the way you have used the text to compliment the colours in your pretty photos. What an attractive post!

    Happy weekend to you x

  6. Drinking tea from china cups, home made cakes the only way to have afternoon tea and your cakes look delicious. Enjoy your weekend.


  7. Darn it!......I'm on a bit of a diet at the moment, those butterfly cakes look delicious, oh go on then, just the one......

    Glad you enjoyed your homely, family time, lovely images.
    lily x

  8. Oh they look so pretty! I bet they tasted scrumptious:-)

  9. Oh what divine looking cakes......I think I may have to get that lovely cookbook!!! Mmmmmmmmm

  10. Yummy cakes and also yummy china. Yes, I spotted that. Cakes and china, 2 of my most favourite things. I am off to find my apron. xx

  11. Hi Susan these cakes look delicious ~ You have put me in the mood for some baking!!!! By the way this is my new blog (orginally Nanny Ree) x Enjoy Marie x

  12. Hmmmmm, can i have one of these lovely cakes? They look absolutely darling and yummy! Hope your weekend is full of pretties and sunshine!

  13. Such exquisitely pretty butterfly cakes and wonderful photographs of them - I just loved seeing this post! I also love your adorable knitted toys and other makes, and the delicious colours you use! Have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  14. Hi I just "saw" you on Helen's blog and popped over to say hello, what a lovely blog you have, your cakes are so yummy. Enjoy the weekend, sunny greetings from Surrey, UK.
    Jane x

  15. Baking is so therapeutic - and the results are always welcome.

  16. Gorgeous looking fairy cakes... so pretty, especially as they're in my favourite spotty cupcake cases! Sounds like you've had a lovely relaxing week, hope your weekend is filled with the same! x

  17. hi susan, oh your butterfly cakes look lovely, i could just eat one. mmmm there's nothing nicer than a lovely cake and a cup of tea in a china mug in the garden, heaven. jan x

  18. Ohhhh yummy, i just want to put my hand into the computer and grab them!
    emma x

  19. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments kind friends...wishing you a great weekend..Susan x

  20. I too found you via Helen's blog and now want to come round for tea!
    I'm searching through my yarns to see if I can start making your Tearoom Mice!

  21. wonderful this Butterfly Cakes, it´s looks so good and sweet and I love it. Very lovely decoration dear Susan!!
    have a sweet and sunny weekend

  22. *sigh* I want to eat your pretty cakes...actually no they look too pretty to eat ;0) May you have a lovely weekend too, and happy hunting for the CK bag with the Magazine :0) xx

  23. well hi susan...lovely to meet you here in this lovely old bloggy place...

    those tearoom fairy cakes above remind me of my childhood...gorgeous...
    i looove all your knitted little creatures...

    melissa x

  24. You photographed your divine looking butterfly cakes beautifully, Susan! Wish I could grab through my screen ..
    Much love for a wonderful Mother's Day xxxx

  25. These are adorable...I have them on a list to make...I hope mine turn out as lovely as yours. I have those sweet pink dot liners too.

    Happy weekend and Mother's Day!

  26. Oh Susan, the cakes look too delicious to be true!
    Enjoy the weekend,
    love Maaike

  27. I love stopping by to visit here. It's always so pleasant, and those cupcakes look wonderful!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Anne ♥

  28. Oh heavenly butterfly cakes, yours look deliciously light, yum!
    Thanks so much for visiting,

    Sarah x

  29. Such beautiful yarn!!

    'would like to take part in the draw'
    'FB Fan'

  30. 'would like to take part in the draw'
    'FB Fan'

    vicky stokes

  31. I 'would like to take part in the draw'
    I am a 'follower' and FB Fan.