Wednesday 20 April 2011

Easter at MJT......

Easter Wishes
Mary Jane's TEAROOM

 'Lola' from the
Knitting Pattern...
sitting on an egg cup waiting for the
Easter Parade
Hello friends...
I thought you may like to see a finished Tearoom Mouse in different colours
and so here I have made Lola using oddments of
Baby Alpaca DK for her body and a mix of Purelife/Siena Cotton 4 Ply yarns
 for her clothes in lovely pastel colours...
4mm Swarovski black pearl beads have been used for Lola's eyes
which are very inexpensive for a pack on Ebay
(They look very pretty on corsages too!)
Thank you so much for the lovely response
to the new knitting pattern.....
it has been a very happy week all round!
Oh...and one last thing....
there is a little boy mouse around here somewhere...
we just have to catch him......

Hope your Easter Holiday is a good one
wherever you may be......


  1. Lola is such a sweet little Easter mouse, almost good enough to eat (of course I would never dream of eating her). Beautifully knitted.

    Have a lovely Easter,
    lily x

  2. What a very cute mouse Lola is! You always display your items so beautifully. Happy Easter x I hope the little boy mouse doesn't cause too much mayhem! Sue x

  3. What an adorable mouse!

    Happy Easter,

  4. Best wishes for Easter Lola's stripey stockings....x
    Julie x

  5. I have so enjoyed "finding" your blog, it's a delight to visit. I'm looking forward to knitting some of your patterns - I'm going to start with Fifi and Lola - I bought the wool at the weekend.

  6. Thank you so much Ann...I hope you enjoy creating Fifi and Lola...Susan x

  7. I've been a fan of your patterns on Etsy for a long time now, planning to knit them some day. Then today I found your blog, and my desire to knit your bunnies and mice and little characters is renewed. I'll start purchasing patterns and start building up the right kind of yarn stash for this project. Thank you for providing such adorable creatures :) Karen

  8. Oh my she`s a pretty one. Just love the colour combo, x

  9. I simply adore things like this mouse...

  10. Adorable in everyway! Happy Easter! xoxo

  11. So sweet, her colours are beautiful... I wish I knew more about knitting, I wouldn't know where to start even with a pattern! Would love to learn one day though, it is on my 'to do' list:) Have a wonderful Easter xxx

  12. I'm in love with Lola...she's precious!

    Thanks for stopping by- I'll be back to catch up on your olders posts!


  13. Ooh Lola and her little mice friends are adorable, so so cute.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Easter x

  14. Happy easter Susan! And Lola is so cute...
    Love, Maaike

  15. What a perfect little cutie, I love her. Wishing you happy Easter Susan; looks like we might see plenty of sun in the north!!

  16. soooo sweet Susan, Happy Easter!!!

  17. Lovely, sweet colours
    I like her.
    Happy Easter, Diny

  18. Happy Easter Susan. I am off to buy the pattern for Lola and Fifi.

  19. Your blog is so pretty and Lola is adorable!
    Helen x

  20. lola is absolutely adorable in those colors, too. i hope you have a lovely and blessed easter, susan.


  21. Hello I wanted to make you happy birthday
    GOOD EASTER, even to your family. .
    Susy x

  22. Lola is so cute and sweet !!!
    Sunny and happy Easter !

    Hugs Mieke

  23. ME GUSTA TODOOOOOOOOO TOOOOOOOO LINDO Y CARIÑOSO .Yo tambien hago muñecos,espero que te gusten muchos besos

  24. How pretty is she ......... sweet, sweet, sweet. x

  25. She's so sweet she must be a church mouse!

  26. Hello lovely,

    I hope you had a really marvellous Easter. Aren't we lucky with the weather at the moment?

    What an adorable little mouse. So cute! You are so clever with your knitting.


  27. Hi Susan, congratulations on the mice, they are the most beautiful mice ever (and that is some compliment coming from me, as I have a phobia about mice and rats), I love the colours and the clothes. Now all I need is a way of keeping the cats away from the knitted toys(they shred any knitted toy to pieces). Did I say how beautiful they look. Big hugs, Margie.

  28. What a cutie, off to check out your Shop~ Hugs, Diane

  29. Lola is so cute in pastel! I have started to knit Fifi in the original colors. I can tell this will turn into an addiction, I foresee lots of little mice in various color combination perch around the house! I hope you catch the little boy mouse soon, I can’t wait to meet him!

    Happy Easter! After all we are still in the Easter season.

  30. LOVE your tearoom mouse! So cool and so pretty! She can come for tea any time. Scones and raspberries, and cream? Have a fun day!

  31. Lola is such a cutie!
    Rachel x