Thursday 11 November 2010

Happy Xmas Crafting....

Hello, my friends....
Are you preparing for the festive season yet?
I received a lovely parcel in the post today....
Beautifully wrapped...
A few Xmas treats with a hint of nostalgia
 from a lovely shop which I recently discovered named...

Berry Red

A  shop full of pretty things ....
I will show you my purchases from their 'Grotto' in my first Christmas post soon.
You can view their lovely seasonal products here
 I must say that I am suddenly feeling very festive!
I an intending to make some of my own decorations
and some special handmade gifts this year, so I think now is a good time to start...
Next week, I am also going to have a good look at my favourite handmade websites
 to find some extra little gifts to add to my stockings
and support all those wonderful crafters out there who are busily working away
for the festive season!
 Next, let me also introduce you to my new friend,
 who is going to help me along the way
with all my Christmas preparations....
I hope we are going to have a long and fruitful relationship.
She is very different to my faithful old friend which I purchased many years ago!
(Hopefully, the girls will enjoy experimenting with my old machine 
which is still in good working order)
 My new model very kindly tells me when I am going about things the wrong way,
 which is most helpful at this point.
Fingers crossed that all continues to go well!

Oh...and one last thing before I leave you.
I have now joined Facebook
You can visit my profile here
and my Mary Jane's TEAROOM Page here
If you have a minute do pop in and say 'hello'.
That would be lovely and
CANDY would be so pleased to see you!


Happy Xmas Crafting!



  1. oh that looks like a lovely website, I must go and check them out. I too am busy thinking of Christmas presents I can make and if not I too love to support handmade sellers, always so much more special. Wow your machine looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing what you create with her! Catherine x

  2. Thank you, Catherine.
    I will certainly be sharing my projects soon!
    Susan x

  3. Hi - thanks for stopping by. I'm very pleased to have found you.xx